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We are so happy you found our Online Store Directory and Information Center.We hope once you look around you will book mark our website and think of it as the one and only source you will ever again need, when you are looking for a special store or have special needs!

In our Directory...We are proud to announce

Today February 22,2013 I have just publish here a brand new review. I seldom recommend a product unless it is one that I truly believe is one that has quality that outshines other products so today I did a detailed review on...FOREVER AFFILIATE.

If you are a newbie or even a veteran Internet Marketing or Affiliate Marketing you need to read my review. Yes I know many say Affiliate Marketing is dead and they go on to say SEO and free traffic is dead and the reason for that is because Google sent out a panda then a penquin and EMD updates and killed off that industry. Well I am here to tell you those saying that are dead wrong. Affiliate Marketing is stronger than ever but you need to know how to do the Google dance and make Google not slap you but love you and then you will rule.

Just go over to my review it in detail will tell you all about the Forever Affiliate program that is available now and the good thing about checking it out now is that if you like what you see right now and until March 1,2013 you can get a 30% discount on the price of the training course. But first go read my review and then go take a look for yourself and you just maybe amazed at what you find.

Go here to see Forever Affiliate Review

Today January 5,2013 That it looks like the fight to save All MY Children and One Life to Live is now a won fight. Agness Nixon the creator of both of these soaps told the fans first yesterday on facebook that it is true the rumor that was going around that once and for all all of the contracts with unions and SAG and everyone else have been signed and all is a green light to start filming as early as February 2013 in Connecticut. Sets are being built and actors have been signed up and Prospect Park is putting both now for sure online. Where it is not known for sure but looks like will be Hulu both will be half hour shows and be on 4 days a week with Friday being a recap of that week. You can read more about this by going to my page called save amc and oltl by clicking here

News Updates to our Directory site, you will want to Know About Just added today September 25,2012.

We just added the long awaited Affilo Theme premium wordpress theme made exclusively for affiliates! It is an affiliates dream template it has everything you could want and more.

It will cloak your links no more hyjackings or ugly links exposed. Everything is customized. You have built in opin and squeeze pages. You have custome pages for reviews several ways to design your site you have your own graphics tool oh so much can not even discribe it all here.Tell ya what go check out our review on it

Go here to see Affilo Theme review

News Updates to our Directory site, you will want to Know About Just added today September 20,2012.

We have added once again a product we DO RECOMEND. Since this is rare this is news worthy.

The new product we strongly recomend is for Affiliate Marketers. It is called The work from NO home system. We like this product so much that we are going out on a limb and saying it will be the product of the year for 2012 bar none!

Since it lanch date of Aug 3,2012 it has gone completely viral and the gravity it has gotten in clickbank has gone sky high and everyone who is purchasing it is keeping it and with almost no returns this does indeed seem like the product you need to know about and get your hands on right away. You can read our complete review about it which details exactly what it is all about by following our link below

Go here to see The work from NO home system review

News Updates to our Directory site, you will want to Know About After the vigil for the 12 people killed and the 58 others who were injured in the Batman Shooting at the Century theater a miracle happened please read on

Just added today July 24,2012

You will see a photo that was taken by Crystal Fuller she attended the vigil on Wednesday in which tousands of others also attended in honor of the 70 people whose lives will never be the same again. As she was leaving she looked up into the sky and saw an amazing sight that she had to capture in a photo and myself I am so glad she did.

As you see above the gathering was an Angel who also attended the vigil and myself I want to think she was there to assure all that attemded this vigil and let them know that the 12 who died that day were safe in heaven with her and our savior. Please enjoy the photo and see for yourself the angel I am talking about. Also see others who were looking at the Angel just like Crystal was.

Be sure to tell your friends to come here to see the ANGEL too. She is standing directly above the Century Theater where the shootings took place. This was taken from the Huffinton Post you can read the full story here click here to read more


Angel In Clouds

News Updates to our Directory site, you will want to Know About Shark Vaccume Navigator Lift Away Review

Just added today June 30,2012 is a review of this Shark Vacuum which is AS SEEN ON TV and has just now been added to our directory. What makes this review heads and shoulder over others you may see on the Internet is we are real users of this Shark Vacuume and we tell about what we think of it. Please go see our new review by following the link below.

Go here to see my review on SHARK VACUUME NAVIGATOR LIFT AWAY

News Updates to our site, you will want to Know About and Update to is Elvis alive page review

A NEW TRAILER HAS BEEN ADDED TODAY June 5,2012 for a Brand new Motion Picture soon to be released which will preview his come back and feature Elvis himself. If you have seen this page before you need to take a second look and watch the new trailer I just added today! You can see the updates by following the link below

Go here to see my update on Is Elvis Alive

News Updates to our site, you will want to Know About and new pages review New Pages we just added

February 9,2012

Review of Niche Profit Classroom

Plus a bonus you can not get anywhere else you will not want to miss. This is not your usual low class bonus software and this bonus is from me not this membership site. It is from me.

Niche Profit Classroom... is a niche building website membership site that I have been using and reviewing for my visitors as I do many products but this time I found the Jackpot. For that reason I want to share with my visitors why I am Recommending this product as if you have come here often you know usually I never ever recommend a product even if it is good. I just research for the scams to report so as to help my visitors not lose money. But this product blew my socks off and that is not easy to do and I just have to for once tell you my visitors how you can trust and use this product with confidence and you will make money online with it too. You can also get a 14 day trial of it for $1.00 and of course there is a 30 day guarantee but believe me you will never exercise that as this is the real deal. So please go and read my review then make up your own mind.

Go here to see my review on NICHE PROFIT CLASSROOM.

New Pages we just added

January 30,2012


I was given the opportunity to review the new Video and new CD called ELVIS FOUND ALIVE.

This new video and CD was produced and directed by Joel Gilbert. When I first heard about this Video and CD I was hopeful that just maybe it was true Elvis is alive. But deep down even though I knew about all the reasons why Elvis might have faked his death. It has been so long now most of my hope was gone so did not think this would be anything to change my mind. Then I watched the Video and listened to the CD and now you can read my review and see what I found out. This review is honest and straight forward and I mean every word of it. I tell you all or most not enough room to put in all of the evidence surrounding to find out is Elvis Alive. I have the trailer for the Video there I have his picture there. I have one song there from the CD. You can see all for yourself and then decide what you think too.

Also in this review you will find 5 videos two are trailers one for this review video and the second one is for a major movie coming out August 2012 the anniversary of his death. The others have information not all know about his death and also a preview of his new CD Album. Last but not least his picture of how he really looks today! This is probably the most detailed and amazing page I have ever written to date!

Go here to see my review on ELVIS FOUND ALIVE and see if Elvis is alive for yourself.

New Pages we just added

January 18,2012

In our Shopping Directory area I just added As Seen On TV Dog Products The products on that page at this time are all dog products that have been on TV on infomercials later may add other pet products too.

This is a special page I wish all would visit as we are doing this page to help dogs get forever homes like our CEO or Mascot Buttons got by me rescueing her as she was a puppy mill breeding dog scheduled to be killed.

I figured if maybe I did a special page here with dog products and what profit came from doing that went to rescue agencies who help so many dog like Buttons get a chance at getting a forever home. Instead of being killed at a young age of 5 and if this page I just put up saved just one dog then it would be worth it.

So please go take a look at it and if there is anything there you have seen on tv and want please buy it there. Thank you here is the link to that page. Click here Look for more AS SEEN ON TV Product pages comming soon to our Directory.

These pages are not only great AS SEEN on TV products but many have offers you can not get off the infomercials. They are exclusive offers. Products like NO NO and more comming soon.

February 19,2012 TO OUR DIRECTORY

New Information Center series of 20+ lessons on Affiliate Marketing

In this series of lessons we will teach you how to make money with affiliate marketing and show you things to do to make money and things not to do. This series can be found at Affiliate Marketing Information Center

some of the lessons covered there are: these two were put up today.

1. What is Affiliate Marketing and how does it work

2. Learn Affiliate Marketing the right way

3. Affiliate Marketing Training

and over 20 more lessons these pages are just now being put up so come back often over the next couple of weeks to see them all.

You will find a complete list of all that will be up soon at the Affiliate Marketing Information Center page.

New Pages we just added

December 8,2011 TO OUR DIRECTORY 1. New page on Websites you need to visit... this is where we show you new sites we have found and explain what that site is about and why we suggest you go take a look at it......Click Here To Go See Must Visit Website page

2. New page for Google In 60 Seconds Is A SCAM, this is our newest scam alert to our visitor this new scam to hit the Internet just came out a couple of days ago and you really need to read what this new Internet Marketing Scam is all about and how the program really works and why you should NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT AND HOW IF YOU DO BUY IT GOOGLE JUST MAY BAN YOU FOR LIFE!... Click Here To Go See Google In 60 Seconds Is A SCAM page


Unfortunately Traffic Phoenix is back this time with a brand new theme and name.It is called this time SURVEY AFFILIATE PRO. Charlie is there once again doing the webinar and preaching once again how great this is and how you can use their bogus software to once again send messages to the owners of youtube and get them to allow you to put your link on their videos and then their software will build you a website loaded with affiliate ads.

Sound familuar. Well it should is exactly the same as Traffic Phoenix right down to Charlie himself, the actor they hired before. This time they are telling you that you will make $150,000 a month with the theme of doing surveys! Just like before with Traffic Phoenix sounds good in theory but the software will not work and the price is once again $997.00 and you have to buy it through SWERG the scam processing company who is almost impossible to get a refund from. Again once more if you got suckered into buying this scam product because the demonstration is so good and convincing you need to follow the instructions exactly including reporting to FBI and FTC and then sending emails, phone call starting the first day you got this the sooner you do all the sooner you will get refunds. Best to do all within first 30 days of purchase. But even later with FTC and FBI help you probably can get it later too. I hate it that the nightmare will be starting all over again especially with Christmas just around the corner and no one can afford to lose their Christmas money esp to a scam. I pray this does not go over like Traffic Phoenix did where they scammed people out of over 49 million dollars before most caught on. This new one will gain many victims again they say only 15 copies sold but we all know that they will sell as many as they can. The software is exactly the same no changes everything is 100% duplicate to Traffic Phoenix just the talk about surveys is new! Please spread the word to all you know to come here and read not only this home page about it buy our page here under top Scams.... Survey Affiliate Pro...Click Here To Go See SURVEY AFFILIATE PRO SCAM PAGE

If you have visited our Directory site before you know we are Manufacturers, wholesalers and have retail stores in malls. What we also show you here on this site is how to find REAL WHOLESALERS, REAL DROP SHIPPERS AND TELL YOU HOW TO AVOID THE SCAM ONES ON THE INTERNET THAT JUST TAKE YOUR MONEY.

Other news you need to read...

If you also want a website as popular as this Directory Site one which is as of today ranked 662,782 worldwide out of 346 million, and 392,720 out of over 6 million in the United states. In the United Kingdom it is ranked 172,430. Please visit Alexia and check for yourself. Please click on the link below for more Information on that.

Click Here for Ways to make money online part 1
or click on the link below to learn my second choice in making money online.

Both are scam free and both will make you money guranteed!
Click Here for Ways to make money online part 2

Also see my page on How 2 Create a Website for more information on doing that by going here.

Click Here for How 2 create a website

Both have information and prove to you just how I was able to get such High rankings by Alexia on this Directory Site in less than 6 months time. You can do the same just review those pages and see exactly how I was able to do that. Cost is Just $29.99 a month to make a real business for yourself that will pay you a income for life!

You can also see information more about this at bottom of this page.

July 22, 2011 We now have Exclusive Online Sales from Major Stores you can find only from our Store Reviews Directory!

We are opening two new Categories in our Store Review Directory...

Exclusive Sales you must see
Here you will find our online sales that are so great and you cannot find these or use them without codes found here at checkout from some major online stores here.

Department Stores Directory
Here you will find some of the best Department and or Specialty Stores on the Internet along with their special offers and a complete review all about them you have been known to trust. Remember we only allow on our Directory Stores that are trusted sites and ones you can shop at with confidence.



Everything in this category from our navigation bar has proven itself to be one of the biggest scams on the Internet. We investigate all of the scams and our only desire is to make the Internet a better and safer place for everyone. Exposing scam artists is our goal. Each scam report has a comment section where you can tell your story too and we will make it into a website page and put it on the Internet so you too can help make the Internet a better place for all too!


This is just first in a series of the worse scams on the Internet that thousands fall for daily! This one is on TV too!


This one right now I have exposed and helped many people save $997.00 from falling for this genuine TOP SCAM I have exposed some of the people behind it and have also brought it to the attention of the FBI. We will get these people and put them where they belong and that is in jail, be sure to read this review and help with this campaign!


This is where you can find more information on how you can get your money back and or help in catching the scam artist responsible for this horrible scam!


This membership site was first started in May 2011 and we believe it was put together just to lauch the Traffic Phoenix scam and the owners of the website Travis Stephenson and Jamie Lewis are two of the biggest scammers and fraud artists on the Internet. The Internet will be a safer place once they are exposed and taken off of the Internet, go to review and read all about it!


First in series of Auction or Marketplace sites to be reviewed also a new category where we will list all of the auction and marketplaces some with full reviews others short reviews, look for that coming soon.
Also check out our eBay Power seller information page which tells you how to be a power seller on eBay and more.


Please check out our sections on Worst and Best Drop shippers. There you will find out about many scam drop shippers on the Internet some largest on the Internet that are just middle man operations and not where you want to send your hard earned money to when you can buy from real wholesale distributors for about 60% less! Just follow links and do your research you will be glad you did!

BIG NEWS FOR ALL MY CHILDREN AND ONE LIFE TO LIVE FANS... We have officially opened our Save AMC & OLTL page for latest news of the great efforts to SAVE AMC AND OLTL two great soaps that have been on the air for 40+ years. This page will be updated with news on the movement daily. Please go to information center for the page dedicated to the movement with to save these soaps!


with the following categories

with the following sub categories


with the following sub categories



with the following sub categories


Soon to be added new sub category will be:Computer software, Computer Hardware, then around 4 more to follow those

Now open our BARGAIN CENTER in our store directory.
Our first sub category is 1 DAY SALE... these are the stores on the Internet who offer 1 item and 1 only with a deep pocket discount up to as much as 90% off retail.
You can see many of the most popular ones in our 1 Day sale directory
in the Bargain Center.
More will be added daily.




with the following categories

1. DROPSHIPPERS AND WHOLESALERS: with the following sub categories :

this is dropshippers and wholesalers we endorse BECAUSE they are real

this is dropshippers and wholesalers we do not recommend these companies BECAUSE THEY ARE SIMPLY JUST MIDDLE MEN COMPANIES OR WORSE.

with the following sub categories



I built this website using SBI Site Sell and I highly recommend anyone with no knowledge about how to build a website use SBI because everything is done for you and they have great tools so you know everything you need to know about how it is doing and your SEO is always perfect. It really is easy to get a top rated website I started my website in February 2011 and it already is in the top 1% world wide and in the Top of the United States too. You can learn more about exactly how high my site is by going to under My category on Nav Bar MAKE MONEY ONLINE - WAY TO MAKE MONEY the first one not part 2. This website makes money for me everyday and you can do the same thing. Also you can learn more about SBI by going to Category on Nav Bar ONLINE SERVICES and look at create a website.

This Video below shows you just how easy it is to build your own website like I built this one. Take a look at it and you too can have a website rated in the top 1% to 3 on the Internet and get people running to your site daily from Search engines like I do, as of this writing I am currently getting people from over 500 keywords bringing me lots of free traffic! My site is #1 under many of those keywords or at least on the first page. It is almost blowing my mind how popular in no time my website is. Now you go do the same but first watch the video!


Solo Build It

Now more about what else you will find on this website.

You will find the above categories there now and more to come ASAP.
We have plans for a total of 33 different directory categories that will have a total of 163 sub directory categories and will list more than 2,700 stores once our directory is completed.

Of course since we are always researching investigating and previewing stores the above numbers will only go up.

We guarantee that only the best of the best stores will be in our Directory as we do not just list any and all stores we make sure it is a solid well established store with a history of great customer service and value to its customers.
We check to make sure it is a legitimate Company with a good reputation and has many satisfied customers. Then we will list it in our Directory
Many stores never meet up to our standards and will never be listed in our Directory on our website!
That is our guarantee to you our visitors!

List your site on HotVsNot.com! You can find other related resources in the Directories Directory we did go see us there!

Online Store Review Directory whats new Blog
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Affiliate Marketing Information Center is now open Dec. 16, 2011
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SAVE AMC and OLTL! NEWS Jan 5,2013 Latest news about All my children back On.
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Is Elvis Alive? This Answer is here in the Elvis Found Alive reviewUPDATE7/30/12
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Commission Shops Scam is nothing but a carbon copy of Mass Income Multiplier and a scam here is why I say that.
Commission Tsunami is the next Big SCAM
Commission Tsunami is One Big Scam and if you need a refund come to my site I will help you get one!
Google in 60 Seconds Is newest SCAM To Attack Google
DO NOT BUY Google in 60 Seconds because you just maybe at risk of being banned by Google for life!
Survey Affiliate Pro is nothing but Traffic Phoenix and is a Scam
Here we go again Survey Affiliate Pro is a SCAM and just the same as Traffic Phoenix DO NOT BUY!
ATOMIC ANDROID X is really Traffic Phoenix Warning the name just changed!
ATOMIC ANDROID X is nothing but Traffic Phoenix with a new name. Same video by charlie same everything same #1 Scam on the Internet Warning do not buy! Come here for more information.
Income Times Ten Is Yet Another Scam from Jamie Lewis Do Not Buy here is why
Income Times Ten Membership is another Scam from Jamie Lewis DO NOT BUY! Here is why!
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Is Traffic Phoenix a scam or a great software read this review and find out today!
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Hi and welcome to our site. I sure hope you enjoy your stay here.

My name is Buttons I am a very small Bichon Frise

My daddy PW rescued me from a mean old puppy mill that used me for the first 5 years of my life to have babies just to take them away in a short time and sell them. I lived locked up in a cage all the time. Today I am now 12 years old.

You see I was very unhappy there and when my daddy pw brought me home now for the first time in my life I have a forever home and am finally very happy.

So I want to help you become happy too and tell you that you really should look around here. You will find some really good Directories here.

Be sure to look at the As Seem On TV stores where you can find some really great stuff Including dog products and to help other dogs like me find their forever home too PW is giving the profits from anything you buy there to the rescue home that helped save me from being killed, so I could go and live with PW. Now that is one special store you will really like it. I just know you will!

Oh and go to the Information Center that will help you if you just take a look. Also go check out the is Elvis alive page and also the one on Bigfoot you will get a kick out of that one.

I will be around on some of the pages to help you so look for me hope to see you again real soon.