Affiliate Marketing Training courses are not all alike and this page will tell you exactly what you need to know to do it the right way.

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Things you will learn here is... What should Affiliate Marketing Training Teach You?

The first thing it should teach you is to be a training course you are willing to not only pay for but more important is to spend your time learning is... How To Earn Consistent Income from its Training! Simply what I am saying here is on the Internet especially for new people trying to make money online today there are so many SCAMS. So how do you know what is a SCAM in this market as to what simply is NOT?

Well I am hoping in this field I can be a big help to you with your Affiliate Marketing Training. Hopefully before coming to this page you have been a regular visitor or long time viewer of this web site for some time now and you know not on purpose but really by accident I have become one of the biggest Scam buster web sites on the Internet and after getting involved with this now it is a passion on my part to help others know a scam from a good product, program or membership site.

Many of the available products, programs and membership sites. I have bought or joined myself and then give a review on them being either good or bad. Right now I have very few good reviews and the reason for that is there are way more scams out there or products that simply do not do what they say or do not work or worse yet like Traffic Phoenix are programmed to never work but are 100% a SCAM!

Some places on this site you can find reviews that are 100% from products I have used can be found under my Information Center which there are several categories all listed in my navigation bar ....

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and probably the best place but small cause I do not recommend products unless I have tried them for Months and know for a fact they work and not just for me an experienced Internet Marketer but for everyone is ....

Make Money Online.

Now more about What Affiliate Marketing Training Should Teach You.

When you are an Affiliate Marketer you are working for someone else promoting their product in order to help them make a sale in which they will pay you a commission. Sounds easy Right? Well believe me it is not! Unless you know how to do it the right way and in ways that work. Potentially you can make a lot of money promoting other peoples products as many will pay you from 50% to as much as 100% of the sales of the product. Yes you read right some pay 100% of the sale to YOU. There are reasons for that in which will not get into that here right now but will explain this later in this post. The majority of the time you get 50% to 75% for the sale.

You have the tools to make a good income once you have gone through good Affiliate Marketing Training the right way to get away from a boring job that makes only a small part of what you can make as an affiliate marketer and once you master affiliate marketing your time is more free to enjoy life. Again not easy, but you can build an income today that pays for years after with really good Affiliate Marketing Training.

Think of affiliate marketing as a form of advertising for the vendor instead of wondering why the vendor simply does not sell their own product themselves. The expenses the vendor would incur to promote and advertise their product are at no cost to the vendor. The time it takes to do this promotion is none. Now why would the vendor ever want to pay 100% to the affiliate is probably the most puzzling question of them all and the answer is so that the buyer gets on their list so they can resell them later as this is a very good prospect. By doing this the vendor makes hundreds more from them over and over again than just someone they get on a list by other means.

Then there is the bait and catch later tactic too. Here is how that goes. You promote the product and you get a prospect to the vendors sales page and then for whatever reason they do not buy. Remember you got one and one only chance to get that sale but the vendor has many. So this buyer decides to not buy, but later changes their mind so what they do then is they go straight to the vendors sales page instead of your link and hence your promotion did nothing for you the buyer is on their list and they did not have to pay a commission to sell to them. Remember they have their email address now and they then take over the promotion to them in emails and once that happens they get the sale not you! So if your affiliate cookie was no longer active on the buyers computer all of your hard work was wasted!

So how can you turn this around and not lose that buyer to the vendor? You must learn from an affiliate marketing training course how to build a list of prospects and buyers. Once you have a niche that you want to target this list will be like finding a gold mine. Once you get the email address of prospective buyers before they go to the vendors page, you have them forever and you can market to them over and over again. Here is what you need to know on the average a buyer needs to be exposed to a product as many as 5 to 8 times before they take the bait and buy. So as long as the want to stay on your list you can send them emails in the niche they are interested in till they buy. Like mining for gold and finally hitting a vein. Wow payday for you then.

Ok now that you know list building is very important next thing you must learn is building web pages. It was once practiced to simply buy traffic and send the buyer to the vendor page and those affiliate marketer's soon went broke and left barrels of dollars to the vendor for their efforts. It is true some made money but only pennies to the dollars they could have made because their expenses were so high. #1 rule in Affiliate marketing training send traffic to your website not straight to the vendors page that way you capture their email and build a list and you can get free traffic these days verses paying for traffic you just need to learn how to do it. Again that is where affiliate marketing training comes in.

So you need to build a website or a blog and once you rank in the search engines for keywords that people who are looking for things in the niche you are promoting you have people on your site you can make money off of them. Just remember do your homework and never take advantage of a prospect by sending them to ANY PRODUCT YOU DO NOT KNOW IS A GOOD PRODUCT. If you ever send a prospect to a bad product and there are many of them available to promote you not only will lose that prospect forever but also everyone else they tell about it and all the people those people tell about it too and so on. You need to build a good reputation not a bad one. In other words stay off my scam section here as more an more now I am not only exposing the vendor product that is a scam but also the affiliate that sent me to it. I see on the comments here for different products some of my visitors here who leave comments are doing the same too. Especially a website like mine here that is in the top 1% world wide you do not want your name out there for bad reasons like promoting a bad affiliate product! Sorry but I play by the rules you need to learn to do that too! Instead build a great reputation by putting great content on your site. One day I may be singing how great you are too!

Once you have your website and or blog getting traffic in the search engines which if done right does not take that long you no longer have to work that hard now you can concentrate on promotions. Keep in mind too that by having a good site with great content you have lots of ways to promote more than one product too or if a product is no longer available for many reasons like is a membership site and they have reached full membership and no longer taking on new members. You can switch your promotion to a new product or membership.

There are many ways to get traffic to your website or blog and with a great Affiliate Marketing training course you will learn all of the ways to do that the right way. This is probably where some Affiliate Marketing training courses fall flat on their faces as things change very often as to what works. I know of two such courses that have great training one in my opinion works better on some of the things you need where the other one works really good for traffic. I belong to both and find with both I have all aspects covered. When I have time I will do a page on this site covering different membership sites for Affiliate training and what is good or bad about them all and what you really learn from each. I do already have a couple pages up on some sites now you can read if you want.

So now we have covered...

1. list building

2. website or blog building and why you need one

3. Traffic.

It is true you can read free information on the Internet all about Affiliate Marketing training but the main problem here is some of these pages you can find for free are months or years old now and out of date. Where a membership affiliate marketing training site keeps all of their material with what is going on today not yesterday.

That is one of the most important things I can tell you here as to why if you are serious about being an affiliate marketer you need to join a great affiliate Marketing training site. I will tell you about one that I have been using and making money with at the end of this web page and why I recommend them.

So in conclusion Affiliate Marketing is one way to make good money online but is also a good way to not make good money if done wrong. So just like being a doctor, lawyer or anything that pays good you need an education and you need to know what works today not yesterday and most and foremost stop buying into those push button promotions that simply in most cases DO NOT WORK!

Now for information on the Affiliate Marketing Training Membership site I recommend.

You need to join an Affiliate Marketing Training membership site that is run by someone who has a good reputation and someone who has and is doing what he teaches.

Has tools and ways to help you do your promotions that really work.

Has video training and or Instructional training too. I prefer video as to see is easier for me to follow.

This site goes the extra miles to help you with great customer service that gets back to you immediately or within 1 day. For any problem you maybe having.

Helps you with your website building with a easy to use web builder and hosting.

Way over full fills what you are looking for.

Teaches you in detail how to build sites with different ways to do affiliate marketing.

Provides you with pre made niche websites and how to promote them where you will have income from them for years to come, shows you how to make them all orginal one of a kind sites not ones that are like others on the Internet. This alone is very valuable! Worth way more than your monthly membership fee. I know some who do just this each month with this site and are making great income. Income where you no longer have to work for anyone else again ever! I use these too.

Has great training far above other sites.

Gives real webinars for training weekly not just ones to promote some product. This is something really rare on any membership site most just have a webinar to try to get a sale from you! These also are where you can ask questions and get real live answers.

Not way overpriced.

Has been around for years.

I have never found one place ever that has said any negative things about this place! Believe me if I recommend them and use them they have to be great! They are very real too!

They have a $1.00 14 day trial which is enough time to get a site up and then a 60 day guarantee as well. This is a no question asked way for you to check them out then decide for yourself all I can say is I make money with them and you can too!

Below I will give you a link to a far more indept review of this place than you have here click the first link to go there or...

if you want to skip that and just go and see for yourself what they are all about click the second link below and learn about all of their bonus too that you get.

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We hope you enjoyed and learned some things from our Affiliate Marketing Training page and continue with our other pages on Affiliate Marketing.