Commission Tsunami is One Big Scam and if you need a refund keep reading I will help you get one!

Commission Tsunami is the latest Scam from the Traffic Phoenix team.

I have been getting emails from Sean Donahue about a webinar that he was giving and he was so excited about!...

I was busy and paid not much attention to that so did not attend.

Then I got a email the next day saying that they sold out of the software the night of the webinar BUT I WAS LUCKY BECAUSE HE WAS ABLE TO GET THE SELLER TO OFFER JUST 10 MORE BUT JUST FOR 24 HRS.


So I clicked on the webinar and at first thought maybe it was not theirs as seemed like maybe something kinda good and the software had nothing to do with video's on youtube. So thought ok keep watching. Then this software was a software that did the following things. Think this is a new version of it from what was sold in November and December 2011. As since watching the webinar and knowing way before the end it was all traffic phoenix makers or someone else just as bad. I will explain why later in this report. I really knew deep down knew Commission Tsunami was only just a new name for Traffic Phoenix.

Well anyway this promoter already forgot his name but not important did not sound like Charles but he was just as convincing. Well what you do is find a niche not for a product or for a topic but for a service of some kind.

He said that if you have a service topic you can sell 3 to 5 ads on your site each month for people who sell those services. Made sense to me kinda. He also said you could make somewhere around $1,000 a day with adsense on your site THAT DID NOT MAKE SENSE TO ME another Commission Tsunami Red Flag!

He also said you could make big money promoting clickbank products and the ads for them would look kind of like your adsense ads. I thought ok but probably not make $1.000 a day and then he said would make more now the FISH SMELL STARTED oh boy a big Commission Tsunami Red Flag! But I stayed tuned in.

He said the real money which would make you about $2,000+ a month by selling easy advertising to people who will want to advertise on your website because he promised that you would be on the first page of Google and that people on page 2,3,4 or more who could not get to page 1 and would love to advertise on your site. That kind of made some sense he said they would pay $500 a month to be in first place on your site and the others would pay a little less hense sell 3 ads you got over $1,000 a month and sell 5 spots you got $2,000 a month this was a giant Commission Tsunami Red Flag.

Well I know people pay for advertising but that much a month??? Something had to be wrong! But Sean Donahoe said it was so that was when I knew Sean Donahoe really had sold his soul to the devil and that hurt me bad!

Ok he then went and showed us a software that he had made that will automate all this for you... THE HOOK THAT THE NEWBIES WENT FOR BIG TIME. This software just has 8 steps to make it work...

1. Find service niche... there is a list of niches there and you just pick one. All kinds of services like plumbers,electritions, florest, Attorneys etc.

2. Choose a city any city anywhere will do... Ya right... he used the example of florist in wichita

3. Pick template for your site.

4. Write a very short article like...Best Florist in wichita are the ones that really work hard for you. The Florist in wichita are the ones you need to know before you buy are the best and here you can find the best of the best.

Now that was not what he wrote but is close enough. He wrote like three sentenses and that was it. Not a article at all and this was one of the worse Commission Tsunami Red Flags!

5. Choose domain name. His software helped you do that.

6. Get hosting account and he could help you there too ya right

7. Get traffic... now here was the best part the part that makes you want this software real bad Commission Tsunami Red Flag. His software with just a push of a button simply send out information to a very large website base that will all give you links to your site and wam Google with a nothing website noting on it push you up to the top spot under the keyword Florest in Wichita. Giant Commission Tsunami Red Flag.

He also made it sound like that keyword and any service + city keyword would get millions of traffic each month oops another Commission Tsunami Red Flag. I knew then that was pure BS!

So I did a search in Google keyword tool later and guess what Florest in Wichita gets 4,400 searches a month but the competition is like 32,200 which is not that bad buttttt Google will not put you on page 1 with content of just three sentenses on your site and your site is just a one page site Commission Tsunami Red Flag. Just not going to happen when Google ranks a site not just for links but content. So knew this was a SCAM at that point too many Commission Tsunami Red Flags! Since this template did not come with a builder or a way to add more pages I knew this was Traffic Phoenix with a new twist and with new name of Commission Tsunami.

During the presentation his software kept flickering back and forth between the page he built the website on and the familuar circle menu that is Traffic Phoenix software Commission Tsunami Red Flag. Those of you who have been scammed by Traffic Phoenix know what I mean. Every time it did that he got off that page fast. Very sad Commission Tsunami Red Flag my nightmare of this being Traffic Phoenix was so true now.

8. Now that you are at the very top of Google websearch for your keyword (HAHA NEVER HAPPEN) your last step is to go and contact (sound familuar)people who are advertising on the adword ppc ads and or more important anyone on page 3,4,5 for that keyword and offer them ad space on your page 1 site Tell them to make you an offer for space 1,2,3 or if you do 5 spaces 4 and 5.

Also he told you to send out this email to everyone all at the same time with CC so that everyone contacted knew it would be first come first serve and bid high. He said you would probably get people wanting the top space for $500 a month and the others would go for say $400 or a little less. Making that site pay you monthly $2,000 a month. Then all you need to do is do this over and over again and soon you would have say 30 sites and be making $60,000 a month, Commission Tsunami Red Flag BIG TIME. Between him and Sean Donahoe then talked about in a year sell that site to the advertisers for say $60,000 as you can do it over and over again if you want and a nice $60,000 in one month would be nice but no just Commission Tsunami Red Flag FOR SURE!

Wow so in one year off 30 sites only I will make $720,000 and then sell them all for $60,000 each $1,800,000 and I will have in my pocket over 2.5 million Commission Tsunami Red Flag! I can retire wow I am so lucky to have found this great site. I better rush and get this as he is only selling 15 copies!

OK OK hang on there is a catch LOL... Now here is why I say it is traffic Phoenix.

1. The software does not work WILL NEVER WORK .... hence Traffic Phoenix SOFTWARE IS MEANT TO NEVER WORK!

2. Price $997.00

3. Has a big name marketer promoting it SEAN DONAHOE... Traffic Phoenix does that then splits on them too and lets them take the heat. I will be emailing Sean Donahoe soon and giving him the link to this page. Major Commission Tsunami Red Flag

4. Only offer 15 copies as do not want too many out there getting this secret or being able to use it. Commission Tsunami Red Flag They sell all they can and this is not the only webinar they do they do as many of those as they can find suckers sorry mean sponcers to host them.

5. Next day a replay of webinar is sent out to email list with a 24 hour second chance to grab another 10 copies they are going to release. Commission Tsunami Red Flag

6. Now offering the software in two easy payments but price stays $997.00 Commission Tsunami Red Flag

7. Processing company is SWREG Commission Tsunami Red Flag

8. They claim you can not get a refund cause was not offered with a guarantee Commission Tsunami Red Flag

9. Every Method of Operation is like Traffic Phoenix the top scam of 2010. JUST ANOTHER NOW NEW NAME AGAIN!

10. Even if this software worked you could never sell to have them advertise on your site here is why on all of those pages you will also see on page 1 a site like yellow pages and on the florist wichata page is one called local flower shops and you can get listed on their site for free and yes be on page 1 sure they may try to sell you some extra stuff but nothing that will cost you $500 a month.

11. If anyone did contact anyone they would just get laughed at like the youtube people did to people who contacted them with traffic phoenix!




So Lord I do not know when those scammers will stop promoting new name scams with same ole junk offered. When will the FBI and the FTC finally take action and stop all that are involved yes talking about you Sean Donahoe and others that help these scammers and sell you soul to the devil for a cut of Oh I do not know maybe 50% of the $997.00

I am so ashamed of Sean Donahue that I do not think I will ever forgive him for this one. This is the second bad product I got that he promoted and I got my money back from the other one and was not STUPID ENOUGH TO GET THIS ONE...I just hope he cleans up his act and stops this kind of thing as he was or use to be one person I trusted to be for real now do not think so!

Sean Donahoe if you read this you can come here and make a comment I do not think you have the nerve but like all of my other visitors that come here always make comments so please make a comment as to why you decived so many by presenting that webinar! I know you will have access to this page as I am going to sent it to you! So that is your challenge Sean Donahoe if you have the nerve!







Anyone that visits this page and has been scammed by this new big scam please leave a comment below so others will also know just how bad this new scam is and also let us know when you receive you refund just check the pages under traffic phoenix there are three of them for full details on how to get your refund from SWREG and you can also contact me off the contact me page if you need more help. I can also there let you know real ways to make money and software I use and ways I make money online if you contact me there.

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Here we go again Buttons keep an eye on this page tell me who visits here, look and see if Sean Donahoe drops by

Ok I got my eye on everyone comming here and I will let you know when Sean Donahoe drops by hope I do not fall asleep waiting that long!

I wish you would tell me why people have to scam others don't they know that one day they will suffer for that?

It is so sad that the world has evil people like that and will do anything for money. There is not enough money in the world for me to do such a thing. I had a ruff life in the puppy mill but nothing as bad as what these scammers do to poor people who need their money so bad and all they get for trying so hard to make some money is get scammed and not for a few dollars but $997.00 that is enough to buy groceries to feed their family or pay the rent or buy new clothes or simply get by one more month. But instead someone tries to steal if from them by doing a webinar full of lies. I just do not understand how they can sleep at night!

Only thing one can hope for is their bed will be full of bed bugs as those are hard to get rid of and hurt you! Give me fleas any day compared to that.

He He One Can Dream!