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Here you will find some of the Best stores we have done a complete review for you so you know exactly what is there before you visit that store.

We have a full line of Consumer Stores in our Directory where you will get great special discounts. Please look around then click on the store logo or link below logo to go to the store of your choice.



Welcome to LOGITECH

Shop for Keyboards at Logitech
Save on Dented Box and Refurbished items at Logitech.com

We are very proud to introduce one of our favorite Consumer Electronics companies…
They were founded in 1981 they are considered leaders in their field they distribute to more than 100 countries nationwide, they are on the stock exchange under symbol of LOGI both Nasdaq and the six Swiss exchange not many companies can say that!
We have been personally using Logitech for over 20 years. We can tell you their cordless keyboards and mice are next to none. Many companies make them but many do not last our have and do!
We give this company a 6 star rating out of 5 that is how much we really love this company.
We never say that unless it is the truth.
You practically have to just want a new one to stop using them.
We have over 50 computers all have Logitech products attached to them and all are working great.

We suggest you go and grab one of their sales today while they last.
They are so good they do not have to do sales but right now is your lucky day as they got great ones going, so stop reading this and run and get yours today!

Welcome to PC MALL

PC Mall is your personal portal for great products, technology and solutions to businesses, government and educational institutions and individual consumers and is a great Consumer Electronics company. They provide about everything you will need and want to make a great purchase and help your business grow or satisfy your needs for some of the most popular and best products available today.
Their daily sale section gives you great discounts off their already low low prices.
They offer great values on everything they carry and more go see now.

Check out our great deals on Laptops/Notebooks! Starting at $99.99 is always a winner for conversions!


Surplus Computers is the ONE PLACE you can get a computer for far less than any discount place on the planet! If you are in the market for almost anything computer wise. New laptop, New desktop, New part, New about anything! You owe it to yourself to check out their everyday bargains galore and a great choice for your Consumer Electronics products. Think wal-mark has good prices no comparing with here.
So go check it out and remember we bring you all the best places on the Web to shop and save big!


If you like bargains these are the stores for you this is the orginal deal a day stores that are now the rage of the internet. This is two of the famous stores of the Woot family of deal a day stores so go see what is being offered today and save a bundle now! They often have absolutely great Consumer Electronics products at prices you just got to see. You will find more of the family of woot stores in our new category of 1 day sale stores.

TiVo Premiere - Free Shipping

Get free shipping on a new TiVo Premiere or Premiere XL


Tivo is not new but what is new is theirTiVo Premiere and their
TiVo Premiere XL,
what you get with the TiVo Premiere is:
• Reinvented HD user interface,
• Up to 45 hours of HD recording,
• Replaces your cable box*,
• The world's largest VOD store Online & mobile scheduling,

The new TiVo Premiere XL gives you All the features of Premiere, plus:
• Up to 150 hours of HD recording
• THX® certified for optimum quality
• TiVo® Glo backlit remote control

If you have not visited TiVo for a long time or ever go today and see why cable box DVR can not compair to them. Why they save you money and so much more!

We highly think you should visit today!


Dino Direct offers you Retail and Wholesale services at competitive prices for over 110,000 individual consumer electronics items, and they add an average of 3,000 new items each week.
They have full line of iphones, cell phones & smartphones, great line of Blackberry Accessories, and their Laser Pointers, and Surveillance are beyond compare.
They provide 7/24 global call center assistance, and worldwide free shipping! If that is not enough, their customer service is next to none.
Your shopping experience there is something you will enjoy for today and many days to come.
Go visit them today!

Up to 75% off Blowout Sale on Selected Items at ZAGG.com. Check it out now.


If you are not familiar with invisible Shield you are in for a big surprise. Their unique invisible Shield is made from material that was first created for the military to protect the helicopter blades; it offers protection that other screen protectors and their covers, skins or cases only wish they could be of.
But invisible Shield is Trademarked and no other company can for that reason compare in quality and versatility! They actually have over 2,000 copyrighted, consumer electronics precision cut designs for a large variety of gadgets for ipods, the ever popular smartphones, and cell phones, these shields protect your expensive devices from scratches. They are custom cut full body shields. One of a kind that you just got to see! If you have been looking for something, like this but cannot find one for your particular device.
If not completely happy remember they have a 30 day complete refund available.
Go check them out today!

Shop neato.com for all your media labeling needs

Receive 10% off your order at neato.com use coupon code: "afs1" at checkout.


NEATO is one of the leaders in consumer electronics products. Most everyone knows them and loves them they have a very large loyal following. They have very appealing prices they offer same day shipping. They have been around since 1995 being a pioneer marketing leader in CD/DVD Labeling, media and storage – offering high quality products. Now through our directory you can get all of that and discounts too.
Go check out a old friends web site now for sure you know you want to!


All-Battery.com Sales--up to 80% off and FREE SHIPPING


If you need a battery! And who does not at one time or the other? This is the place for you the reason is simple, they are the largest web site for rechargeable batteries of all kinds! They guarantee high quality products and lowest price you will ever find anywhere. Their products are prices of up to 85% off the price you will find at your local retail store. NO ONE CAN COMPETE WITH THEM so why not join them and save like no place else!

They carry AA, AAA, C, D, 9V, digital camera, laptop and 2 way radios, battery packs, Li-ion, Li-Polymer, battery chargers, DC/AC inverters and other mobile power accessories. So on top of everything else they got every kind of battery you could possibly want.
Go see them today!


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