Income Entourage is nothing but a gateway to Scams and fraud programs brought to you
by Jamie Lewis and
Travis Stephenson

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Income Entourage is a SCAM


If you have been thinking about joining Income Entourage or have already joined them or have joined and have already found that they are Indeed Nothing But a Membership Site that is a Gateway to
Scams and Fraud Programs.

Then you have come to the right place for help!

I joined this membership site on June 20, 2011. Before joining I did my research and found nothing but praise for Jamie Lewis and Travis Stephenson and this new membership site Income Entourage. I figured wow must be a very good place to learn more about Internet Marketing and the email I got asking me to join Income Entourage was very convincing. I can see now why in a matter of no time their membership grew into hundreds maybe a few thousand of new members into Income Entourage!

Part of the enrollment to the Income Entourage site was the information and one video after another praising these so called honest Internet Marketers, Jamie Lewis and Travis Stephenson.

KEEP READING AS Income Entourage is a SCAM

But I must say they were very convincing that they truly had something very special to offer. I was very intrigued to join Income Entourage and see exactly what Travis Stephenson and Jamie Lewis had to offer.

The price of lifetime membership to Income Entourage is $39.00 and I felt that was more than reasonable if they indeed were there to help especially newbie (that is their target members) learn how to make money online doing Internet Marketing and to make them members in the Income Entourage ASAP.... Why well simple they are the easiest people on the Internet to Scam!

Once I clicked the join button and paid my membership fee to Travis Stephenson and Jamie Lewis for Income Entourage the scams began. I did not know it then but soon I found this out. During the signup process I got one up sell after another. I got videos presented by Jamie Lewis that were very convincing he was one of the good guys.

I soon started getting one email after another all telling me that this software program or whatever they were promoting that day was the best thing yet and if I wanted to survive in doing Internet Marketing I had to get this for sure! Some of these were their product others were products from clickbank or other places like that where anyone can promote them as an affiliate. I bought none of them.

I later found out that Income Entourage is owned by Travis Stephenson and he has partnered with Jamie Lewis as Jamie Lewis who is a very convincing spokes person and a convincing scammer.

In my opinion both are guilty of fraud but Jamie needs to be taken out behind the shed and beat with a belt for what he has done to so many! Then taken straight to jail! With Travis also taken to jail! You will find out why I say this later in this and other reports on our web site here.


I kept saying no to all of those as usually up sell programs are offered again and I did not know enough about them at the time to make a good decision to buy or not.

I have found out long ago not to buy up sells till more research has been done first! There were if I remember correctly 4+ up sells. This immediately gave me a red flag. One up sell maybe two are more than enough to present to a new member like here on Income Entourgae and you should not bombbard them with up sells like this if you are for real upon sign up and more is often then not this is a red flag.

Remember this newbie and it is usually best to just past them by till later and you find out more about them.

So finally I got past all of that and was done with signing up. Now when I join a program I copy and paste everything so I have a record of it into Microsoft word and in this it was a real good thing I did as I never got a receipt sent to my email address.

I thought OMG this is a Scam, but at this point that was wrong on my part at lease was then as the reason I did not get a email was not their fault but mine. When I signed up I put in the wrong email address or at least part of it was wrong. Not sure how I did that but I did. So because I had kept the information into word I had their support email address and I immediately sent in a correction request and why did I not get my receipt. I then found out that the email address I put in was a mistake on my part. They sent me a receipt and I felt all was ok now, I was very wrong.


The email address you put in is your login name for Income Entourage hosted by scammers Travis Stephenson and Jamie Lewis so I asked that they change it to my real email address and their software must not be very good as they said they could not or I once in could not change the login name, hmmm cheap software they are using for sure. I finally accepted that and simply used the wrong sign in email and went on.

At this point my first thought was if these Internet Marketers were so good why did they not have enough money to buy good membership software why did Travis Stephenson and Jamie Lewis not put all of that so called money they are making and not provide good software for members?

I soon found out why as they are not wanting to keep this Income Entourage membership site for long once the truth is released like this review will show. Watch soon they will dissappear and be gone! I really doubt that Jamie Lewis and Travis Stephenson are their real names.


Now when joining you are promised a super software called Smart Creator and this I did not get guess because of the mix-up with my wrong email addres or whatever but I did not get it at first. I did not know that you did not get it on the website so did not address that then with support and I went to the site.

They have very poor instructions on Income Entourage and is easy to be confused. On the main page I saw videos so I started watching them expecting to get great video Internet Marketing training as they promised in their promotion but I felt they have failed terribly. All you really get is training on this Smart Creator. Well one video done by Jamie Lewis on ways to make money online but nothing there that you cannot find for free on the Internet or using common sense where only a newbie would think that it was great information. I thought after listening to that hmm is this all you get? I was greatly disappointed at this point, but I kept searching for more great information.

The videos they have show how to do you a few things with the Smart Creator but since I did not have the Smart Creator I was confused but I will admit thought maybe it was a Ok program. It looked great anyway, where you create traffic by using a LIKE BUTTON ON PRESELL PAGES FOR FACEBOOK.

It did have some features where you put into it passwords and login info. that I probably would not ever do as have learned years ago once you give out that kind of information you can and often do lose your commissions from those accounts and will need to change all of that to once again get your hard earned commissions. As a scammer can simply go in and change information on your account to information without you knowing by logging to your account and having it pay them instead of you!


Later when I found out 100% that this Income Entourage site is nothing but a gateway to scam and fraud programs I knew I really did not want that software on my computer because if they do that who knows how far they are willing to go to commit Internet fraud!

After I was 100% sure this Internet Entourage was a scam and fraud gateway I sent support a email telling them I did not get the software just wanted to see if they could or would finally give it to me and had to email them three times before I finally got the correct place to go and download it. I did go into it to download it knowing I would never really download it but just checking this out and found a user protection policy that I could never live with even if I did download it as it hold them completely free from you coming back on them and this again is a red flag! I them closed out the download page and it has never been put on my computer or ever will be!

I then went to clickbank and ask for a refund on my Income Entourage membership and through Clickbank I was given the refund with just a few days delay in getting it. I suggest everyone go immediately and get your refund too before they dissappear completely.

The main reason they want you to join their site is to promote not only their programs but other scam programs or software. All they really want is more and more of your money....


One of the first things they tell you on their site is if you try something they want you to promote it and do a possitive review, they ask you to do this immediately and you will get some kind of bogus bonus for doing so. Those of you that have done this did you ever get your bonus? If so what was it and did it help you?

By doing this they have loads of possitive reviews like the ones they have now for Income Entourage and Traffic Phoenix on the Internet and they can simply make more scam money off of other people who when reading a possitive review often think well, maybe this one is good and they too get scammed and it was your good review that did it!

When you join Income Entourage they have webinars some give you a little bit of training but really only give you bits and pieces and nowhere on the membership site are these webinars repeated for you to review again and everything you learn there is not really all that good or complete just bits and pieces and lots of praising saying how great they are. I almost fell asleep at my first webinar like that and, wanted real information only finding none to come. I was not really impressed. I was open to giving this place more chances to impress me but that never happened.

Until the following....

Then you get invited to (a very limited seating webinar that is something you must attend) There is where they make you believe they will give you some information you can not find anywhere else and if you do not attend you will make the biggest mistake of your lives. I went to my first of these webinars and my last on June 30, 2011.

This webinar was on Traffic Phoenix software and how to buy it and why. This software in my opinion and others is the #1 biggest, SCAM, on the Internet today! Also this webinar is repeated till they soak it up for as many sales as they can get last I heard they sold somewhere around 50+ memberships when the webinar clearly says only 15 maybe 20 memberships will ONLY be sold

Let’s do the math at $997 X 50 = $49,850.00 in sales not bad for one scam webinar. I also see where they have done a second one now too. Yep newbie’s there is ways to make money on the Internet! This demonstration is one sure way if you are a scammer. Problem is especially in this case they better go and hide right away because the FBI is coming after them!

I am not going to go into detail here about this 100% Scam and Fraud program all of that can be found on two pages here UNDER TOPS INTERNET SCAMS... They should be read in order to fully understand and know more updates are coming on these ASAP.


Also scroll down to bottom of that page and read what others have said about this scam too most of them are Income Entourage members who were scammed by this fraud presented to all of us by Jamie Lewis and Travis Stephenson on June 30, 2011.

Go here to read Traffic Phoenix review and find out why they are the Internets #1 top scam!

Once you have finished reading Traffic Phoenix review then go to....


Go to Traffic Phoenix Updates by clicking here

If you read those reviews and update before or just now...


Now one place on their site is their forum and they tell you in the learning webinars and the scam webinar like the TRAFFIC PHOENIX WEBINAR I attended to go straight to their forum and learn more and that this is the best place on the Internet to learn Internet Marketing.

Now let me tell you the forum does have several places to go BUT it is just a place for you to find more and more and then more scams and fraud deals for them to just take your money. Most every section in there is either nothing but a ad to buy one or someone else’s product and I am finding now as I did not buy any of these other products but many have and I have received many emails from members telling me they simply have lost money trying them and they are not what was presented just like the TRAFFIC PHOENIX SOFTWARE SCAM FRAUD SOFTWARE IS!

There are others there that work with them who are either employees or partners or brainwashed other members who monitor their forum and either redirect posts to where they should belong or delete them.

You see on this forum you are only allowed to put a post in there that either is praise for them or their software and a newbie will most always do that when they think the software is something they can get out of debt with and make money online with affiliate Internet Marketing and remember at this point most do not know this is simply a gateway to scam and fraud programs.

Really this is a place that will make Travis Stephenson and Jamie Lewis loads of money but no one else will make any money but instead they will lose loads of money and may even get hurt more than that as when people get excited they spend money they do not have or can afford to spend with the dream of finally finding a place or program that works and makes them money. But all they found is another scam or fraud program.

These two scammers Travis Stephenson and Jamie Lewis are smart or think they are but I got news for them the FBI ICs are alerted to them and will take them straight to jail once they find them!

If you dare to post a comment that is not praise for the product or Income Entourage on the forum….that post will be immediately deleted. I know because mine were deleted. I also have seen others posts for a while and then ZAP THEY WERE GONE!

I made a post in the forum on TRAFFIC PHOENIX TUTORIAL section telling Jamie Lewis and Travis Stephenson all about after getting the traffic phoenix software how it did not do the things that were shown done on the webinar and the software training was incomplete or did not explain how to use it and the software is screwy how it works or does not work at all.

I then asked Jamie Lewis and Travis Stephenson at this time still thinking they were not the scammers they soon turned out to be with no IF'S OR AND'S ABOUT IT! I asked Jamie Lewis and Travis Stephenson to please help us get a refund from this since I thought as they told us they were best friends with the so called Charlie friend of theirs thinking if they truly were friends of Charlie like they claimed they could to that for us faithful members who just could not make this software work!

This post appeared on the forum over the 4th of July weekend and stayed there for a couple of days and other members joined in and asked the same thing from them and said they were having the same problems I was having and also asked for help.

Then Jamie finally came in and not only deleted my post but everyone else’s post who said anything about this at all and gave everyone on there a big scolding saying if any more posts were made like that then there would be heads rolling and you would be banned from the site!


I knew at that point they were in on the scam and probably this Charlie was not a real friend but just an actor they hired to play the part and this SCAM AND FRAUD WAS 100% FROM THEM! No one else… All the red flags now made sense.

If they truly were heroes and meant the things they said and started this Income Entourage just to help people like they claim, which is almost always a lie, I have found few truly care about anyone other than themselves and how they can make more money off you when it comes to affiliate Internet Marketing these days.

If you do truly find someone who is real, then stick to them like glue as you have found a diamond in the ruff.

If they were real they would have tried everything they could to help their members and would have cared about their reputations for recommending it.

Also when you promote you promoted something anything especially a $997.00 software program friend or no friend selling it you check it out before promoting it, that is if you care about your reputation, membership and have morals about that of a snake!


Before doing a review on here I first of all check out a program or software then write a review I do not write a review if I have not first hand had experience with it. If I do write something here that I have not used myself I say so. I will tell you where my information comes from and let you decide what to do. That way I do know for sure if something is good or not. I do not make false reviews. Guess God did not make me that way!

I do know for a fact these this Income Entourage is a scam and Traffic Phoenix is the #1 biggest scam on the Internet both promoted by Travis Stephenson and Jamie Lewis.

This is a must if you care about your members or web site visitors. If you do not and are just doing a membership site to scam or fraud someone you act exactly like they have.

There are a couple of membership affiliate sites that I have or do belong to and these are true places to join some are expensive but have proven ways to really make money online and show you in detail how to do it and provide you with only software that have been tried and are true to what they tell you they will do and I will have soon on here the names and reviews of these sites.

Guess what I am saying AFFILIATE INTERNET MARKETER Do not give up your dream there is gold minds on the Internet and you can find the one that is right for you. DO NOT LET THESE OR OTHER SCAMMERS FROM TAKING YOUR DREAM AWAY. There is a light at the end of your rainbow you just need to be smart in your search and then find it.

Now for the Links I promised you at the top of the page I wrote two new pages for this website after what has happened to so many from the Traffic Phoenix Scam and also the Income Entourage Scam I had to do something to help everyone out. So I decided to spill the beans so to speak. And tell everyone here exactly how I make a 6 figure income every year. I have two things that I do to make that happen one of them is explained in detail on my new page called

Ways to Make Money and is my part 1

The second thing I have been doing and using to make money on the Internet for years now is a membership club I belong to that teaches you REAL ways to make money on the Internet is not a place like Income Entourage nothing like that it is run by two Super Affiliates who simply teach you White Hat marketing that works. They teach you what they do and this stuff really works I know I have been doing it for years now. Also because I have been there so long and I explained to them about all my friends here Some I have become friends with all taken by The Traffic Phoenix I got the owners at this site to let me for a limited time give you FREE a EBOOK that they wrote and sell for from $77 to $97 and I can give it to you for free. It gives full details of some ways they make the really big bucks monthly that they do not share with anyone at their Affiliate University. I have this book and paid for it when it first came available and it is pure gold.

I promise you this site alone has allowed me to make as much as $20,000 in a month.

This can be found at Ways to Make Money part 2

Now here are the links

Go here to see my Ways To Make Money on the Internet part 1

Go here to see my Ways To Make Money on the Internet part 2

Both can and I promise will make you money online and are both 100% not a scam. I have belonged to the affiliate membership site in part 2 since April 2009 and what I tell you in part 1 is priceless so go and check both out today and see for yourself.

I want all who have experience the Income Entourage to please go down to the bottom of this page and please fill out your comment on Income Entourage and tell me and the world what you think of this review and of them.

If I left something out that was good or bad about them comment on it. If you totally agree with this review please comment on that too. If you totally disagree PLEASE TELL US WHY?

Do not disagree if you are new there as they can and do make you think they are good and one day you will see why I say that. But if you have been with them and found one of their programs is good tell us and also why it is so good. Did you ever make any money using their advice or programs?


Now please go to bottom of page and make a comment about Income Entourage and I will put it in the RSS feeds and on the Internet for all to see you so you too can warn others about this Income Entourage and Travis Stephenson and Jamie Lewis.

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