If you have seen the Income Genesis promo and want to know what it actually does come here I will tell you and also if it is a SCAM!

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First off Income Genesis is a brand new product by Adeel Chowohry. I just purchased it so can tell all everything I know about it. At this point I see some real potential to it, so keep reading. This is going to be a very honest and by partial review of this new Internet Marketing program. Please read the whole article here and then decide for yourself if it is for you.

Now for those of you who have not bought Income Genesis (Income beginning) this and have only seen the very confusing promo for it, and Income Genesis is my guess the longest sales video ever produced that says nothing at all about the product. The promo itself was just simply all about Adeel himself and how wonderful he is now compared to how he was some time back working for McDonalds taking orders and fighting off people at the drive thru window. Read my review it will tell you all about the product. For those who have not seen Income Genesis yet. You can really just skip the Hour long video unless you want to learn more about Adeel and his family and where he lives and stuff like that. He sure does like to ride horses. Oh a biography on his life too. Kind of like someone reading their biography with pictures to you for a hour or so.

It is this websites opinion this kind of a video on a new product like Income Genesis is useless. Not sure why Adeel did not just explain in his video some about himself and then loads about what the Income Genesis is about and what you get. But he simply did not! Maybe was so people like me would buy it just to see what the heck it is all about. That worked too so what do I know.

Since what I do here for my visitors is I test products to see how they work and even if they do work I will keep everyone here up to date on how this Income Genesis does. I just got it I have looked around and did not buy the up sells. I bought just the main product. I will explain here what both give you.

Now what the heck this product does or is all about... These are things I liked

Cost of this is a onetime fee of $47.00

Simply put this is a membership site so naturally you log in to that site and go to the control panel, then once there...

1. Watch loads of training videos

2. From there you will learn how to make a promotion to give to your list. If you do not have a list you simply use the promo to build a list and give that away as incentive for someone to join your list. This as you read on is really pretty neat!

3. I will need to go through all of the videos to see exactly how to do all of the following as Adeel says what the promotion will have in it is this... A niche product, a review, a sales page, training and maybe video or written, affiliate, your own product banners, and from what I have seen so far this looks good. At least is something different!

4. You then give this away for free to those on your list and or use to build a list as stated above. You could also offer it on your website etc.

5. Then your list people who get it download your software you gave them and watch your videos and see your affiliate banners for different products.

6. Your software users downloads and run the software to watch your videos and see your affiliate banners as stated above. Since they have the software downloaded you simply just keep adding more products and videos and banners for new products and they will automatically see updates in their software and get your new promotions on auto pilot. He says this is like having a direct contact with them like a private members only TV Channel.

7. One more thing I liked was that this membership site is a onetime fee not a monthly fee!

That is what you get in the main purchase Next what you get in the Up sell...

The Up sell or the advanced training plug-in helps build traffic for you by generating Social Media traffic. This all goes to your squeeze page that was made for you by the software above and will also go to the users. It will also help you build your list too through social media. Not real clear on all of this but know that is what it does as did not get that as I already know most of that. But it just may have a few twists or ways it connects with the software too so that would be your choice if you think you may just need it or want it.

Now I know my description cannot do justice to what all you actually get and how it all works as he has many videos that explain way more than I covered here. Awww no the videos do not go into all about his wife and what kind of cars he likes etc. They are real training videos.


Also Adeel Chowohry is a well known and as far as I know a much respected super affiliate who has done some products and all are worthy of purchase and because I saw for myself and because I tried it and checked it out for myself I now am doing a high recommendation of it. Please go and check it out for yourself and then you decide if it is for your. But Remember If you do not have a lot of time skip the Video! I have told you way more here than you will get there.

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