Is Elvis Alive?

This question and more just maybe answered in this Elvis Found Alive review on the new Video and Audio CD please read.

Is Elvis Alive?

That is a question that has been argued since August 16,1977.

We just may have the final answer to that burning question this is a review of the just released

new Video of ELVIS FOUND ALIVE and audio CD.

Just a quick note here before you read this review, here you will see 6 videos that prove all I say here to be true three are trailers from movies that are about this one will not be released till August 2012 anniversary of his death and whatever you do watch these films plus there is a preview of his new CD album and his picture of how he looks today! Then you decide IS ELVIS ALIVE.

The Third Video Down is the New trailer for the Elvis come back featuring Elvis himself when he finally comes back this year.

Over the years since it was reported that Elvis Presley died there have been many people up in the air over whether Elvis is alive or did he really die. Is Elvis alive or did he fake his own death. Read this page and then you DECIDE!

Here is a photo of Elvis with a shot from the DVD of when Elvis met and was with President Reagan who was in office long after Elvis was supposed to have been dead. In the DVD you see this in the DVD.

Here is a list of the biggest reasons so many for so long have believed that Elvis is alive or wondered is Elvis alive while others they never had a doubt about it ever....

So Is Elvis Alive...Many today know he is!

1. Elvis's biggest life Insurance policy has never been cashed in.

Millions just sitting there waiting to be collected.

2. When Elvis suppose to be body was taken to the hospital a nurse there shouted out loud THAT IS NOT ELVIS... she was immediately quieted down and then forced to sign papers stating she would never talk about that again. She said the body looked nothing like him.

Interesting isn't it do you think Is Elvis Alive?

3. Elvis's casket weighed over 900 pounds. Now we all know Elvis had gained some weight before he died but come on not that much. It took around 10 pallbearers to carry such a heavy casket. It is rumored that the reason for such a heavy casket was because it had a refrigeration unit inside it. Also the casket was very large. Special made out of Copper something you could not just go and get overnight. Would be a very special order casket and then be special made. Could not be made and delivered in a day or two. It was estimated that the casket weighed around 350 to 400 pounds more than it should even for its size. It was reported that the refrigeration unit went out and that a large block of ice was used instead and if you calculate the size of the casket and what dry ice weights it comes to right around 350 pounds!

Wow wonder is Elvis alive?

4. The body in the casket did not look real and did not have the correct nose, Elvis's nose was straight this nose was a pug nose. According to Gene Smith Elvis's cousin the forehead was wrong, the eyebrows were wrong and you could see where the hair had been glued onto the head. Gene swears that the body was nothing but wax.

5.The body was sweating. Dead bodies do not sweat. In order to sweat a body is required to have a functioning heart, circulation and a nervous system. Gene noted he saw the sweat too and said it had to be from condensation from the wax body in the coffin. If you put a wax candle in the freezer it will sweat.

Now that seems like good proof but Is Elvis Alive?

6. One of the sideburns curled up and was not attached to the skin, the glue came undone. Most everyone commented on that!

7. The ceremony took place just 2 days after his death and how did they get such a heavy and elaborate casket that fast. Also why so fast?

Come on tell me Is Elvis Alive?

8. Vernon Presley told anyone close to Elvis not to come to the funeral but instead to come to Graceland in about a week and then they could talk. No one that close to Elvis was able to attend the service so never saw the body. This was something Vernon insisted upon.

9. Elvis had big hands with calluses on the knuckles the hands in the casket were smooth and soft looking like a soft newborn babys behind and had no calluses, scars and did not have a crooked finger that Elvis had. Elvis had calluses, scars and the crooked finger from karate practice which he did just before he went up to his bedroom the night it was reported he died.

So is Elvis alive?

10. Vernon Presley hired 4 men to steal Elvis body from the mausoleum at Forest Hill Cemetery. The night it was suppose to take place was Aug 29,1977. The reason he wanted the body stolen was he wanted the body to be buried at Graceland, but the mansion was not zoned for that. So Vernon thought if someone tried to steal it then they would then let him bury Elvis there for safety reasons. He was right! Vernon knew sooner or later if the body was in the mausoleum someone for real would steal it! That was the real reason, then the world would know it was only wax. The men were caught in the act and arrested but all charges were dropped immediately. If that had not been staged they would have never had the charges dropped so fast and gotten off so easy. After all this was suppose to be the king of rock and roll so harsh punishment would have been enforced if was real.

11. Elvis name is misspelled on his grave. Elvis's name is Elvis Aron Presley on the grave it says Elvis Arron Presley. How could such a mistake have been made unless on purpose and if not on purpose why was it not ever changed.

Vernon Presley would never had let this happen so Is Elvis Alive?

12. When it was reported he died there were many versions of how he died some are heart attack, a drug overdose and more. Also Joe reported at first he found Elvis in his bed dead then it came out he died in the bathroom so which was it and why so many different stories???

13. No autopsy was done come on if he died and they had no real idea how he died why not an autopsy done? It seems the final thing was a drug overdose and was prescription drugs with no autopsy how can you say for sure?

Could it be is Elvis alive?

14. Colonel Tom Parker showed up to the service in a baseball cap and a Hawaiian short sleeve shirt. While Vernon could not even stay at the mausoleum for the short service there he simply went home and started conducting business matters as records show he did. Neither of these actions sound like men who were morning the death of someone they loved certainly not a only son in vernon's case. Later on a talk show Colonel Parker was asked did Elvis kill himself he quickly said NO HE CERTAINLY DID NOT. I showed him a way out and he took it! If you know much about Colonel Parker than you know he once faked his own death too!

15. Last but not least two people who were more than close to Elvis and he loved them both very much was Gene Elvis's cousin who I mentioned before about a week before August 16 1977 Elvis told Gene that he would be going away very soon but not to worry he would contact him soon. Maybe that really explains why Gene not only looked at the body in the casket but he examined it completely!

The second person who was told something that can not be explained was Ellen Foster who was a dear friend of Elvis too. They had a conversation on August 14,1977 that went like this. Elvis told Ellen he was not going on his up coming concert tour. He said it had not been cancelled yet, but just the same he was not going on it. He then went on to say not to worry and do not believe what she reads. He told her all his troubles would soon be over and again not to worry. He said he felt better about so many things now more than ever. Those were two people Elvis did not want them to worry so he went out of his way to let them know exactly that DO NOT WORRY!

Here is a video that shows you many more reasons why is Elvis Alive is not the question but the main question is When will he come back to his fans because he most certainly if all of this is true and there is way too much for for not at least most of this to be true this video is one of the best ones I have seen so please watch it then continue with this review.

There are many more reasons as to why people think or believe Elvis is alive and no longer think is Elvis alive as they know he is. But the above are some of the most known and biggest reasons why the issue has been up in the air as to is Elvis alive or not till today. Now all the loopholes have been answered and the truth is finally out!

Keep Reading to find out Is Elvis Alive

Now for a review of Elvis Found Alive and what is this?

Along with millions of other fans I too have always been a fan of Elvis and the day I heard he died I cried. I worked some in the movie business years ago and I also was an aspiring artist who loved to draw not only portraits of Elvis but many others and especially I liked making special orders of portraits of peoples pets.

Once years ago I was commissioned to do a collage of Elvis starting from his first time he jived on stage till the time he did nothing but concerts. The collage I did showed 4 different looks Elvis had over the years. Starting from changing hair styles to clothes. So with that said I knew Elvis face very well not just as a fan but as an artist.

When I was given the Video and CD to review and then do this review of them for all to see little did the producer know how well I really knew Elvis and could just look at a picture of him and know that it was a real picture of how he looked or a fake.

Here is my report on all of that so you can decide too is Elvis Alive.

Here is a ruff draft in pencil of the collage I did for that customer. Please note it was a simple ruff draft drawn on notebook paper and if you look close you can see how old the paper is today. So you know I did it years ago.

In every picture there you will see the nose is always the same the eyebrows the eyes and the mouth as a persons main features never change no matter what age you are.

Now is Elvis alive here is the picture of what this video and CD producer says he looks like today at age 77. Look close at the features I just described and showed you.

so what do you think? Is the nose the same are the eyes the same are the eyebrows the same and the mouth?....

It is my opinion YES THEY ARE! So that must prove this is Elvis alive at age 77 right?

Yes it could or it is a cleaver old picture of Elvis that has been aged. If it has been aged it is certainly a great job!

On the Internet I have seen many pictures of people who say they are Elvis and I can say for almost for certain they certainly are not but if Elvis is alive and this is a recent picture of him at age 77 this one looks closer to any other I have ever seen.

watch this video of the above Elvis and then you will see for yourself Elvis is Back.This is a short trailer for a major Motion Picture that was suppose to have been released in 2011

Now watch the long version of the above Elvis as he is featured in the up and comming motion picture soon to be realeased in theaters. 2012 WHEN HE MAKES HIS BIG COME BACK FOR SURE THIS TIME!

Ok that covers the picture of him and what I think now lets talk about the Video that I watched. But first watch the trailer of the video

Since the above video has been banned off of youtube and is no longer available for anyone to see. It is my belief that this was done by our Government to stop people from wanting or knowing about this DVD. Elvis Found Alive. The reason behind this is because this is as of this date the best information you can find about the conspiracy of Elvis's death and for once and for all it proves Elvis is alive because it has Elvis himself doing all of the speaking and telling the complete story as to why he faked his death and why he has not come back before. Elvis wants everyone to know he is alive he wants his fans to know he wants to come back and if the White House will let him he will be back very soon. President obama also does not want this information to be known too. You see Elvis is a republican and as a republican he has very little to say good about Obama. But remember Elvis is just another Rich republican who wants not to pay taxes just like all the other Rich republicans and I for one do not want a Rich Republican in the white house saying I have to pay more taxes and he pays nothing or way less.

Now here is a video done by Lucky Carson and it explains this video Elvis Found Alive so well I have put it here since the above video as you saw was banned and no longer available for anyone to see. Please if you have time listen to all that Lucky Carson has to say about this video and then judge it for yourself but he explains in this video so much that you once hearing this you too will know exactly why Elvis faked his own death.

Being an big Elvis fan most of my life I thought I knew many things about the man. I also was puzzled as to why if he did fake his death why in the world would he. I also thought even with all of the above things I mentioned above could all of that be true or was so many just wanting him alive so bad they let themselves just believe all of the above. For years I screamed to many Elvis is alive and I meant that as I simply did not want to believe or even think IS ELVIS ALIVE, he just had to be. I think so many felt the same as me many will not admit it but deep down many simply did not want the King to be dead.

This Video like the picture cleared all of that up for me. It explained exactly why he faked his death and why he has not come out and explained that and not made a comeback. Just about everything I mentioned above is explained in the Video and not by the producer not by some fan not by anyone except Elvis himself. Yes Elvis is in the video he speaks and even sings some. This Video is a documentary of well mostly Elvis's life and what lead up to him faking his death. Why he did it and I learned so much about this man I have honored and loved most of my life and it about broke my heart as to exactly what made this all happen. He explains in detail how he faked his death and from moment to moment what happened. He talks about why he has not come back and why. He explains so much I really do not want to go into detail here as YOU REALLY NEED TO WATCH THE VIDEO YOURSELF.

Just like any good movie that comes out the fun is always taken out if someone tells you all about it before you go to see it. So take my word for it go get the movie then buy the audio CD and enjoy the adventure. You will learn so much more about Elvis from Elvis himself telling you all of it. He talks about what he thought about Lisa Marie marrying Michael Jackson that alone is worth getting the video I always wondered about that. He talks about how much he loved his fans. That made me feel great. He also says he never wanted to hurt anyone. That was when he made me cry. He explains what he has been doing since he faked his death. Again I will not spoil the video for you but just say I now feel that Elvis is alive. I no longer wonder is Elvis alive anymore!

Now for the Audio CD. The CD says the songs are sung by Jon Burrows In the movie Elvis explains why his name now is Jon Burrows. Jon Burrows is the name Elvis used for years as a name he traveled under and used when he did not want to be found by fans or anyone.

Here is the sample of all songs in the CD...listen to the voice then you decide.

Play Samples

Well over the years I have heard many Elvis impersonators. Some pretty good most not really. I can only imagine what a 77 year old Elvis sounds like as with age the voice can change some. All I can tell you is this. I have played the CD many times and maybe because it is new on my computer now or maybe because I simply enjoy it or maybe because Elvis still makes my heart do flip flops. Or maybe it completes the circle of him being real once more. No matter what the reason is I find myself late at night when I write new pages for this website I turn that CD on and sit back and happily write word after word. You see it relaxes me and makes me happy. He sounds like Elvis to me and I am not that easy to please believe me. I am a old fussy one I am! So all I can say I am very glad to have the CD and I will probably wear it out one day! I am listening to it right now.

Now will wrap up this review with the following... Elvis Fans... Elvis says he is going to return and soon! He allowed the video and the CD to be made to prepare his fans for his comeback! He wanted his fans to have no question about is Elvis Alive. He is in the witness protection program and wants out and he says as soon as he is allowed to return which just maybe 2012 or 2013 he says he will be back and this video and this CD he says he is glad his fans will have access to for that return I will leave it at that and you can get more details in the video yourself! Just remember only you can decide is Elvis Alive.

Just to let you know no one paid me to say anything here all I was asked to do was view the video, which I have watched several times and then I was asked to write a honest review of what I thought.

When I talked to Joel Gilbert the director producer of the video and CD I said what if I do not like it or think it is real he said print that. Also fans I am not getting paid to do this and I get nothing out of you buying this video wish I did as I could probably sell quite a few of them but that is simply not the case.

This DVD Video and the CD are now getting hard to find and today July 30,2012 I saw only one for sale on ebay. You can still get a copy on Amazon but that is only the DVD I did not find anywhere like that you can get the CD.

So many still want to know Is Elvis Alive! Yes the answer to Is Elvis Alive is yes and this DVD and CD prove that you will no longer ever wonder again Is Elvis Alive!

I went to the main site for the Elvis found alive DVD and CD where you can buy it. I found there the link on the home page for the trailer and thought surly one could see it there. But it too has been banned. Only high forces could do this why do so many not want the world to know the truth and once and for all answer the burning question of Is Elvis Alive.

But under buy I did see where both the DVD and the CD are avialable this site is the link is below at end of this review.

This video is about another movie coming out August 2012 which also will prove that Elvis is alive so you will no longer ask Is Elvis Alive and the reason for that fans is because he is alive and going to soon make his great comeback over the past 3 years there have been 3 other movies that have hinted that Elvis is alive one was called Lonely Street the second one is this one I am going to show you the trailer for The Truth about Elvis and then of course Elvis Found Alive in which this review is all about. So watch this trailer to see what other movie on this you can see this summer. Note one more thing no one would take the time to do these movies just for fun this is going to be the biggest event of this century so just relax and wait our king is coming back! This movie was originally scheduled to come out August 2007 but Elvis did not get the ok to come out of the witness protection program then so had to be put on the back burner till this year! This trailer shows the date of 2007.

I am going to show you one more video which is by far the most convincing one yet that ELVIS IS ON HIS WAY BACK AND HE DID FAKE HIS DEATH BECAUSE HE HAD TO DO THAT OR HE WOULD HAVE BEEN KILLED. The old saying save the best for last well other than the movie this review is about ELVIS FOUND ALIVE this video is more than amazing and if you go away thinking this is all hog wash then you are in the 14% as 86% believe he is alive! I know for a fact he is!

So all I can say is go to this link it will take you to Joel Gilberts page where you can buy the video and the CD yourself and believe me you will be glad you did! Well I did get the video and CD for free but still that did not influence me at all I swear!

Then all of your questions can be answered too on


Do you think Elvis is alive? Do you think he is not alive? Either way we want to hear from you please go down below and leave a comment on what your thoughts are on this very subject.

Thank you for reading my review IS ELVIS ALIVE.

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