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Our review of Traffic Phoenix Software which shows it is a SCAM!



If this is first time here read this page then go to updates for more information as this case developes.

I recently joined a membership group called Internet Entourage you can now see our honest review on this site showing it is a SCAM and why you should never join it. It is run by Travis Stephenson and Jamie Lewis two of the biggest Scammers on the Internet so please read this and my review on Internet Entourage for more details and why I say that.

But read this report first as Traffic Phoenix is way more important at this time.

At first print of this report I said, (I am not prepared at this time to disclose who the leaders of this group are as myself and others are asking for their support on what is happening TODAY with our purchases of that software so until I see what happens there I will not disclose this group.) Since that time I found out more about Travis Stephenson and Jamie Lewis and found out they are the main people behind the big Scam of the Traffic Phoenix software. I also said in first printing of this review (Once I see what happens I will do a tell all and if they help us it will be a very positive report if not well others here know what I do to people like that!)YOU CAN AGAIN READ THAT REPORT ON THIS WEB SITE UNDER INCOME ENTOURAGE UNDER TOP SCAMS ON THE INTERNET.

It was this group that introduced me to this software and here is my story...


Here is why

The story about Traffic Phoenix is one that needs to come to the immediate attention so not only newbie Affiliate Marketers but the very experienced ones too know everything about this new software!

Here is why

Before joining this membership group I checked out the reputation of the owners who run this group completely and could not find any negative comments on them at all. So I figured that this maybe a great place to call home! So I have attended their webinars since joining and have found lots of things to learn meaning they have so far been a great place to belong to. Then I saw where they were having a webinar on June 30th and that I needed to get there early as there was limited space and would be something I really needed to know, so I signed up for it and attended it.

It was all about Traffic Phoenix

Our host stated in the webinar that this was going to be a very exciting webinar all about a new product that would make anyone $50,000 a month and was coming from someone they have referred to for a long time but never have before now been able to get them to come and present a webinar till now!

That guru was someone called Charlie; he never gave his last name but said he was from London! He spoke with a London accent so expect he was from there. Our leaders introduced him to us and this Charlie took over the presentation and it went like this...

Charlie said gave us his story about how he was a struggling Affiliate broke and trying for years to make income and how he had bought loads of products just to find out that he had been only buying one scam after another! He said many of us probably have done the same thing! Now this is true since I purchase about everything I can so can review it on here I know exactly what he meant. He then went on to say he finally found the missing piece to what really worked by putting this piece together with that one from several things he had learned and finally started making money. He then went on to show income he had made from this and that account. I am sure we all have seen lots of these things before...Right? Keep reading more about Traffic Phoenix.

Well at this point I was not so impressed but I listened and then he said he had partnered with a software designer and Traffic Phoenix was born. He said if he had paid for the software to be made without the partnership he would have spent somewhere around $50,000. But with the partnership all he had to do to get the software was let the designer know exactly how to use the software once he had put it together for Charlie. Now this sounded kind of fishy to me because it you can design software why would you not know how to use it. Hmmm well I kind of put that aside and kept listening.

Then Charlie told us all the name of the software was Traffic Phoenix. He said it had changed his life and he was making around $5,000 a day with it. He until this night June 30, 2011 had never shared it with anyone before except for a few members of his family or friends including his Mom who knew nothing about using the computer but all were making a great income from it and through his association with this groups leaders he for the FIRST TIME WAS WILLING TO LET US IN ON THIS GREAT SOFTWARE.

I thought ya right! Guess my nature is not believe anything till it proves itself. I figured here we go again software that does something but not much. So I kept listening.

He then opened up the Traffic Phoenix software and prepared to do a review of it and show us live on the webinar exactly how he makes money using it! I thought great big shot you do just that and if it really does what you say I will buy it and figured the price was like $299.00 or there about but we would get a bargain price of $199.00. Was I surprised now keep reading more about Traffic Phoenix software.

His demonstration and review of Traffic Phoenix software went like this and I did not know till later it all was a Scam!

BTW his demonstration was very fast and he did some amazing things with it and I must admit I was very impressed. I was sold on this being the best thing since the invention of the wheel not knowing then that guess this was all hype and Charlie was just a sales person and would make a commission on this product as any Affiliate would and probably does not own the software at all! I am still out to lunch on who is the real owner of the software but am working on that and this page will be updated as things happen... so read the rest here so you know the full story and then decide for yourself and come back often for updates as this all unfolds.

When Charlie did the demonstration the Traffic Phoenix software did the following

1. It goes to You Tube and does a search on there for videos in keywords or niches you ask it to do.

2. When it finds videos there that it also searches for just Videos that do not have a link in their description.

What your goal here is to find Videos that do not have links in their description so you can contact the owner there and ask if they will put a link in for you for a small payment. Charlie suggested it be from $5.00 to say $20.00. Now my first impression here was why anyone would put a link in for you for just that amount. But I kept listening as I must admit so far I was some impressed. He kept saying what he does each day is just do this simple thing each morning work for say a hour a day then relaxes with his family the rest of the day and watch the results just roll in. Ya Right Charlie!

Keep reading more about Traffic Phoenix.

3. Once the Video is found of your choice and has no link the software will send out a message to the video owner asking for a link and Charlie said he gets hundreds of them that reply back agreeing to his terms and that is simply how he can then get traffic to his offers!

4. The software then shows you on a daily report how many clicks that video gives you.

Charlie showed how when setting it up you choose a video that is hopefully new and gets around 50,000 views and he only chooses ones that get 10,000 more links a day but if we wanted to we could set the software to get as few as 5,000 more links a day if we wanted to start out small. I thought holy cow 5,000 is way more reasonable than 10,000 but kept reading.

He told us to go to Google and just search the new trends on the Internet and choose one of those and go for it if it matched the product you were promoting. Now that all made sense to me too! I was kind of getting excited now!

Now I will admit this software looked easy to use and I will also admit I was being sold now.

keep reading

5. He then showed us how the Traffic Phoenix software would then send out a message to the owner of the video and ask politely for a link in the description area and this would only cost us a few dollars and most owners did this as a sport or for fun and had no problem putting in YOUR LINK FOR YOU! he showed us several replies he had that did just that. I thought wow this Traffic Phoenix was super software and could not be a scam or could it be hmmm

keep reading

6. Now once you have the link in the video from the owner you then need a website to use to promote your product he also showed us how he was getting thousands of links a day from several videos as the software tracks all the click each day that come from each video. I mean he showed us like 10,000+ links per day he was getting I was very excited now! This definitely was not a Scam it had to be the best software I had ever seen. I was sold!

Keep reading

7. Then what you do is let the software make a web page for you where not only does it already have content on the webpage but it also will put in Google absence for you and it will put in Amazon ads in there for you and it also will put in Click bank products for you all you need to do is put in your affiliate name into this software for each above item and then when the web page is made all your adds are there and a program from clickbank is there and all this is done automatically for you! Now this is starting to look like a real winner to me.

Keep reading

5. Then he showed us how the software once you had a video that is giving you say 10,000 links per day how with that kind of traffic you could not help but make a real good income from the traffic on the web page links each day.

He pretty much guaranteed everyone there that by using the Traffic Phoenix software doing what he showed us to do you could not help but make $50,000+ a month. Once you learned to use it and he said it came with complete instruction videos to show you everything you need to know to use it.

There was more and more this webinar lasted for about 4 hours and I do not want this article to turn into a book. So will stop in and explain all that it did, but by now you can see why this really looked good to me and hundreds on the webinar too.

Oh he also promised to include at no charge a copy of Affiliate sniper program also his software program for free as a bonus if we bought the software and because this software was so great he could not let more than 15 copies be sold tonight and was going to be first come first served and the rest of those who did not buy it would never again be available for them. So if anyone wanted it they better jump on it RIGHT NOW!

Charlie then put up a link to a web page offering the 15 copies for us to purchase and I can imagine everyone clicking on Internet explorer wanting to beat everyone else and be first to buy this amazing software TRAFFIC PHOENIX.

What slowed down some and me too was once we went to the website we found out the regular price of this software was $2997 but for a very limited time it would be just $997 and website would be taken down as soon as 15 copies were sold. Oh he supposedly as copies were sold he added a extra 5 making it only 20 copies sold. So I hesitated for awhile but thought well since my buying this is a write off because I do a review site a information site and I do buy products just to do reviews on them every day but darnnnnnnn I usually do not spend around a thousand bucks for one! So I watched the webinar some and watched one copy after another be sold. So I finally bought mine too! Biggest mistake of my life! Me of all people knew better but this Charlie I am telling you is good he is believable he is a real scammer!

I won I won I got one of the 15 copies wow how lucky was I, wait and see


1. The training videos last about 1 to 4 minutes each and show very little and do not show all that was shown in the webinar. Leaving you to guess how to do the same things that Charlie did. The training videos are so incomplete they are in some ways a real joke.

2. I spent hours upon hours trying to figure out this software to no avail.

3. I emailed support and asked for better video training not getting a reply. Till today and it said someone would get back to me asap! Well finally I said if no one got back to me I was turning this over to the attorney general and guess that finally got their attention but as of this writing all I got was someone would respond within 24 hours. I also asked for a refund this I have found out is not going to happen unless the team from the group I have joined help me and others on there get our refunds.

4. I did not get the Affiliate Sniper as promised!

5. I have put in a plea on the forum at the membership group I belong to for help on getting a refund and as of now no answer there either but I do expect to hear something there soon, like others I am counting on reason no response so far from our leaders is because is a holiday weekend. If not you will find out here what I find out!

6. I researched this on the Internet and got loads of other places that this software had already been sold through and that this software was originally sold through Plimus and everyone and I mean everyone who bought it before got refunds for it as Plimus has a no nonsense refund policy and if you do not like it or it does not do what it is suppose to do you get a refund. I also found out that Traffic Phoenix is no longer using Plimus to process their sales as Plimus has kicked them off as every sale was refunded.

7. I went to warrior forum as I find you get very good information there on new products and yep everyone there had same problems I was having and all there got refunds too!

8. I now was more than worried especially when saw that Traffic Phoenix Software was using Plimus everyone got a refund, they now use a payment processor called” SWREG digital river”. This processor will NOT give you a refund. Hmmm wonder why lol. I know why and if you read this you should too!

9. Worse than that this company SWREG is known for not only taking your money and no refund but they also sometimes keep charging you more later. Now this is getting serious in my worry about all of this!

10. Some have reported how their computer and their internet connection has changed and how videos are not in the software but going on their computer instead and the bandwidth is outrageous. Some are saying it has almost ruined their laptops and other technical problems are being over taken by this software.

This leads me to think hmm I and others have put into this software our affiliate names for Google Absence, Amazon, and Clickbank. Is this software really here just to highjack all of our information from those places and take all of our earnings? I have no proof of this right now but if my earnings go to zero I will update this report so put this into my RSS feeds and keep up with how all of this comes out! I will update it and tell all asap!

What I have found out is that this Traffic Phoenix software is a scam at least in my opinion at the moment and the rest of the Affiliates on the Internet need to take causion in trying it do not get scammed like I did and keep updated here on how this all comes out for me and others. It seems like this is going to turn into a real fight and hopefully JUSTICE WILL PREVAIL! We will see...

If you have had an experience with Traffic Phoenix please write your experience here for others to see and I will put your story on my RSS feeds and turn your story into a web page for all to see just go to the section below to write your story!

Now for the Links I promised you at the top of the page I wrote two new pages for this website after what has happened to so many from the Traffic Phoenix Scam and also the Income Entourage Scam I had to do something to help everyone out. So I decided to spill the beans so to speak. And tell everyone here exactly how I make a 6 figure income every year. I have two things that I do to make that happen one of them is explained in detail on my new page called Ways to Make Money and is my part 1 The second thing I have been doing and using to make money on the Internet for years now is a membership club I belong to that teaches you REAL ways to make money on the Internet is not a place like Income Entourage nothing like that it is run by two Super Affiliates who simply teach you White Hat marketing that works. They teach you what they do and this stuff really works I know I have been doing it for years now. Also because I have been there so long and I explained to them about all my friends here Some I have become friends with all taken by The Traffic Phoenix I got the owners at this site to let me for a limited time give you FREE a EBOOK that they wrote and sell for from $77 to $97 and I can give it to you for free. It gives full details of some ways they make the really big bucks monthly that they do not share with anyone at their Affiliate University. I have this book and paid for it when it first came available and it is pure gold. I promise you this site alone has allowed me to make as much as $20,000 in a month. This can be found at Ways to Make Money part 2 Now here are the links

Go here for ways to make money part 1

Go here for ways to make money part 2

Go here to see Traffic Phoenix Updates

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