ABC could care less if they have viewers

by Jim
(Stillwater, OK)

As of April 14th, I stopped watching ABC except for the soaps. I was so angry. I had expected a cancellation of AMC, but never thought they would also cancel OLTL when it has been doing so well. I would love it if ABC changed their minds and kept these two soaps, but my efforts to call, write and e-mail have been met with indifference at best. I really expected that from ABC and Disney, but was surprised that my local affiliate could also care less about their viewers. I have learned alot after this experience, I discovered our PBS station has an excellent hour long news program....when I stopped watching ABC nightly news. I also discovered the different morning news programs that compete with my local affiliate KOCO. I use to watch several ABC primetime shows...however two of those got canceled as well. But I certainly don't miss ABC primetime. I blocked the umpteen Disney channels from my satellite box, and when OLTL airs for the last time, I will block ABC as well. If I thought watching General Hospital would help save it, I would. But I have learned that ABC and Disney could care less if they even have viewers, let alone be interested in what they want to see.

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