Welcome to Affiliate Marketing Information Center our newest subject in our Information Center

Thank you for coming to our new Affiliate Marketing Information center. What you will find here is about 20 new pages all about Affiliate Marketing. Each new page which at this time is going to be 20+ pages will cover several subjects that every Affiliate Marketer trying hard to learn this Marketing technique should know all about.

This is Linda Cooper admin here and I am proud to announce I am building two new website devoted to free and paid information for Affiliate Marketers and Internet Marketers. One is dedicated to helping Internet and affiliate Marketers make more money or their first money online. Remember when visiting both new sites they are limited with information yet but both are filled with free information all the latest and greatest information you can find on my website for internet and affiliate marketing right now you can get 7 free ebooks each one covers one part of the Internet marketing training you need to start making money online GO HERE to see more information on the ebooks that I am giving away. Also visit my new site www.lindacooper.net.

My second site is dedicated to helping you get traffic to your website as quick as possible. I will be training you and explaining why some ways work better than others in both free traffic and paid traffic. Right now on that site you can get as a gift from me my personal blueprint to getting traffic on your site. You will find 30 different ways to get traffic many you may not have ever heard about or thought about this is a must get if you want traffic for your site. This is btw free traffic. you can get your free blueprint by going here also be sure to visit my site by going here www.lindacooper.org.

These new website will have sections with training some video some not. All training on this site will be free and will be same as other charge big bucks for.

Because I now have these new sites I may close this affiliate marketing information center I really am not sure at this point. My new sites will be much larger affiliate Marketing information center than I ever could put up here and a more dedicated affiliate marketing information center as well.

I also have 10 membership sites that during our GRAND OPENING I WILL GIVE YOU FREE MEMBERSHIP TO THESE SITES. The memberships sell for $27.00 but will be free gift from me. On either of my new websites you will be able to find more information about these membership sites. I should have that information up in a week or two. These membership sites include traffic generation, how to do copy that sells, and more complete information on them will be on my new site and a free pass to join if you want.

Because I have been busy putting these new site together that is why this affiliate marketing information center has not been finished. This new site will have way more great Information and guides for you to follow than I could ever put here. Please come join me at my new websites just know now it is under construction and not ready for the grand opening so book mark it and come back often as each day we will be adding more things.


We know in order to do this type of marketing you need to save money when first getting started as unfortunately most new marketers make at the most $100 a month if that. So we will lead you to the best FREE TOOLS and or ways to start making a real income and help you stop falling for all those scams that are taking so many for all of their investment money.

What we will do is help you as well as guide you to the places that will give you REAL TRAINING AND OR TOOLS that work and are not a total waste of your limited investment money. If you have been to this site much you already know we are a scam busting website so that is simply why this section of this site was created in the first place.

We are not trying to be a one stop classroom many are use to seeing online but simply a place that will explain techniques that work and or give you information on why you may want to do something this way and not that way and keep you updated on this very tricky method of making money online. So many have tried to do this and have fallen on their faces and we simply just want to help you understand and know what this method of marketing is all about and how to take advantage of it as you progress in your doing this very profitable way of making money online.

The purpose of doing this Affiliate Marketing Information center new entry is to help as many Marketer's learn more and more about how to perform this very lucrative marketing technique in not only the right way of performing it but many of these pages and information will also help you make more money. We will try to assist you in finding out more about all the tools available for you and since we are a scam busting website we will only have links to the tools that we know for a fact work are NOT SCAMS! That you can count on from us. We may point out also some tools and or programs we know for a fact are SCAMS Too!

As we add new pages here the following list of pages will turn into links to those pages so we suggest you come back to our Affiliate Marketing Information center often over the next month or so for updates as pages will be added ASAP.

Our main goal is to give you a head start and a safe place to visit that is not trying to promote any scams!

Affiliate Marketing Information Center list of pages not necessarily in order that they will be added.

1. What is Affiliate Marketing and how does it work

2. learn Affiliate Marketing

3. Affiliate Marketing Training

THE REST OF THIS SERIES YOU WILL GET ONCE YOU JOIN OUR NEWSLETTER THEY WILL BE RELEASED THERE. You will also get alot more information as our newsltetter is devoted to Affiliate Marketing and nothing else. When you join in for the first time we will have on the sign up what we are currently featuring like ecourses which will come out daily. Ebooks and free tools that will help you in your working to be that affiliate Marketer. Currently we are featuring The 7 BIGGEST MISTAKES AFFILIATE MARKETERS MAKE KEEPING THEM FROM BECOME A SUPER AFFILIATE.

We just started this newsletter so grow with us as we will always have as much affiliate marketing information available as possible and all will be current no old practices that do not work now. So if you want great free affiliate marketing information subscribe today as we will keep you informed!

4. Affiliate Marketing for dummies

5. Affiliate Marketing networks

6. Affiliate Marketing programs

7. Affiliate Marketing services

8. Affiliate Marketing Software

9. Affiliate Marketing success

10. Affiliate Marketing Tips

11. Affiliate Marketing Tools

12. Affiliate Marketing website

13. Affiliate Marketing blog

14. Best ideas about Affiliate Marketing

15. Affiliate Marketing forums

16. Affiliate Marketing jobs

17. niche Affiliate Marketing

18. online Affiliate Marketing

19. Affiliate Marketing companies

20. Affiliate Marketing products

21. How to get backlinks

22. How to get free traffic

23. How to build a website with free hosting

This list above again may not be the same order that we add the pages as we plan to really give you information like what is affiliate Marketing and other pages that gives you some training about Affiliate marketing information before we start leading you to the best places online to get the tools you may need and or other types of places that we recommend you go see.

One thing for sure if you have tried to master this type of online way to make money you have found that many programs offered to help you or classrooms and membership sites are not what they say they are and that is where we will help you in finding not only the best places online and also the ones that are not scams and the ones that work!

But more important they do what they say they will do. We are Affiliate Marketing experts in this field and felt it was time to share our expertise to you our visitors on this site.

Our Affiliate Marketing information center is here for you to have access to and we hope it will eventually be your one stop place for your research in this Internet marketing way of making money online.

Please give us feed back as we welcome any and all comments or questions and we also hope you enjoy this new Information on affiliate procedures and tools and other subjects we will present here for you.

Thank you for visiting our Affiliate Marketing Information Center and come back often!

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