Agreed - I wouldn't recommend purchasing from either of these two men

Well I have mixed feelings about your article. I'm assuming that the 6-figure income you speak of means that you only joined IE for the purpose of reviewing it? That would make sense if that's the case, but it isn't made clear in the article. All I see is a bad review of Travis Stephenson and Jamie Lewis and right at the end your links to the info and subsequent products that you are promoting. This gives a very bad impression as it appears that you're bad-mouthing someone else's business in order to make comparisons with the offers that you are promoting. Irrespective of your experience with these guys, it's very bad practice to slag someone off in comparison with what you yourself are offering. Sure, give an honest review and sure, promote your own products - but not in the same article. It can leave the reader with a very bad taste in their mouth and can cause them to ask them if they can trust you. I have no doubt whatsoever that you're speaking the truth about these guys (based on my own experience) but the average reader will just see you slagging off Travis Stephenson and Jamie Lewis and then promoting yourself in contrast. In fact, before I even got to where you mention your links I already expected as much judging by the tone and manner of writing. As I said, even if accurate, it's unethical and unprofessional. That's just a piece of advice for you.

As for Travis Stephenson and Jamie Lewis, well I can't say if they are scammers or not. What I can say is that I don't trust them as being reliable professionals, that I would not give them my custom and that I would not recommend any thing from them. I recently signed up for one of their products and was left with a member site without any kind of support whatsoever - no instructions, no videos, absolutely nothing. Just a very sparse site containing the software that I had purchased and absolutely no guidance as to how to impliment it in my business. Add to this the repeatedly cancelled webinars and inappropriate content that has been put in place of one of their former squeeze page URLs it just screams of amateurs. These guys cannot possibly care enough about the customers and have displayed the biggest example of rank unprofessionalism I have seen in a long time. I am therefore not surprised at all to read the comments in the article, it's precisely what I would expect based on what I have seen

This is Linda the Admin of this site and First thing I want to say about this review is this THANK YOU FOR YOUR HONEST REVIEW OF MY REVIEW OF INCOME ENTOURAGE. I am sorry you felt the way you did about why I put up the referrals to other pages on my site... and will explain that now.

First off this review is like others on my site honest and from the heart reviews of products. I buy the products I review and if they are good I say so if not I do tear them apart.

I do not need to use most of them I try as my income is intact as I said and only try them for purpose of review and see how they work and how you as a consumer can benefit from them. I always tell what happens after joining them and that is only reason I buy them.

To answer also another thing this review said is I did this slap to the face of these two just so can make money off them by referring my other two products. Well all I can say is this I put up those reviews of the other two products because they work and that I know from using both they can and say so.

I also have tried about 8 other products lately and have not done reviews on them for the reason I have not had time to do so but these other products some I use now some I do not but all I have tried and they all are good products and also will make all money online and I will review each of them on this site ASAP not to make money off them but because they are great products.

That I suppose is my fault not giving my readers other resources but if I was after money from my readers would I not have already done this? No sorry readers I am not in need of the income not now or probably ever from any of you.

I simply want to help all out there. I have many people from this site that write me some daily and know that about me and I have also told some of them about some of these other products and they are doing them and I made not a penny off that! The reviews that get put up first and fast are the ones people will lose money on it is as simple as that! I feel I should help people not lose money on Scams faster than make money the right way. I will try NOW TO DO THOSE REVIEWS ON HERE AND HELP PEOPLE FIND SOME GOOD PRODUCTS. I WILL START ON THAT THIS COMING WEEK.

I was deeply disappointed in both Travis and Jamie and say so. Later when they were the ones that introduced me and others to Traffic Phoenix and after doing so I had several emails with Jamie over that and he refused to help me and others on the Income entourage site in any way and kept saying that Traffic Phoenix was a great product I knew then that he either did not try it himself or he was in on the scam from the start. I now believe he was in on it at the first.

Jamie I have spent a lot of time since checking out other products of his and I have reviewed some on this site and all I have checked out so far also fall into the same category as Income Entourage.

I also am on his mailing lists and have tried several times to get off put in several times cancel this email to him but they still keep coming WARNING ALL DO NOT SIGN UP UNLESS YOU LOVE SPAM FROM HIM.

Travis I tried to contact too he simply did not return any of my emails. People like that are simply not good people and I say so in my reviews.

There are many other reasons too---too many to put here but just know the only reason I put on my page go and see the other pages is because those two programs are honest and good programs that if you do either of them YOU WILL MAKE MONEY ONLINE NO QUESTIONS ABOUT IT.

I am greatly concerned about anyone thinking I did that for any wrong reasons, as I simply did not I am honest in what I say and simply do not know how to be any other way. This website is simply a hobby of mine and Information center especial came about to just help people not lose money on the Internet. I do not make my living from this website. I do make some but not my main reason to have it.

Sorry if comes across different. But again I am really very glad this reader did send this review in and this is simply my response to that.


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Jan 31, 2012
Review or promote - not both together
by: Anonymous

All that's said here is valid and of course it's great that Linda is exposing anything that's a rubbish product. However to do so in a way that in the same breath promotes her own products or products in which she has a vested interest, or products which give the IMPLICATION that she has a vested interest gives the wrong impression and takes away the credibilty of her review. I completely trust that what she says is true because of the plethora of bad reports about those 2 guys and their products and what she details follows the pattern of what I know about them. But a lot of people do not know this. They will look at the review on face value and with no background info and to see a review that's negative about another person's products and then comparing it with what she is promoting or appears to be promoting just gives the wrong impression. As soon as the review started and I saw the tone and structure I knew what was coming before I even reached that part. I'm not being negative, I am offering constructive guidance. If you are going to review a product then review it. If you are going to promote your own products or products from which you gain some benefit then promote them. But do not do both in the same article - it's very unprofessional and you will lose credibility and trust. It's just a case of being clear, careful and totally up front with these things.

Oct 03, 2011
Canada - Beverley
by: Anonymous

I was scammed by Traffic P (James Denzel of GO Cash Click) and attended the webinar of June 9th. Purchased the software, didnt work, received my refund from Plimus for $997, reported it to the FBI.

Linda, the administator of this site spent a lot of time with the FBI, Implied warranty, newbie,s who have been scammed, encourged them thru this site (SBI) for those who really needed employment immediately or the future.

Writing a resume, sending it off, booking appointments with various companies, blah blah blah you know the story.

I was taken aback how harsh you were with Linda perhaps you did not read all the comments...YES Linda, is promoting this site, would you - if you havent encounter any problems, and the product works and you are earning a 6 figure income without the B'S'

I believe Linda, just wanted to make EVERYONE HAPPY with their hearts and pockets. We all need money to live on and even more.

If you were scammed would you not investiage after the fact and let others know of this, so that this would not happen to them. Its the decent attitude to have.

If it were me writing this site, I would be hurt and refresh myself - maybe an apology to Linda.
Sleep on it and good best wishes for the new year

ohhh p.s. there arnt any positings about SBI being a scam are there and I believe they have been in business for 10-15 years and more and more people joining.

Linda - I would have done the same as you did - Please continue to keep up the good work and all the employees at SBI,

This is Linda the admin... Thank you very much Bev for the encouragement and comments I do this to help everyone as you know. I will continue to do so as long as needed.

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