All my children, One life to live and General hospital

by Angelique
(New Jersey)

I have watched these shows since I was a child and for them to be removed has a great impact on me. First of all i will Never support any of the shows put in their time slot. furthermore I will not watch ABC at all any more. ABC has removed the best thing they had going so they will feel the wrath of the veiwers. ABC, know this you will sit back and watch your ratings drop to a record low by removing AMC, OLTL and GH. SO ENJOY YOUR DOWN FALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is Linda the admin..... I so very agree I turn off ABC at the time in the day that AMC comes on and leaves it off till time for GH and once that is off I will turn ABC off once more...I feel loosing all viewers for these three shows alone will prove to ABC what a Giant mistake they made and if they only saved soapnet and ran just the old shows of these soaps on there they would have 40+ years of programing and we could at least watch our soaps one more time from the begining but better yet completely wake up dummies and return our soaps!

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