All Things Wholesale is our new Wholesale distributor of products website that is open to the public and you can find fashion designer Handbags, Jewelry and more.

Welcome to our all about All Things Wholesale our new distributor of products Wholesale Website where we sell everything to the public.


If you have been to this website you are on now before you probably already know that we are Manufactures, Wholesalers, and have Retail Stores in Outlet Malls in Missouri.

When we first did this site we were kind of retired just serving some of our top buyers in the wholesale industry that we have been doing for around 15 years or so.

We really were not going to open up a Wholesale distributor of Products website especially to the Public! But All Things Wholesale is now here keep reading to find out why.

This page will explain some things to you and tell you how All Things Wholesale our new less than 15 days old as of today Oct. 1, 2011 distributor of products website was born.

Our Online store reviews directory was established as a service to help people find and use Retail Stores online that were safe to use and also have a review of each store so you knew before visiting them what kind of store they were and what to expect there and above all they were safe to shop at.

Then we opened up the Information Center. That was where we would among other things review affiliate programs as we would buy them and then review them and tell you if they were good or bad. We would either recommend them or give you a HONEST REVIEW OF THEM. In doing this we found many a scam including the #1 SCAM on the Internet in 2011 TRAFFIC PHONEIX.

We soon then got involved with stopping that SCAM and helping ourselves get our money back a whopping $997.00 investment which until our effort proved too much on the Scammers was Impossible for us and others to do. We won the battle and got refunds for all who did as we directed them to do. We became friends with the FBI and FTC and other agencies that make the Internet a safer place for all.

We also since we knew the industry so well have helped people wanting information and places to get Wholesale products find them. We have a whole section on Wholesalers and drop shippers where we show you who are REAL AND WHO IS NOT. We name names so go visit that if you want more information on that.

We have this year made many friends here and got so involved that we decided to do something that Almost No REAL DISTRIBUTOR OF PRODUCTS WHOLESALER WILL DO.... THAT IS SELLING TO THE PUBLIC. Many people asked us to put up a Wholesale Site so we decided to open up All Things Wholesale because of the big demand for it.

You see most REAL WHOLESALERS DISTRIBUTOR OF PRODUCTS DO NOT WANT TO BE FOUND. The reason why are they have more customers than most can handle now. They certainly do not advertise for customers on the Internet only the Middle Man so called Wholesaler will do that most of the time. The bad thing I find especially appalling of them is they make you pay to be SCAMMED usually monthly and it is hard to cancel with them too!

Keep reading to find out why we developed All Things Wholesale.

We first though we would never open a Wholesale Website to the public either. But we had so many requests to do so and made so many friends and have a true wanting to help people well All Things Wholesale was simply born about 12 days ago!

All Things Wholesale is a distributor of products where you can find fashion designer handbags and jewelry and Name Brand products all at wholesale prices you will not believe till you go and visit our new All Things Wholesale Website. By selling to the Public we are kind of breaking the code that most wholesalers will never do and sell to the public. There are many reasons why wholesalers do not sell to the public and here they are...

1. It is kind of like a magician will never tell you how they perform a trick because that would take all the mystery out of it and make it not effective. I use to know Harry Blackstone Jr. the magician before he died in 1997 and no matter how hard I tried he would never tell me how he did his tricks!

2. No way do stores want their customers knowing how much they pay for merchandise. If all their customers knew that then they all would insist on a better price and well do you tell everyone the truth about what you paid for your home or new car?

What most people forget when having this information is the overhead a store has and that alone can run into thousands of dollars a week. So there are reasons why the Retail store has to sell for Retail prices and buy wholesale in order to stay in business. Making this a win win situation for both wholesalers does not sell to public and Retailer does not sell wholesale.

3. It is simply like a code between Real Wholesalers and Retailers to keep that secret.

So for us to do this it was a very hard decision on our part to do so! We said no to opening up All Things Wholesale for a very long time but then well we changed our minds here is why...

We decided to do this for the following reasons only. Not because we needed more customers or that we wanted the world to know what wholesale prices were and more than that buy products at those prices.

It was because we saw a very big need on the part of people who visited our site.

We saw so many lose money time after time trying to find wholesalers on their own who gave them true wholesale prices.

Most people are trying so hard to make money online and having no way to find a Real Wholesaler distributor of products website other than paying sometimes hundreds of dollars buying into the SCAM MIDDLE MAN WEBSITES or paying hundreds again joining a Membership directory that supplies you with the names and information of Real wholesalers after you pay to join them. Like World Wide Brands, Salehoo and The power Sellers Union. You can find reviews of these places in our Best Drop shipper’s page.

So for those reasons we now have All Things Wholesale!

We also know that not everyone on the Internet will find this website and know about All Things Wholesale too. So at this time it is our secret and just between us!

We will sell to the public in two ways on our All Things Wholesale Website

1. We will sell certain items by the piece (1 unit) like REAL DESIGNER HANDBAGS AND JEWELRY other things will be there in the future.

This is good for the person who wants to sell on Auction sites, Market place sites, in their retail store both online or off, home party plans, or simply wants one of those for a gift or for themselves.

2. We will sell in Wholesale lots (several units) usually 6 to 100 items in a lot.

This is good for the online or offline Retail store to buy merchandise and is how Most wholesalers sell their merchandise to their customers.

Now what you can count on us as far as our merchandise goes.

1. We will supply you with numerous NAME BRAND PRODUCTS AT TRUE WHOLESALE PRICES

2. If we tell you a product is REAL IT IS REAL for example you will not find on our site any cheap china knock off handbags. These are first off illegal to buy or sell. But there are places on the Internet that tells you for example they are selling a PRADA HANDBAG AND IT LOOKS LIKE ONE TOO ONLINE. Once you purchase it and pay hundreds for it you will find you have been scammed they sometimes are hard to spot even when you have them in your hands but still they are fake!

3. We have access to genuine Real Designer Handbags and Jewelry and will have it on our site All Things Wholesale and if we tell you it is a Prada Handbag it is a Prada genuine Real Designer Handbag. For example right now we have on our site a Genuine Carlos Falchi Handbag and it Retails for $489.00 and our price is $168.00 there is the difference between wholesale and retail prices.

4. We will have famous Name Brand products too like in cosmetics Revlon, L'Oreal, Maybelline, and others. In handbags we have XOXO, NINE WEST and more handbags and Designer ones too. In Jewelry we will have major manufacture 925 genuine Sterling Silver Jewelry. Some of these we cannot tell you the manufacture's name because they simply will not let us. Especially when selling wholesale to the public but you may recognize them on your own. Just know if we say they are 925 Sterling Silver or other metals they are solid that not just plated. All stones are real too.

Again no fakes or cheap china stuff will ever be sold from All Things Wholesale not today, tomorrow or ever!

Do not let the price you can buy them for fool you remember you are paying wholesale prices the same prices the stores pay.

Also remember in Wholesale the more you buy the cheaper the cost is so buying in lots will always save you even more money.
Always buy that way if you can.

Thank you for reading our information on our New All Things Wholesale distributor of products website that sells to the public.

We hope you enjoy our new site and we would like to hear what you think about it. Should we keep it. How can we improve it. What kind of products would you like to see there. Basicly tell us anything that can help us make it better for you and everyone else. We invite any kind of comments you may have. Help us make the Internet a better place for all and write a comment. We will publish it and show the world. Or just leave a comment there just for us to see. We will not publish those. Either way we want to hear from you so please go below and make your comment today. Tell us also what you like about the site. So far many are telling me they love the Jewelry now what do you like? In other words encourage us to make it even better. Just remember it is still as of today under construction.

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