An Angry AMC Fan

by Sharron B.
(Mississauga, Ontario, Canada)

Why doesn't ABC "think outside the box" like other soaps do. For example, The Young and the Restless has just announced that they have launched the Jabot Cosmetic line from their soap for real. It is currently available on line and will be in Canada in retail stores in 2012 and their spokesperson is Tracy Bregman who plays Lauren Fenmore on the Y&R. This is Genius on their part. By having their spokesperson be one of their actors it brings everything to life and the public can relate to that. Doing this adds to their profit marjin and is just another way to guarantee their success rate as a soap. If ABC were to create some additional avenues to branch out in and a base for a stronger financial support they could stay afloat and continue our soaps instead of axing them. Another way they could continue keeping our soaps on the air and probably earn them a greater financial reward, would be to run our soaps on a weekly basis during Prime Time television. Make it just like all the other evening shows and you would most likely gain a greater fan base by getting all the TV viewers that are home and watching their favourite shows in the evening. Come on ABC, put your "thinking caps" on. With all your ingenius writers and producers, surely someone could "think outside the box" and come up with ways to Save Our Soaps!! Now, get to it, and work your "Magic". I'm sure you still have it in you, if you really care at all about your Devoted Fans. I would hope that we count for something......after all, it's all of us that have kept these soaps on the air for over 40 years, and would continue to do so, if you could just "get to work"!! Let's Do It....NOW!!!!!! Otherwise, ABC your toast. I, and a lot of other fans, will have nothing to do with your network, and will make sure that we never watch ABC for any daytime viewing in the future. Don't believe us....well, just try us and you Will See. We mean Business!!!!!!!!!!

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