by Fran songhurst
(west haven ct)

I felt in the begining this was a trick that abc and disney put together they just wanted to shut the fans up. here again this is a what a network does to so many loyal fans slap in the face but we need to keep fighting stop watching there show's don't go to disneyland every little thing each one of us does takes a little more money out of there greedy selfish it may seem hopeless right now but like the saying goes It aint over until the fat lady sings and I for one aint singing yet. as for pp well there on my hitlist along with the other two I will ban any show that has to do with them maybe they have a secret deal with abc to air one of there show's that why this is happening to us they waited for the right time to spring it on us shame on them I hope to god I am alive to see abc and disney ratings burn in flames

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