Anne Miller Australia. or

by Anne
(Hervey Bay QLD Australia)

Yes I am another victim. My own fault for being trusting or gullible or both. I paid via Paypal $1044.32 AUD on 20/11/11 to SWREG on a Comm Tsunami order - I have the receipt so can forward a scanned copy as proof if required. I also have proof of an ongoing $ 51.21 per month Bankcard donation to said company since 10/11 which I have been unable to cancel and was last taken out in April 2012. Have since had no replies to emails or further correspondence,and have not received or been offered a refund. I would really appreciate any help you can give me and feel I can now live in hope.

Many thanks
Anne Miller.

Anna this is the admin here and I am so sorry like thousands of others you were indeed a victim of this scam. My best suggestion to you is to follow the guidelines of the traffic phoenix refund page here on this site as thousands of others have and there you will find many ways to get your refund. But mainly just do not give up and tell SWREG you are working with this site and you will not stand for them scamming you. Tell them you will report this to your credit card company and demand a refund and they will do a charge back with them. They hate to hear that! Also tell them you are reporting this to the FBI and FTC. they hate that too. Tell them you are very much aware that this is nothing but a scam and can not understand how they can help promote a scam that is why you are reporting them unless you get a full refund immediately! Again make sure they know you are working with us and we are behind you all the way! They hate that too! They then know you have support and they can not bully you! Hope that helps.
PS let us know

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