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by Sandie

I purchased Traffic Phoenix under the disguise of AAX, I did eventually get a refund, however it is now under another diguise "Ruthless Traffic" because it was promoted via webinar by none other than Jamie Lewis whose latest scam is Ruthless Income and yes it was fronted by you guessed"Charlie" but it is an Adeel Chowdrey product!

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Mar 01, 2012
by: Anonymous

How do you get a refund from these crooks??

This is Linda the Admin

The best thing you can do is apply all of the things we told you to do on our review page and look at our other pages but in a nutshell report this to the FBI and the FTC. Contact your bank and credit card company if you used paypal contact them ask all to help in you getting a refund be sure to tell all especially SWREG forget telling customer support with Atomic Android all you get from them are auto reponses. No one looks at your emails at all there.

Your credit card company should be your best way to get refund as SWREG does not want a charge back from them. Also tell them all about the law that the The Office of Consumer Affiars where they state that everyone has the right to a refund when they buy a software or product off the Internet if it does not work or they can ask for a replacement of the software or get a credit but it is up to the customer which he wants and in this case only a refund would apply.

This is a law and SWREG knows it so do not let them bully you into saying they have no refund policy as this law overrides that! Good luck let us know if you get your refund. More information can be found on my sites under traffic phoenix read all three of them for more details.


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