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Bigfoot or Sasquatch the legend has for years been something that no one has of yet been able to prove exists or does not. Now how can that be as so many have claimed to have seen it, in every state of the United States. It is running all over Canada and different forms of it by other names like Yeti or Skunk Ape or Abominable Snowman have been spotted in countries all over the globe.

Then tell me why has no one proven beyond a reasonable doubt that it either exists or is the Worlds biggest Hoax with thousands or maybe by now millions in on the Hoax as they have claimed to have seen it or had some kind of encounter with it? I am one of those that must be in on this Hoax as I too have had a somewhat encounter with Bigfoot. I live in Missouri one of the states that only sees him occasionally or at least one that only a few have come forward with having seen him. It is my belief more have seen the monster, or is it a monster?

Maybe just Maybe it is our distant cousin twice removed who just does not like to shave!

Many people do not come forward with telling their story for the simply reason that they do not want to look the fool as this Bigfoot we have been told for years simply does not exist.

I will tell you my story and if you have a story then please tell yours too as at the bottom of this page you will find a comment or story section that you can tell your story and if you do not want to leave your name then simply do not but please leave what part of the world this happened in. I will put your story on the Internet for all to see and lets help bring more awareness to this Bigfoot as he just may exist!

More needs to be known about his habits and ways he reacts to certain situations. So your story is very important to help the scientist learn more about him and others who are really trying to find out more about this Bigfoot. You may not know this but Bigfoot gets on a monthly search on Google more than one million searches a month! So you are not alone out there and your story or encounter is important maybe more than you know.

Here is my story. The night was January 10, 2009. That particular night where I live in Missouri around the Lake of the Ozarks area was already an unusual night as it was the night of the Full Wolf Moon which is the one night a year the Moon shines more than any other night and drives the poor wolves wild.

It has been reported that on that night alone the forest is never quiet and many animals are moving around like no other night of the year. On that night it was also snowing and just was plain eerie. I was coming home from my store that closed at 10pm in the Mall it was in. I estimate the time was close to 11PM that this happened because of time to close and driving time that was when I usually got home. I live off a dirt road outside of the city I live around. I was on a dirt road not traveled a lot especially that time of night. My home is not on the dirt road but you need to take my private road to get to it off this dirt road.

Where I live there are many animals that I see on my property daily like Deer, Rabbits, squirrels, once in a while a Fox and other small animals. I have 6 acres of land and because you have to take my private road to get to my home off the main one many animals call my land their home too. Especially Deer. I see them almost daily there. I know that Deer are usually alone or in just a group of two or three. Please keep this in mind.

Now back to my story well I was coming down the dirt road almost to the point I take my road to my home. When from a short distance before you get to my road I saw what looked like a heard of something crossing the road ahead of me. The closer I got the slower I traveled till I came to a complete stop as this heard was getting bigger and bigger in number. I also realized it was a heard of Deer running like there was no tomorrow and had to be from great fear of something. So something was chasing them and they were in a real big hurry to escape what ever that was that wanted to catch them.

The first thing that came to my mind was it had to be a pack of wolves. I know that wolves will run through the forest in packs then split up into say 4 groups and each group will go to a point around an opening in the forest and then run through the forest from 4 different spots in hopes to chase Deer into a meadow coming together in the center a kind of way to trap them all together then they attack them in hopes some will never escape in the confusion in the center of the meadow.

So I figured that was what had happened after all it was the Full Wolf Moon that night and how appropriate that would be. Right...Wrong. After awhile the Deer running in front of my SUV thinned out some and since I did not want to hit a Deer or it hit me I sat there for awhile waiting till the last straggler got across the road. Then I halfheartedly expected to see a wolf or two too, but never did. So after still sitting there for awhile I decided to proceed home. That was the end of the story till the next day.

The next day since there was fresh snow on the ground I decided to go early in the morning and examine where this happened and see if later there were some wolf prints in the snow that followed all of the Deer tracks. But what I found was not wolf tracks but tracks from what I believe had to be a Bigfoot. Some giant foot prints was all I saw besides the Deer tracks. I put my foot in one of the foot prints and it was so big I just could not believe it was real. I had on snow boots and they are not small but that print made my feet look very tiny. I said holy ---- that had to be a Bigfoot!

That alone scared me to a point I immediately got back into my SUV and drove home. I did not want to be there in case that Big guy was still around. I also had no camera with me or wanted to go back with one as I can tell you that really did scare me. So I have no proof of any kind that what I say did happen but if you know me then you know I would never tell such a tale if it did not happen like I said here.

What I did do was this I got on my phone and called some friends of mine and asked them if anyone had ever seen a Bigfoot or anything like that in our area. Here is what I was told by some locals there. YES!

I was told about a couple who were on a similar dirt road not far away from mine and it was in the summer time about a year ago and as they drove down the road they saw something in the middle of the road that blocked the whole road like a big tree that had fallen down. No way could they drive by it. It was very BIG. So they got out of the car as they believed it was a dead animal of some sort as it was just laying there not moving at all. They first thought it must of been a Bear. So cautiously they approached it. When they got very close they soon realized it was NOT a Bear!

They said is looked kind of a red brown in color. It had arms and legs more human like but very long. They said the face looked like a monkey. They realized it had to be a Bigfoot as they had also heard others had seen them around our parts too. So they did not go any closer but what they did do was go back to their car and try to turn around but in doing this they made a lot of noise and when they did that the Bigfoot got up and ran off. Guess he was just simply in the sun taking a nap. Bigfoot did not try to go after them or even go near them he simply just wanted to escape himself. They swore it was not just someone in a suit as they saw his mouth open up and heard a scream from it like no human could ever do. They probably scared it as much as it scared them. Also it was so big and tall after it got up much taller than any man could be probably 8 feet or more and very big.

I also heard some other stories making me believe that indeed one Bigfoot must live somewhere close to where I live but for some reason this does not really scare me now as I figure it was not me or anyone of the others that live near me around he is after as it is from what I have been learned from research Deer is his main source of food. What I think is that Bigfoot has to be some kind of Ape somewhat like Man who can think and is just as curious about us as we are him. The reason he stays hidden so good from most is he stays in the forest and comes out mostly at night. I have also learned that they build dens they sleep in probably by day and some of these dens have been found and the tree limbs that they build them with are always just torn off never clean cut or sawed but torn off of trees not many could do that but a strong big Ape could.

With my curious mind I have done lots of research on the Bigfoot and have learned he is sighted mostly on the West Coast States but has been seen in all of the States of the United States. His cousin Sasquatch is all over Canada. Many people have gone hunting for him with cameras or other equipment in hopes they can capture him or at least get a good movie of him. Few have been very successful. Some have a few pictures enough that there has to be something alive living in the woods. I also have watched the recent series on the Animal Planet cable station very interesting that has been.

But the Discovery Channel has real value on research into does Bigfoot live or is he the biggest Hoax of all time.

The video below is the complete no commercial special that was shown on the Discovery Chanel titled Best Evidence-Bigfoot as it's a shows where experts in the search for Bigfoot all who have been involved in the research of Bigfoot for years and there are several that completely believe he exists and then tell or show you why. There are those who do not really say absolutely he does not exist but tell you why he probably does not exist. So what I have done here is put the Discovery Chanel Best Evidence-Bigfoot Special on this page for you too to see in hopes it will answer some questions you may have about him too. Like I have. I hope someday soon it will be proven one way or the other and I believe it will be that he does indeed exist!

Please do not forget to tell your story or give your comment at the bottom of this page and I will put it on my RSS feeds and present it for you on the Internet for all to see! Or simply make a comment on what you think we all want to hear that too!

So if you got the time watch this great videos and enjoy learning more about Bigfoot or Sasquatch in the Discovery Channels video called

Best Evidence-Bigfoot

Hope you enjoyed that and come back here soon as we will be trying to discover more Unknown or Unbelievable either Hoaxes or Real things that baffle us today! Return from Bigfoot to online store reviews directory home page

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