Bunch of Liars

by Dan
(Fairview KS USA)

I have been receiving emails from these guys for a long time, only to delete them not even opening them. So the other day I decide to open them thinking they were actually different. This paticular one was titled cell phone software....so I click on it. He was talking about a new internet that only corporate america can get to but he is going to show us how. And goes on to explain about how he was in London at one of the finest clubs and these guys with him were ordering the best scotch and they all called some beautiful girls and they showed up by their side etc etc etc you get the hint. The catch is they almost got me, and I was thinking about ordering it. BUT???

I decide to click on another one sent to me. I listen to it awhile and its something completely different Im not sure if its the same guy speaking. So Im watching and at one point he says in the video that now your going to expect me to tell you how I met this rich guy and how he has expensive cars and bought me high dollar drinks etc etc you get the hint.

My point is that in one video they use that about all the expensive stuff and the other one they turn it around.
At that point I was totally turned off by it because knowing both of these videos came from the same place. Im sure I could of found some more things but didnt listen to all of the second video.

Its absolutly crazy that these guys would take money from people. Maybe the law will put these guys out of there scamming ways sooner than later.

Hi Linda the admin here and I know exactly what you are saying here and totally agree with you glad you did not fall for their lies. Those are the ones who make the Internet not a nice place to be in.

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