Can't thank you enough!

by Jayme

I am so glad to see this blog. I went through the entire webinar last night and he did and said all the same things you are saying here in this blog. I was impressed with all that he shared, the webinar was brought to me by someone I really respect. I had my credit card in hand and was ready to sign up and I thought... let me just do a quick search on Google for reviews, to see what comes up. Low and behold there were a lot of unfavorable comments about Traffic Phoenix listed online.

You just saved me a thousand dollars and a huge headache! I should have known when he started talking about there being 1000 people on the webinar and he was only going to sell 15 programs. What marketer do you know that has 1000 people on the call only wants to sell 15 products? Well, that would be the marketer that is lying about how many are really on the webinar. I also should have known something wasn't quite right when he only used his first name! What reputable marketer doesn't share his first and last name?

Anyway, enough ranting, thanks again for saving me a thousand dollars down the drain.


Jayme this is Linda the administrator and you are more than welcome thank you for the comment and Jayme I just put up a second Scam software on my site you should know about go to my nav. Bar and see Point click commissions and see what I told you about that one too! Then go and see ways to make money part 1 and ways to make money part 2 choose one of those as those really work I promise you! I will be putting up more programs that are scams ASAP plus more that work so you know which ones are safe or not!
Thanks again

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