by Cheryl
(North East Maryland)

Is there anything in WRITING that says NBC is willing to purchase AMC & OLTL?? If so, where is it? I cannot understand why if ANYONE wants the Soaps ABC would not do the deal? I would like to know where to e-mail and Call ABC NOW! We ALL need to contact them 24/7 until we get some results or atleast until ABC understands that we are NOT going away. I also do not understand why some of the more financially well off soap veterans do not go into some sort of co-op to take over the shows? There are so many of them! As with Agnes Nixon, who certainly has the connections and could partner with many of the soap characters. They would then essentially become self employed! This would be far better than giving up! I think the soap characters are buying into this BS of it being a dying art??? Which IS pure BS! Millions of people are proof of how very much it is still alive and WELL!!

I would like to see more REAL facts, and updates on this site vs opinion, which of course is always welcome but it does nothing to save the shows. I would be willing to do a marathon of calls, e-mails if others would join and commit to the same!! Come on people! The longer we wait the sooner we will just be SICK that we let it go down with a good old fight!!

Who knows all of the outcry just may get the attention of someone who will and can REALLY save these shows! I went through this with Another World and those fans were a bunch of wusses! They not make call, write letters, or e-mail anyone and it is just a fond memory now? If you want something bad enough you have to go after it! And this means getting on the news, radio, GET PEOPLE talking about how crazed soap fans ARE to keep their shows! Look at occupy wall street!! That bunch have been on every media possible! And people don't even KNOW what they want, nor do they! WE KNOW what we want.

Please post, e-mail addresses, phone numbers, and addresses for all of ABC, NBC, CBS, SOAPNET, SOAPCENTRAL, and all media outlets across the country that shows AMC, and OLTL. PLEASE!! NOW

This is Linda the admin anyone wanting to continue the fight to save AMC and OLTL please go to The fight is still going on there and it is because of this site and some others that ABC still has our attention and if we do win this fight it will by helping do it here!

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