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Club Dropship Review

Club dropship represents itself as a dropshipper. When you go there you think they have as much as 30% to 65% off and will give you a 12 month guarantee. Their membership fees are $249.00, but this you also do not find out till you get into the system and then are pressured you into buying its program.

They make you feel like you have just come across the best thing ever on the internet and they tell you they are not a regular dropshipper as they only represent brand name products. They tell you to just find a great product then list your product on eBay and list lots of them and when then you sell them you will get your discount and make lots of money. Something you cannot find elsewhere.

At Club Dropship what we have found to be true is. First off what they really offer is a membership club where you buy a product at the stores regular price and then in one to two months you will receive a discount on your purchase. In mean time you have sold product shipped it to customer just to find out later you lost money on the sale. Many times this discount is nowhere near the 30% to 65% off but is really no more than 1% to 3% off. It will take you around 30 to 60 days for a refund of your discount.

So you put your item on eBay sell lots of them thinking you will make lots of money to find instead of a big discount you got 3% discount and with eBay’s fees and other costs you lose big time on all your sales. To top it off you paid $249.00 just to get scammed! But they do have a 12 month guarantee Right?

Well lets see!

But they do have a 12 month guarantee,don't they? Yes they do but it is not easy to get either as they make you do several things including going through their 12 month training program and other things to qualify for it. You have to sell one produce each week to qualify for it! No way can anyone meet up to their qualification. So way we see it there is no guarantee. This is scam 2.

But wait Club Dropship will let you cancel Right?

They will let you cancel but you must do it with in the first 7 days and you get only a partial refund. We know of one individual who only got back $150.00 from the $249.00 they paid. This is scam 3

Three strikes you are out in our boat, and should be yours too!

In all fairness if you want to buy from stores like Amazon, target and Walmart to name a few found in their directory you will in time get a discount the problem is how high of one! Depends on what that company is giving at time of purchase as it changes in most cases.

If you just go to their store to shop in you save more by buying it on sale!

It is this dropship directory's opinion save your money and skip, this dropship company as in long run you probably will be sorry if you buy into their program!

click here to visit club dropship to see for yourself, but warning do not join!

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Silly Sally does not understand this dropshipper at all!

So you say if I buy at least $500 worth of merchandise.

Then I list everything on eBay I will make almost enought to retire on?

And in two days right?

Is that right oh oh oh please say I got that right!

Oh thank you club dropship I will go out today and do just that!

Thank you so much club dropship and to think for just $249.00 I will get all that.