commission shop

by prinve

i found this site by a someone named ewen chwea or something that have gotten in my mail box by other sites that said i will make money like one day with click bank ,any how i signed to them in email not bought them ,and since that day they kept sending me mails about software that make's money ,this commission shop was so convincing like got under my skin this guy joosh vacek or something said like things i know how you feel been under the rug was poor and stuff like that and i read the entire 1000 word article till i was sold and i did it bought with 47$ and it said make champain you can make 20 and wait the products are auto pilot you just choose a a niche like say something like entertainment it gives you a a it of tv and other stuffs that sells on click bank and amazon you don't choose them they just appear as what is new and more selling now you wait ,and i did for 30 days and nothing i got 600 views and nothing only 7 clicks on amazon and no thing on clic bank i ordered refund and got away with it ,and the up sells are like crazy like 300$ someare open no limit champain and other products affiliate junk .

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