Completely Agree: Jamie and Travis are scammers!

by Ryan

I saw the ad for Income Entourage, and like you I did my research before signing up. I couldn't find anything negative at the time so I went ahead and signed up. After I paid I was allowed to join the members area. The moment I clicked on the members area I was sent to an upsell page. Here Jamie was trying to sell "1 on 1 training" with him for $497. At the very bottom of the page was a tiny link with a sentence saying you declined the offer and just wanted to go to the membership area. BUT instead of going to the members area you were taken to the very same upsell page where they were now offering it at a lower price ($297). So you scroll to the bottom and click the link again to go to the membership area and what do you know, you go to the same upsell page and they offer it at a lower price once again ($97). When you click the link at the bottom to go to the members area you are then taken to ANOTHER upsell offer for a different thing. It takes you through another 2 pages of the same product and lowers the price each time (this one starts at like $297 and goes down to $97 for 2 websites and a year of hosting). Only once you go through about 5 pages do you finally reach the members area.

For the first week or so that I was a member there was only one training video. That video showed only how to use the software. The software was ok but nothing really special. Almost everyone in IE had a problem uploading the sites we created with the software to our hosts. It was a major headache that left many very frustrated. Jamie and Travis were of no help in this area, and in fact most of the help on the boards came from other members and not from Jamie and Travis themselves.

Once they first started posting training videos they were simply webinars they had held which had been recorded. Unless there was a sale involved (such as the webinar with the Traffic Phoenix mentioned above), Jamie was not on these training videos or webinars. During one video Travis specifically said that Jamie was not there because he was "hard at work" making a bunch of training videos for us. That was a laugh, as the only videos Jamie posted after that were 3 videos that were literally 1 and 2 minutes long and complete BS. Jamie is one of those people who talk a lot but don't really say anything of value.

Anyway, when we first started off Travis tried to appear to be this great guy and "bought solos" for certain people "with his own money." First, it wasn't HIS money, it was OUR money that he screwed us out of. Second, he specifically said he would not give out solos unless you followed his instructions exactly. His instructions were to create a site that led to you selling the Income Entourage program. So why would he not send traffic your way? 1. He looks like a great guy in everyone's eyes 2. You're doing his work for him by selling his product 3. He gets major sales from it AND you get him new people to join who may then go on to buy all of their upsells. So basically he wasn't doing this to be a good guy, he was doing this to involve you in his scam and let you do the selling for him.

The thing is, the ones who got the solos were excited about the sales they made through it, but that excitement wore off when they realized the traffic and sales had stopped after that one little rush. The ones who didn't get the solo and weren't willing to pay for one of their own have yet to make money, even though Jamie lures you in by saying you're going to make a lot of money very quickly. It's only AFTER you join and get inside that they tell you you have to pay for solos (another $300 according to them), if you want to make money right away.

Once you join it's just one constant upsell after another being forced down your throat. My email inbox was filled daily by Jamie and Travis (moreso Jamie), sending me emails trying to sell me their latest product or another product in which they would get an affiliate commission. I researched a lot of these products and they were known scams. So I had to wonder then if they cared so much about us why they would be forcing scam after scam on us.

Once I realized this was just a scam, I posted a warning to all members on the forum and then left Income Entourage. I received an email the next day saying I had been banned for 30 days and "hopefully by then you will come to your senses." I replied and let them know I HAD come to my senses and that is why I left and that I wanted a refund. I still have not received one or a response from them. I have contacted, and am waiting to hear back from Clickbank.

I would also like to point out, as was mentioned above, Jamie and Travis practically bribed people to post good reviews by making promises of bonus items. They also wanted us to sell IE and said the best way to promote a product was to review it. By doing this, almost every new person there rushed out and wrote a good review without even trying the product first or giving it time to see if it would work. So if you do see a good review that is probably why. I cannot honestly see anyone who has put any time into this program giving them a good review.

At any rate, I think we need to all stand up to and speak out against these people as it's the only way to stop them. Times today are tough and we can't afford to just throw our money away like this. Jamie and Travis have scammed over $80,000 out of us in just one months time. And that's just from members I know about. I'm sure there's a lot more that I don't know about. It's obscene and I truly do hope law enforcement steps in and put an end to it. In the meantime, I hope this helps to get word out and saves people from being scammed as we were!

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Mar 22, 2012
You are Mistaken
by: Anonymous

1. Those solos were for anyone who built a page, it was on rotation.

2. The squeeze page did not have to sell income entourage.

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