by Darlington

Thank God I did not buy! I almost did but for caution. What fuelled my caution and suspicion was the tenacity at which mails were sent to me on this issue that seemed absurd to me. Most of the mal advert were ambiguos, They did not even give me time to reason it out and be convinced of the genuineness of the product but rather bombarded me with unsolicited ads I really cannot understand why but after so much persistence all which met with my firm 'NO', the product had to come free of charge.

What I lost to MICHAEL CHADS AND MICHEAL TURNER was my precious time I spent watching the PCC SCAM VIDEO.

Can't these internet scam gurus be stopped from this fraudulent acts?

I am good to wipe out all their mails from my box.
In less than two weeks I have received more than thirty mails from them.

The last one I got was a threat to delete my e-mail address.

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