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Our Directory presently has just two catagories.

Our site has only free directories.

The first category we will cover is dropshippers.

If you do not know what a dropshipper is or what they do or just do not have any real knowledge about them please see our page on dropship info in our Information center.

We will show you who is real who is not!

We will also recommend some and others we will not!

We will tell you on each page for the dropship review who is real who is not and where you can find the real ones! Do not fall for the websites on the internet in groves that tell you they are real dropshippers when simply they are not!

The ads on this and other pages may have some ads for sites we have reviewed and given a possitive review or a negative one. Please visit these companies if you choose to and then you decide which to use!

To see the dropshipping companies we do not recomend click here

To see the dropshipping companies we do recomend click here

The Second catagory we will be covering is on wholesalers and where to find real ones!

The internet is full of people claiming they are real wholesalers when all they really are middlemen! These will do nothing but drain your pocketbook.

We will show you how to find a real wholesaler as on your own you will never find them in a search as they are not going to seek you out you need to know how to find them the right way!

We have been in the Wholesale business for many years and we have many times sold merchandise for many manufacturers and have been “REAL WHOLESALERS". We also sold to other wholesalers as they were our main customers. Some we knew then sold on to other wholesalers and that is exactly how the chain goes down. So when you buy from a middle man wholesaler you never know how many others above them have taken a piece of your profit. Go find out how to avoid all that now and save yourself lots of headaches plus put money in your pocket too! Enjoy our free directories!

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