by Hannah
(Arbor Vitae)

I understand The Chew has fewer viewers than AMC had but, because it costs less to produce than a soap, it will continue. ABC also claimed that fewer women are at home now to watch the soaps and that those who are home are not into soaps. That's ridiculous. No one can convince me that there are more home viewers interested in a panel of clucking gourmets who cook foods no average person could find the ingredients for. How many cooking shows does daytime TV need? I have heard rumors about what will replace OLTL and they are just as shallow. Is it too late to save OLTL? What about the 1.5 million who were loyal watchers for decades? I have not found ONE loyal watcher of The Chew and I know it will not air for 30 years, let alone 3 years. Are Roxy's SOS efforts a hint that it's not too late to save OLTL? Is there anything we can do! Also, how many paid programming hours do we have to endure???

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