by Shawn
(Clifton Park, N.Y.)

I visited the website on September 2 2011 and spoke with and alleged representative via their "Live chat" inquiring on the availability and quantity of the Motorola EM1000R Talk About 2-way radios that the site was advertising. The Rep stated that they had (10) ten pairs left and I needed (8) eight for a customer in Orlando, Florida. The Rep told me to make the order via the website and the order would be promptly processed. I did just that and went to check out my order. The site stated that it only processed order payment by way of and I was sent to that site to process payment via my checking account. I filled in the necessary required fields and proceeded to check out. I received a e-mail from the Circuits n Things stating my order to be in process and the following date of September 3 2011 I received another e-mail stating that Order #3666 had been processed and moved to confirmed status. After waiting a week I found that there was no place on the website to check the status of my order so I spoke to a representative by the name of Quel via their "Live Chat" and was told that this person would check with acoounting to verify the payment status. This person e-mailed me back questioning whether I had paid or not and I confirmed the information provided me via my "" receipt that I printed the day payment was made. I was told that this information was sent to accounting and later that day, September 13, 2011, I received an e-mail confirming payment made. I did not hear from anyone for (4)four days and again made contact with the website by way of their "Live Chat" I made printout tanscripts every "Live Chat" correspondences made and printouts of every e-mail correspondence made and printouts of all receipts received. I received the same response from both the "Live Chat" and the e-mails that my product would be shipped within (14) fourteen days of payment confirmation (September 13, 2011). To date I have not received any further correpondences regarding this order and just got through reading muliple reviews of dissatisfied custers that never received their products. I have printout copy of all.

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