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I ordered 2 pairs of Toms Wedges from When they arrived, they were both the wrong size, and one of the pairs was the wrong color. I immediately emailed the website telling them I wanted to exchange the shoes. First they told me to keep the wrong shoes and they would offer a 20% discount on a new order. I repeatedly told them that I wanted to return the wrong shoes and for them to send me the correct shoes. They insist I should pay $45 shipping and handling for them to send me the correct order and will not send me their address to return the wrong order. They admitted that the initial shipping error was theirs, but are not taking any responsibility. Although the shoes were a good deal from them initially ($45-- they are usually $65)- they are completely unprofessional and do not resolve their errors. I would never purchase anything from this website ever again

Hi this is the admin I went to this website and looked at it's return policy and saw where they state if there is a problem they will pay for retun shipping. If you have emails where they say all of the above please email them back and tell them you spoke with the admin here at this website and that we told you to immediately report them to the FTC. if they do not pay for return shipping and send out to you at no cost to you the correct shoes. Tell them that we advised you that they state in their return policy they will pay for all shipping. Especially since they sent out the wrong size there should be no charge to you. I also advice you to send them a copy of this on our site so they will see that we do fight for our viewers any site that does not live up to their printed policies and will show for all to see exactly what kind of a store they are. Also this will go out on our feeds for the world to see. Please send in a second comment here so we will all see what they do next!

Thank you Linda Cooper

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