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Doba is probably the biggest dropshipping company on the internet and is endorsed by eBay. Many people have joined their Dropship membership website and many more will. They are a membership dropshipping supplier for people who want to sell products on eBay or other auction sites, their own website or any other way you may want and need a third party to mail your product to your customer know as dropshipping!

Membership fees are: monthly or yearly costs Core Supplier Access month $49.95 or $449.55 Core Supplier Access and Push to Marketplace tool $59.95 or $539.55

So far looks good well let’s see!

First off Doba is nothing but a middleman trying hard to make you think they are a wholesale distributor. REAL DROPSHIPPERS DO NOT CHARGE MONTHLY FEES AND MANY DO NOT EVEN CHARGE A SMALL SHIPPING FEE

On top of their outrageous fees their so called wholesale price is way out of line! You can check most everything they have and once you find their price you pay then go to eBay you know place that recommends them oh forgot to tell you this eBay gets paid for everyone they recommend so why should they not--- right? WRONG If eBay really cared about their members they would never recommend a company that they know their wholesale prices are higher in most cases than the same product you can find for sale on eBay for less!!! THAT IS WHY!

The main reason they are so big is because thousands of affiliates are doing dishonest reviews about them plus they probably have some up themselves.

They also have smaller dropship companies who are nothing but a front for them to get you to join them a good example of one of those is Product Sourcing as it is owned by them and is run by them and is just a second income revenue for them. You can read a full review of this in our directory, just look for our review there and find out what happens once you join them.

On the internet when you get as big as they are you can advertise everywhere and with affiliates helping you grow so big you get big. There are plenty of great reviews for them on the Internet but you can be sure ours is not going to be another one of them!

Their marketing it really good and maybe at one time they were good we do not know but remember they are just middlemen marking up from wholesalers what they off and they simply are NOT THE PLACE TO JOIN Please keep looking we will direct you to some really good and real places to join!

It is this dropship directory opinion that if you buy a membership into Doba you will be completely wasting your time and money so Do Not Do IT!

Do yourself a big BIG favor do not fall for their sale pitch!

Keep looking till you find our RECOMENDED DROPSHIPPERS!

First off real wholesale distributors do not advertise or seek you out if you are real you will find them, that is what we will help you do!

Bookmark our site and come back often as we will be updating this often.

Now that you found us!

If you want to go see Doba site go here but warning do not join

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You are just a Middle Man

You mean I paid you all that money just to find out I can buy it much cheaper elsewhere!

You mean to tell me you are just a middle man and I can not buy it cheap enough to sell for a profit on eBay!

You just wait I am comming down there right now to get you!