Dr. Smith's Miracle Tonic?

by jay

As far as I'm concerned, these terms 'scammer' and 'fraud' are tossed about far too loosely and often. We typically hear them from disgruntled purchasers of this kind of software who should have known better in the first place. But in THIS case, I must admit I can't come up with anything more fitting.

A former major market TV reporter-producer-writer, I know all about the importance of a lusty tease in selling news ...or anything else. A commandment of teasing, however, is that you must serve up some steak along with the sizzle. These guys just sizzle their buns off. That's about as kind as I can be.

The supposed 1 hour webinar that really took 3 hours was nothing but an outrageous, disingenuous tease and upsell. If this material was so hot that it might cause our planet to shift on it's poles, it wouldn't be offered online as software at any price. It would be a trade secret. Only 15 copies to sell? I nearly choked. There were as many downloads available as there were impulsive customers with valid credit cards. This is very much the way that Dr. Smith's Miracle Hair Grower and Sex Tonic used to be sold off the back of a wooden wagon during the era of Judge Roy Bean.

Jamie's sports car video is aimed, IMO, at a very young, impressionable, low demographic. The video really should have stopped me in my tracks and waved me away. The message, I suppose, is that if you buy IE and begin to use it, you'll have the cash in hand to go out and buy an imported, hand-built Italian hot rod by the first of next month.

Does anybody know what the preferred vehicle of newly emerging millionaires in the U.S. is? We're talking here about guys and gals with legitimate small business corporations that have an honest $1 million dollar net worth. Do you know, Jamie? It ain't the Zo6 'vette or Diablo VT 6.0. And it isn't the Veyron 16.4. Sorry if I'm disappointing some of you, but it's the tried and tested F150. It's been so for a good long time.

Would I purchase IE again (now that I obtained a refund)? Have I not answered that question?

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Jul 18, 2011
Very Accurate
by: Anonymous

This just explains it about as well as the full review it is so good to finally see the truth out there about Internet Entourage and it is my hope no one else gets taken by these amature jerks on the Internet ever again like so many have delet their everyday emails and tell them to go to HELL! Oh do not forget to go to clickbank and get your refund for joining this nothing membership nothing site!

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