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No matter if you have a retail store, a online store, sell on auction sites or have catalog sales and even word of mouth selling you can bring your product direct to your customer!

You never need to buy the product before you sell it!

You do not have to ship it!

The sky is the limit on what you can sell!

The real key to finding a product is knowing where to get it with the most profit to you!

Keep reading for how to do just that!

Honest review on dropship companies!

There are few honest reviews on the internet about these companies. We know of only one other website besides ours that gives you an honest review!

The reason so many un honest reviews exist is because there are so many websites that say they are real but are just middlemen on the internet.

These companies will pay a fee for a referral to affliates who promote them and these affiliates have found a way to make lots of money doing just that. So they say nothing but good things about the dropshipper they are promoting to get you to go there and buy a membership so they get paid.

As they simply do not care about you and sometimes do not know anything about the company except what that company told them to say!!!


In other words if we really like a company or way you can find real dropshippers we will say so BUT if they do not meet up with our standards or are just out to take your money we will tell you that too, this is our promise!

We will also tell you if that company has many or no complaints that we know of.

Even if we like a company if there is anything negative you should know believe us we will tell you!

You will find reviews on such companies here as:



Dropship direct

Power sellers union

World Wide Brands

just to name some of the leaders in this area.

As soon as we have time you will find just about every drop shipping company on the internet we know of there.

Comming soon is where you can add your review too or suggest a company for us to review for you. Kinda like a mechanic telling you the truth before you go and purchase a car you really like but it is really a lemon. So help us help others and make the web a better place for us all.

Just book mark our website and we will update it asap.

To see our dropship directory reviews go here

Our directory

In our directory section you will find a whole area dedicated to these companies, good and bad ones. You will see our rating of them and a link in there to go see the review we have up if we have had time to do one yet.

Remember our reviews are honest ones not ones written just to sell the company to you. We do not do that if a skunk is a skunk we tell you just how bad it smells. On other hand if it is a rose we will tell you how good it smells!

Another feature in our directory area is you can suggest a company for us to review and or add to the directory. You can write your own review too just like we did. We will put it up on here for all to see so if you have some place you love or hate let us know. This feature will be added again ASAP.

How to deliver direct to your customer's address with out stocking products.

The first step on doing this direct to your customer is to identify what you want to sell. Some good ideas are:





Actually you can supply just about anything you can think of so put you’re thinking hat on and do some thinking. It is always good to sell something you either really like or know about.

Next you have to find the best place to get your product from not only price wise but also how dependable they are. Please do not discount fees that eat into your profit but also shipping charges. All of this can make you or break you.

See our reviews and directory for honest advice here

Next you need a avenue on how or where to sell your product to make the best return. We feel your own website is a great way to do it but you need to know how to build it. Please see our guidebook on How 2 CREATE WEBSITE. This is probably your most profitable way and as for traffic we can help you there too.

Also see our Directory and review for one place and one place only where we feel you can get a profitable website from besides the place we tell you about on our create website page!

You may want to sell your product on a auction site but which one coming soon will be our reviews on auction sites and a directory on where to find them and what is good about them and what are fees and how good is their traffic and much more!

There are many other ways to sell products too like develop a catalogue. This can be done too! When we have time we will have places that can help you with this in our sections under reviews and directory for you.

Sell to friends and family, many do not like to do this but if you have a large circle of friends and family you can sell lots of things or you belong to a clubs or agencies. You may be surprised how word of mouth sells products esp. if you have good prices. For example say your friends etc. love handbags and you can simply get them and are willing to sell to them at a "special price" just for them do it as a dollar here is better than no dollar there! I know I do this.

Be sure to check out our Directory and Review pages on dropshippers

There you will also find out the names of the different kinds of dropshippers.

How to easily know if they are real or not.

Where to find the real ones.

Honest advice on who to choose and why.

To see our information and reviews go here

Please if you like the information on this page or do not tell us why.... write a review on US go here

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