Ever wonder where the eBay Power Seller gets their merchandise to sell on ebay? Come see we spill the beans.

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Many small sellers have dreamed of being a BIG time eBay Power Seller but few ever accomplish it.


You say

Well frankly because few find real wholesalers or dropshippers to buy from.

So they just go through their basement and goes to garage sales and pick up this or that and make if lucky a few hundred a month and just still dream.

If they do find something they think is hot they soon find out that one of the eBay power seller also has that item for way, less than they can sell it for.

There are several reasons why the eBay Power Seller can sell on eBay for less but the biggest one is the supplier they use.

That is what we will address here.

How to buy for same price the eBay Power Seller buys products for and where to find these Merchandise sellers.

1. Your Power Seller does not buy from any middle man operation ever!
Unfortunately that is the only supplier the small guy can find!

2. Your Power Seller only buys wholesale even for dropshipping.
Little guy has no idea where to find this God of a seller.

3. Power Seller will never revels his sources
Little guy is so discouraged and tries everything within reason to get a better supplier and then just fails.

Unite little guy today you will find out where to find the eBay Power Seller's suppliers.

Ok the name of the supplier is distribution wholesaler and some will dropship and others will sell in bulk or lots only. Some manufacture licensed products like Budweiser products and others. Some are the manufacturer themselves but all will sell to the little guy just like they sell now to the Power Seller.

You just need to know where to find them.

1. They will never seek you out so stop searching on the internet you will not find them that way. All you end up there are Middle Man wholesalers and dropshippers.

2. They only want to deal with just a few main people that is why you need to go to the sources.
So only way to get to them is through a membership organization that deals with them for you.

3. The reason for that is because they want to know that you are genuine and not just someone wanting to get a good deal on their product and will never make a second purchase. Their time and effort is important to them so just like you want someone who is real so do they.

4. They want you to be educated and know exactly what they expect and want from you and they only want to explain this once to the main people they deal with. They want the membership organization to not be someone who takes a cut into their wholesale prices but instead give it to their real customers YOU! They want the membership company to educate you on what they expect from you and what you can expect from them. That way they do not have to deal with hundreds or thousands individually. How does this membership company make money... they sell you a membership. Two of the ones I am going to give you sell a onetime fee or lifetime membership fee one is $65.00 other one is $299. The other one is small yearly fee. No matter which one you take they all are great. The reviews on them will show you the different other things each will do for you besides just joining.

That is why only place to find them is through a membership organization

Now I know you have seen wholesale list for sale from any price of say $9.99 to hundreds of dollars that is not what I am talking about those are all phony lists of places you can do a search and find.

I am not talking about a place like Doba or any other middle man dropshipper or wholesaler.

I am talking about a limited membership organization that is REAL just like the Wholesalers they represent.

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