This is a eBay review about the largest auction website on the Internet. eBay USA is the leader of auctions anywhere in the world complete with eBay motors and more all reviewed here.

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This eBay review is going to tell you all the pro and cons of either buying or selling on eBay USA the largest of all auctions available on the Internet today.

If you have never been to a auction site then you have missed out on some real excitement. The drama of seeing something starts out for as little as one penny just to grow to hundreds of dollars within hours or a few days gets the heart really beating. It is really easy to find something on one of the auctions sites and see it at a low price so you think wow I really want that so you put in a bid. The auction will not end for a few days, so you set an alert and figure you will check back when it is about time for it to end to collect your treasure. If you have bought or sold on any auction site you probably have been one of the active viewers on more than one auction about the time it is about to end. Sellers screaming into the computer screen come on bid bid bid. Buyers saying go away everyone and stop bidding all of you I want that item. Does this sound familiar? I know I have been on both sides of that more than once. Sometimes as a buyer you will pay far more than you ever really wanted to just to say I got it and all you others lost out on it La La La I am the winner. That is exactly what the seller is wanting you to do! Then later you kind of kick yourself but you pay and all are happy.
well sort of anyway! We hope you enjoy this eBay review!

Auctions are great fun for all. This eBay review is meant to help you understand why eBay USA auction site is either right or not for you. Remember everything here also applies to eBay Motors too!

Let’s look at it as a seller...

eBay is by far the most expensive auction site to sell a product on bar none! But other side of the coin is it is the most active auction site with buyers bar none. So you must outweigh the pros and cons of selling on eBay then make up your mind.


We have sold on eBay USA for years off and on and we certainly learned that in many ways,that is probably one of the most important reasons for writing this eBay review! We believe eBay Motors is somewhat the same but we have never sold on there or purchased but those that have have told us their experience has been about the same.

To be a seller on eBay USA the first thing you must do is apply to them and they then have rules and regulations you must abide from we will not go into that process here as it is simple and just takes some reading that you can find on their site.

What we will go into is their fees here on this eBay Review...

Our eBay review will cover the different fees you will pay if you decide to sell on their site. If you want to sell on eBay Motors please visit their site for their fees.

You will have an insertion fee, when your item sells you will have a final value fee and finally listing upgrade or option fees, that is where if you want almost anything nice in your listing you will have extra fees for this, also includes fees for such things as buy it now fee.

first insertion fees...

These fees vary depending on if your sell auction type or fix fee type auction.

Insertion fees for auction-style format listings

Insertion fees are free for 50 auction-style listings without a reserve price per month.

Auction-style format listings Starting or reserve price Insertion fee

$0.01 - $0.99 $0.10

$1.00 - $9.99 $0.25

$10.00 - $24.99 $0.50
$25.00 - $49.99 $0.75

$50.00 - $199.99 $1.00

$200.00 or more $2.00

This fee is applied to the reserve price if you have one and to the listing price if you do not have a reserve price.

This is eBay’s way of encouraging you to NOT have a reserve price making the selling of a product at great risk to you if say: only one person bids on your item and it sells at the starting fee. You may sell an item you paid say $5.00 for and expected to sell it for $15.00 but ended up selling it for 99 cents. You are the looser not the buyer they are the big winner! This eBay review wants to show you how not to be such a looser on eBay USA.

For this reason we hardly ever used the auction type listing.

We used the fixed price listings only and here are their insertion fees...

There is a couple of ways to do this. You can list your item for the least amount you want to sell it for on a auction platform like above with those insertion fees but add a buy it now price of what you really want to sell the item for usually there is not much difference between these prices. Then the insertion fee applies to which of the two prices it sells for is what you pay.

If someone uses the buy it now to buy your item then the buy it now fee is waived but the insertion fee is based on the buy it now price. Even if the selling price is lower you pay the higher insertion fee.

You can have an auction with just a buy it now price and insertion fee is for the one price you will accept.

final sale price fee...

eBay has some of the most complicated pricing and most find it very hard to understand and know for sure what you have to pay till you finally sell something and eBay bills you. This eBay review wants you to know eBay has quite a way of confussing you especially when it comes to fees!

But be assured no matter how you sell your item on eBay you will pay a final value price. It depends on the category you sell your items in as to the percentage of the final sales price you pay and the sells price since there are so many options here we cannot list them all but in the years I sold there my average percentage I paid was 12% of the sales price. It can actually vary from 8% to 15%. You have to figure in shipping charges too and then do the math but take it from me do an estimate of 12% and you should be close.

Optional feature fees...

Reserve price fees...from $2.00 to $50.00 depending on the price you set

Buy it now for first 50 listings per month then anywhere from $0.05 to $0.50 for each listing depending on your buy it now price

Listing upgrade fees...There are 9 categories here with fees that are as low as .10 each to as high as $4.00 each.

eBay picture hosting fees.. First picture is free after that you pay from $.15 to as much as $1.00 for extra pictures.

Seller tool fees...Turbo lister (this we never used) is free, Selling manager (we did use this some) is free,
Selling manager pro $15.99 later we got this and stopped using the free one and this is really nice but expensive.
blackthorn basic $9.99 a month (we never tried this)
blackthorn pro $24.99 a month (we never got this either)Guess this eBay review wants to show you that so many things on eBay are not needed and you should really watch what you subscribe to as they will encourage you to take it all!
Subscription fees for eBay store...
(this we had off and on)

Store level Fee

Basic $15.95 per month
Premium $49.95 per month
Anchor $299.95 per month
We had the basic only and unless you sell a very large amount that is all you need and really you do not need that. Was kind of nice to have but with all the fees you have on eBay believe me you better sell a whole lot of stuff or you will be just doing this as a hobby not to make any money only people who make money is

PayPal fees...

You can use about 3% to figure out the fee you will pay to PayPal for their fees figured on the price you sold the item for plus what you paid for shipping charges. Another eBay review point we want to make very clear is that eBay owns PayPal and they insist you use them instead of credit cards or any other way to get paid this is just another way they make money off your sale!


This maybe one of the biggest points this eBay review will show you!

This will be one of my listings that I sold on eBay and exactly what all cost me. I will also tell you exactly what that product cost me for shipping and what my price was for it wholesale and what my profit was I will then also show you what that product cost me to sell it on other auction sites as I sold not just on eBay ever I also sold elsewhere. What I will not tell you is what that product is or name of it as I have it for sell at several places now just not eBay and you will soon see why!

Item was listed for $19.99
Customer paid shipping fee of $13.00
Amount received from buyer $32.99

Item insertion fee was $.80
Item final value fee was $2.40
PayPal charge $1.26
eBay and PayPal fees paid $4.46

actual cost of shipping was $10.70
actual cost of item to me wholesale $8.00
other costs to me to sell this item $18.70

after all cost profit made on sell through eBay $9.83

The exact same item sold at two other auction sites My profit was $13.03

The reason for the difference is because other auction sites do not charge fees for everything under the sun like eBay does and if you sell very many items at all this can really add up.

So our eBay review suggest is do as we have done sell on eBay but not just eBay and only reason to sell there at all is because they get way more buyers there than the other sites but watch for our other reviews and you will soon find out what the fees if there are any as some are 100% free to sell on and give you a free store too and other things and are great places to sell on.

Our final eBay review Point we want to make

Also watch your cost on eBay as if you get a store and other things you really must sell lots on there to just break even let alone make a profit. Many things there are not necessary but they want you to believe they are! Many sellers are doing as we did and are selling there some but are slowly moving to other sites. Currently we have just one item for sale there as we just are not into selling online right now much. We think eBay is a useful avenue and you can make money there but first you need to have a great avenue for buying wholesale so please go to our area on wholesale and drop shipping to find out where you can find real wholesalers and drop shippers and stop paying middle man prices for things when you do not have to. We would also like to say eBay Motors has several good things about it but be careful in buying or selling as we are told there is lots of fraud going on there, but eBay is working hard to weed out the fraudsters and going after them so at least that is good!

We hope you enjoyed this eBay review and come back and read our other reviews on other auction and market place websites coming soon!

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