Elvis Where Are You ?

I have always felt myself that Elvis is alive for many reasons. Why was Elvis Buried so Fast ? Also why was his name misspelled on his grave stone ? There are so many unanswered Questions too. I also watched the Elvis Found alive 2012 DVD and played the CD . I don't wanna give anything away but after you watch the movie and listen to the Cd you will be amazed and it will keep you wondering ? Can it really be Possible ? That Elvis Presley is Still alive today ? ? I'm a Elvis Fan myself and I love to sing Elvis songs as well and i also have a great ear and can tell if it's Elvis singing these songs are not . The one that really sticks out in my mind is a song called Lisa Marie . Lisa should hear this one she will be shocked ! !

This is Linda the Admin who wrote this page and I agree with this review whole completely the Lisa Marie song is one no one but Elvis could have done and is sounds so much like him others have tried to sing like him some very good but only Elvis can sound exactly like Elvis and the CD shows you if not Elvis it has to be the very best in the world sound alike but I believe it is Elvis himself!

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