Forever Affiliate Review
If you are serious about wanting to make money online read this detailed review.

What is Forever Affiliate

Once in awhile a training course comes along that is appropriate for newbies as well as veteran. Internet marketing and Affiliate marketing does not take an Einstein to make it work but what it does take is an Einstein to teach you how to do it. Andrew Hansen is that Einstein!

Andrew Hansen is not someone who is new to training he is very well known in his training courses like Unstoppable Affiliates. That training class has received and had top recommendations and was highly regarded as until now the very best training program ever available for Affiliate Marketing bar none. If it had not been for three things that happened in 2012 Forever Affiliate training program may never had been made. Because his last one Unstoppable Affiliates seemed to be evergreen. The three reasons he redid his training was because...

1. Some people were saying Affiliate marketing was dead

2. Some people were saying search engine free traffic was dead

3. The big Guy Google made his little panda, penguin, EMD and all of the updates Google did in 2012.

Andrew Hansen has a very unique way of teaching people to understand why and how you can overcome even the all mighty Google. I am going to go into detail as to what Forever Affiliate really offers and what you can expect if you decide you want to try this out. Also I must let you know that this program is right now for the next 10 days as of the writing of this review going to be discounted 30% then the price will go up to its original price this has just now been released as of today, February 20, 2013. So on March 1, 2013 it will go up. Andrew is a man of his word and it will go up but the good thing about that even at the higher price it is a bargain. I just wanted you to know if you like it get it while it’s still in its discount stage.

Now what is Forever Affiliate all about.

This program will teach you how to make a real income and sustain it almost on auto pilot with affiliate marketing. If you have ever tried affiliate marketing and found it was very difficult to do and you had problems making an income from it. This is the program for you. You will find out from it why you were not successful and what does work and how to find the right products to promote and simply how to do it right.

This program is not old stuff, same old stuff you see all the time maybe just with a few different words here and there this is all new stuff updated stuff and stuff you have never seen before. You will learn in easy video training sessions from around 5 to 20 minutes long. There are around 50 videos in the training. The training is done in 3 steps or phases.

Last year many affiliate marketers got the Google slap and the reason for that is what they did before Google changed the game all together simply do not work now. Andrew Hansen will teach you how to not only you won’t get the Google slap but instead Google will simply love you. The exciting part of Andrew Hansen's training in Forever Affiliate is post Google penguin, panda, EMD Google updates.

I do want to make a couple things clear though in this Forever Affiliate review and that is if you think by getting this program you do not have to watch all 50 of the videos and then act on them and by doing so all of your income programs will be solved by some miracle this program is not for you.

If you think by watching all 50 videos in a short amount of time and you implement this program you will be making $100 a day in a week this program is not for you.

Forever Affiliate is not some fly by night push button Guru lying program it is a real way to have a passive long term income from around $300 a month to $3,000 a month or more. Myself I am so sick of the so called Gurus who lie and laugh all the way to the bank with their you will make $100,000 a month in no time programs and lies is all they are but so many fall for them and as long as they do they will keep coming back with more and more of them. So if that is what you are looking for this program is not for you.

Forever Affiliate requires efforts on your part of watching all 50 videos and then following very detailed instructions and do it with faith and the end results will amaze you guaranteed. Even for a old hand at this like me I cannot tell you the new stuff I learned from this program and that is exactly why I am promoting it. I do not do this often unless there is great value for my followers to gain off of it. This is a real Quality program.

Now let’s get to what you find in the members area.

Member’s area is easy to get around and nothing unusual about it so even a newbie will not get lost. All of the menu navigation is across the top like you see in many membership training sites. The 50 training videos are split up in three phases.

Phase 1

is all about research and finding affiliate offers worth pursuing. Andrew Hansen teaches you where to find the hidden affiliate offers that you would never know how to find without his help. I learned some key things I never knew existed. There are 15 videos in the phase.

In phase 1 you will find it is split up into two main themes the first is making an Analysis Funnel which is way of increasing your chances of being successful when you promote a product.

Analysis Funnel is what you use to test if you’re promoting a product that is worth promoting. This alone is why this Forever Affiliate program is more than worth your purchase because so many programs just teach finding good keywords and nothing more. Forever Affiliate is hands above any other affiliate program ever produced. Because of how Andrew Hansen teaches the why and how’s of doing everything. Just finding a good keyword does not mean you will make a dime.

Think of it this way if you are going to go to the bother of setting up a website then filling it with content you need this Analysis Funnel to make sure your efforts are not all in vain. Also you may pay someone to do all this for you so if you do this you sure want to know that your money is well spent right? Well with this Forever Affiliate you can be assured you will know you are. I have never in my life seen a program so much better than any other ever before in my life.

The second part of this phase shows you how to find that product to promote. This too is never shown in any other affiliate training program I have ever seen and believe me I have reviewed a lot of them. This second area of phase 1 is called PUTTING STUFF INTO THE FUNNEL.

In this section you will be taught techniques and given ideas on how to find affiliate offers not just clickbank! No one else teaches this all of them just say go to the marketplace at clickbank. Some may mention one or another but none go into detail. If you have been in affiliate marketing very long you probably have built a website just to find it produces nothing. Andrew addresses this and shows you the solution to cure your problems. He will show you how to turn that completely around. The details you get in this training are something I have never seen before. You will learn about so many affiliate offers that no one else teaches and believe me you will be like the gold miner looking for the one good vein of gold and you can find it with this program. No more too much competitive affiliate offers that everyone else are pushing. You will stand out in the crowd. I now am finding affiliate offers I would never have even thought about before till I learned them in Forever Affiliate.

I know I sound like a broken record but I cannot recommend Forever Affiliate more even if for no other reason this section alone. Also I recommend you go through the videos first than go back and take action on them one at a time. The reason for watching them first is because you will be going over and over again I did not know that and wow. You will also get a real good idea about how all the puzzle pieces work before you start putting the puzzle together.

You want to also use the analysis funnel to weed out the products that you may think are good but the analysis proves different. You can find the products and the niches that will bring you the most money this way. When you have a few products that you know will be the ones you want to promote then you can go onto the next phase and start building your websites.

Phase 2

you learn how to do testing and you also will be setting up your wordpress blog Andrew Hansen will teach you what plug-in to get and you will learn on page optimization. There are 20 videos in this phase.

In phase 2 testing means building your first website in order to find out what works. Here you will be using a hosting company, buying your domain names and then installing wordpress then you will learn what is the very best wordpress theme to use both paid one and a free one and why Andrew recommends these.

Andrew Hansen will then recommend plug-in and then show you how to install them as well as configure them the right way. You will find that one All in one plug-in even has its own video showing in how you set it up in very easy instruction ways. I even learned a few new tricks.

Phase 3

is all about SEO and what works in 2013 Andrew Hansen shows you how to avoid getting slapped by Google and how too really make Google instead fall in love with you. Never again will you have any fears of any animal Google sends out. Also all of this is new stuff never before reviled you will learn how to be successful and get ranked and most important get loads of traffic. There are around 10 videos.

All of the videos show you exactly how to do every little detail of setting everything up you will see screen shots over the shoulder type instructions so you will have no doubt how to do everything. The only thing better is if Andrew had been right in your home showing you himself. Everything is newbie friendly and the veteran out there had better get this training too in order to survive.

Phase 3 covers how to set up Google Analytics and why you want to do this. You will learn how to optimize so your earnings are what you want. You will then learn the difference between setting up a mini site, an authority site and how to set them up the right way.

Next content it is said content is king so many other courses never address but this is one of the most important things you will need training on and you will get it here. It explains you need to provide quality content that you have not over optimized or they are way too short which is a Hugh mistake post panda and penguin. But do not worry there is a video that goes into great detail on how to write an article with the right style, tone and flow. Then how to layout and optimize your article for you and Google alike.

What if you do not want to do all of this yourself?

I am so glad you asked because if you want all done for you service that too is provided for you in this course. Forever Affiliate will arrange for you, for the cost of $15.00 you can have your wordpress completely set up for you with plug-in and optimized for you and for $10.00 you can have articles written for you in the same way Andrew Hansen teaches you they should be written like. 

Last but not least Traffic generation and building links with how to do these right and what you want to avoid in 2013 and years after. You learn how to avoid red flags and keep Google very happy. For example you will want to build your links slowly and do not use anchor text in the first 4 to 6 weeks. Everything will be very Google friendly and real easy to do.

You will fine this phase is mostly giving you a proven successful mini site that you tested in phase 2 and then driving traffic and building links on what you know is a winning website for the maximum earnings potential. All with Google friendly post panda, penguin, EMD update off page SEO way of doing it.

So tell me what do you really think about Forever Affiliate Linda?

I am so glad you asked what I truly believe about this program is that it is very detailed he gives you lots of training for your buck. I was not able to just wiz through it. The one thing that stood out to me In Forever Affiliate is the quality of everything and the fact it has so much detail even a newbie could go out and be successful with it, if you follow the training. Andrew Hansen at the end of each video he goes over the main points so you know especially what is very important. I like that. Andrew is a great trainer.

If you are a newbie and never done affiliate marketing before you may get a little overwhelmed at first but just hang in there it will all come clear soon. Again watch the videos first then go back and do each step one at a time and before long you will have the beginning of a great new way of making money on the Internet. Then rinse and repeat. Before long you will have your empire you wanted from the Internet marketing efforts.

The Forever Affiliate training you get with SEO is all new stuff no rehashed old techniques that simply do not work now. This is about successful campaign post Google panda, penguin, EMD updates and gives you an approach that will work even if Google changes everything once more.

Forever Affiliate training is for newbie’s as well as experienced affiliate marketing people. Remember you will find a whole boatload of new products you never even knew was around. There is so much more than just promoting clickbank products that has so much competition. You will learn how to rank and drive traffic as all of this is post panda, penguin.

So in conclusion if you want a real long term Affiliate marketing business that has a firm base and will earn you a passive income of thousands each and every month then this is the #1 program for you! It is not a push button over night make a million dollar program but it is a guaranteed program if you are willing to put the time in to learn it and then do it. Once you set up each site do the few things you have to do you can then let it go on auto pilot. Set up a few then you can just relax and count the money as it rolls in. I can’t recommend Forever Affiliate enough.

To learn more or to get forever affiliate now while it is in its presell good till March 1,2013 you can get a 30% discount by clicking on one of the banners or click here. 

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