Google In 60 Seconds A Scam

by Dennis
(Hallettsville, Texas)

SWREG Digital River is the company that sold Google In 60 Seconds to me. To start with there were a couple of up sales that they tried to push and if you did not accept them they were very cruel the way they treated you. Example: they called you a loser and if you do not buy the product they tell you that you will always be a failure. Then after that experience they had the nerve to try another up sale, with even more insults. So I then had the product and went through the whole thing to find out that it was totally misrepresented and I felt he was a con artist. I agree with you, it is a total scam. I then proceeded to ask for a refund and was that a joke. I sent 13 e-mails back and forth and even got e-mails from SWREG Digital River that read:

"Please reply to the customer regarding their request and copy us in the response so we can verify that the customer has been assisted.

We are copying the customer on this email and thank you for your assistance."

Jolli Mae D.
Customer Service

I also had support at: keep trying to talk me out of a refund. This process went on for 12-9-11 to 1-4-12. I get an email today after they dragged it out so long that said my refund has been denied because it has gone past the 14 day guarantee. Do you believe them. I can only hope that every one stays away from Google In 60 Seconds or any other product that they sell because I would not wish my experience on my worst enemy.



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