How 2 create a website is not easy unless you know how to make it easy, learn how to get free traffic, free SEO and get 10 day guide/video training.

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Our How 2 create a website Information what you will find is...

You will get trained so you understand why you do things one way not another and be rated in top 3% on search engines. Never buy ads for traffic ever! July/23/2011 UPDATE MY WEBSITE NOW IS RATED IN TOP 1% WORLDWIDE using what you will find here.

There are places on the web on how 2 create a website most say it is free.

None teach you how 2 make your own website they all give you a template website. Most have 3 to 5 pages only per web site. That is just not enough pages to get noticed by search engines or directories.

So you have to pay hundred a month out for advertising and upgrade to unlimited pages. Remember when you stop advertising your traffic stops too.

With our system you never ever have to buy traffic in anyway or advertise ever and you get unlimited pages!

They know that no matter how you design them you have to pay to promote them. Advertising can cost you hundreds to thousands of dollars a month.

When someone comes to your website you need content there and several pages so in order to get unlimited pages you have to upgrade for a price often $59.99+ a month to hundreds.

So you do that and wait still no traffic. You now need a SEO service once again they provide it for you for a price this usually is $198 a month or more.

Now you have put hundreds in on that free website and maybe you get some traffic but no free traffic.

What happens every time with these sites is after you have spent hundreds on them they fail!

This is Joe he wanted to learn how 2 create a website. He wanted to get free traffic and make his own website. He paid hundreds on adverting and upgraded. He bought their SEO services but all he got for his money was nothing! Joe sees his website each day and is in shock to find out he had been scammed!

Now unlike Joe you can learn how 2 create a website not for free but for $29.99 a month. With SBI school and website building program. That is less than a dollar a day! Or pay yearly for $299.00

I have never once paid a penney for traffic, my traffic has doubled every single month till this month and it trippled and every thing I did to get that, I learned from SBI my page rank on my homepage is PR-2 other pages are PR-1. This site is only a few months old and already has many keywords ranked #1 in google.

I have never before had a website go so high so fast ever! I have had many others before this one too. I built mine with the buildit block and it is so easy anyone can do it. You can use HTML with it but you do not have to.

For a limited time SBI Site Sell is having a 2 for the price of 1 sale because their facebook blog now has 25,000 members and that calls for a big celebration

Click on the video once finished viewing it for full details of this very limited time sale.

You get Free traffic guaranteed!

You get Free SEO services free!

You get all the Free website tools and information on how 2 create a website that makes money in no time!

You get all the website tools you need to get your site in the top 3% on the Internet or better and more guaranteed!

You learn hundred of ways how to make money on the Internet with your website you more than likely do not know guaranteed!

You get a 10 day training guide so you learn exactly why things are done the right way to achieve all of this.

You make your own website you can be proud of!

You get real support that cares guaranteed!

You can try it for a full 90 days if not happy you get your money back guaranteed!

You get a proven company who has been around for over 13 years and has more user web sites in the top 1% to 3% on the Internet and has more users than any other company on the Internet. See for yourself why that is!

Please watch the following video presentation on everything you get and how we can help you through SBI! Solo Build It!


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