I found this site selling beauty cream to help your wrinkles, and so forth thru 123Greeting card.

The promotion was 2 bottles of cream as a trail offer free but you had to pay for shipping charges $1.99. That sounded fair to me.

Ordered was placed and paid by credit card for $1.99. With all the necessarry details, address, name, phone number, email.

Next I received a phone call from verification department - thank you for your order - we need to confirm your address (4x that day) On the 4th call I said to the telemarketer, you have call me 4x today, I don.t think I had ample time to move out in the last 6 hours, the address remains the same.

Next postman rings the doorbell with my package and a charge of $28.00 - No thank you - I refused it - Why ---- there will be another invoice for the balance of the bill.

They are telemarkets - scammers....watch out....

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