I can't do it!

by Barb
(Nitro, WV, USA)

I simply can't bear the thought of losing OLTL. I, like thousands of others, record the show because I work and watching it is the FIRST thing I do when I get home in the evening! I look forward to it all day long. Knowing I have 'my show' to watch when I get home keeps me going through the entire day. NOTHING can ever take it's place. I think I may have to get a scrip for Prozac if I lose this very important part of my daily routine! The people responsible for cancelling these shows are greedy, heartless BASTARDS! My only hope for them is that their 'replacement' shows all crash and burn!

As for suggestions for keeping the shows I think probably the best one I've seen so far is agreeing to pay to keep them on. After all, it IS all about the money. If I had the money, like say a Warren Buffet or a Bill Gates, I'd personally sponsor them. That's how much I want them to continue!

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