I have watched these beloved soaps since I was in middle school I'm 56 now. OLTL is my favorite!

by Linda Mallery
(Woodland Hills, CA)

I can't believe these soaps will be gone. ABC please allow NBC or whoever wants to buy them before the casts are completely dismantled. OLTL has such a superb cast and it's ratings have been good. How could you possibly cancel two soaps on April 14th just like that! Now comes word that GH may be next in line. ABC you may have two shows with low production costs but you will not have ratings. Katie Couric is so overrated! I don't think I could watch an entire hour of her no matter who her guests were.

Once my soaps are gone so will I. I believe ABC daytime is going to suffer dramatically in ratings.

I have never been so disappointed in one network as ABC.

I hope these soaps will all find a home on another network and that you will enable that to happen.

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