I Miss Pine Valley

by Donna Burkey

I miss Pine Valley. Where did it go? I visited for almost 42 years and now its all gone. I wanted to see Kendall have that big Thanksgiving dinner she wanted so a year ago with her husband Zack. I would of been there sitting at the table enjoying it all. I want to see if anyone was hurt when J.R. fired the gun. I want to see who Dr. Dave had hidden in his clinic wearing the bracelet with the letter B. I want to visit Amanda and Jake and see if they adoped another child. I want to see a Tad and Dixie wedding....maybe this one for keeps. I want to see Ryan and Greenly and Brot our dancing hero. I want to visit and see Lucy with Jessie and Angie and more of Miya. Oh how I loved Madison and Scott together. How I cried to see Adam and Stewart again and DR. Joe and Ruth. I want to visit with fun loving Opal and see her trying to talk sense into Erica over Jackson. I miss Caleb over at Wildwind mansion. I want to see DR. Dave with Carla and maybe a baby. It might just make the soft side of him come out more. I have visied with so many friends through out the years. They helped me through sickness and problems and being alone when my husband was serving in the military. I have so many fond memories but I want many more. After almost 42 years I deserve many more along with the many other fans. I want to see the Christmas wishing star and Father Clarence. I pray for a miracle.

I miss Pine Valley. It will always be in my heart. I can't seem to let it go..I don't want to let it go. I so hope someone out there will find a way to bring it back so I can visit once again.

Always a fan

Donna Burkey

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