I Need My REFUND... Please HELP.

by mouauri
(Avarua,Rarotonga, Cook Islands)

Well...where to start. It's been about eight days now since I bought Traffic Phoenix and YES, no refund.

When I got the software I thought that it was going to do what I thought it would...I thought wrong.

As what was mentioned at the top..the software is a big time scam.

I got sucked into the whole hype thing and YES it is my fault to do such a stupid move. Please can anyone help?

I tried sending multiple tickets to them and there was a reply to my request by the customer support agent Kelly, two days later. The pattern went like this till I found your site. I got an email the first time from Kelly saying that my request is being put to the refunds department(Sep 27). The next email after multiple request dated on (Sept 30) said my request is being processed and that it has an urgent remark. I think that I got roughly about twenty something days till my refund is...yeah you know.

I followed instructions; get aggresive with them and say that I'll notify the FBI and FTC if nothing is done in the next 24 hours. Guess what...still no reply.

I'am still sending them request and today is (Sept 2).

Can anyone please help me.

Hi this is Linda the admin here... The best thing I can tell you to do is follow the refund information here not sure who they are using now to process their payments so not sure as everyone else who they used before I believe stopped allowing them to use them because of the high refunds. But with that said you need to notify your bank too and or your credit card company. Refer all of them to this website and do not wait notify NOW THE FBI AND THE FTC AS it will take them a few days to start working on your case. Do not sit back and wait do it all today! Also whoever did your processing the company themselves send them a email telling them you want your refund and want it now and refer them to the fact you have contacted the FBI and the FTC and refer them to this websit. You will get your refund much faster if you tell the processing company this. Please also come back here and tell us all who the processing company is now and how you are doing. It may take a few days to get the refund but you should get it. Especially if you contact the FBI and the FTC about this. The customer service with Traffic Phoenix is the worse in the world and they will do nothing but stall with you! But you can tell them you have not notified us here refer to this website that may help you too. If not let me know! I know how to put a fire on them. You can tell them not to mess around as we are watching what they do!

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Jan 05, 2012
traffic phoenix scam
by: jimbo

You have to be firm with them!, I actually watched the webinar the other day and apparently it's a travelling webinar, well I made the mistake of jumping in on the hype yesterday, I watched it the nite before & it said it had 1 license left, without doing any research I jumped in & got suckered into the upsell for another $297.00, I alway's check out a product out & find reviews on WG & google em!
But I got caught up in the thought how easy this system was, then after I got buyers remorse, I did google them & found out all the bad news, I was duped & felt like that kid on "home alone", well after several threatening support tickets yesterday, I got 4 replies today from so called "kelly", yea right!, she cut & pasted the same reply 3 times, I replied firmly & told this so-called kelly, please dont insult my intelligence & cut & paste the same reply!, then the last one she told me they do have an unconditional 30day MBG, she asked that I should give it an honest try!, I told her no just refund my money!, keep sending threatening email's & be firm!, I'm confident I will get my money back hopefully soon!, keep u updated!

Jimbo this is the admin here and do not waste time with this kelly go to swreg then tell your credit card company tell swreg you are doing that too and threaten them back with the FBI and FTC and this site that seems to work in getting their attention this is a SCAM and you need to fight them to get your refund SWREG does not want your credit card company doing a refund as the credit card companies are now threatening to shut them down over this so do as I told you and you should get a refund remember tell them you got information here from me and that will work too!

Oct 03, 2011
by: Anonymous

Remember the "Implied Warranty" is internationl law they must abid by it.
I would also make a report to the FBI (Linda has a link of her web page) takes 5-10 minutes to do it.
It is your responsibility as a citizen to report this crime and you will feel better
Good Luck and keep us posted

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