I Want to Choke Sleazy Affiliates

by Trevor Chilton
(San Jose Costa Rica)

Why I want to choke James Denzel in person.

Known as Go Click Cash @ agent1gcc@gmail.com

I received an email from this scum bag June 8th, 2011.
In this he promoted an upcoming webinar for June the 9th.
On this webinar he introduced Charlie from the UK who went on a very long pitch for the Traffic Phoenix software. Well we bought it but 105 days later this software has not performed a single useful task other than to waste over a dozen hours of my time building up 8 campaigns and a mass of 17 pages of skype IM's, e-mails and support tickets. All to no avail other than to be repeatedly ignored, appointments missed and supposed fixes, none of which have made any difference what so ever.

I want to choke Denzel for two reasons A)he refused to respond to either of my e-mails complaining about the product he promoted B)he is a most guilty accomplice in the organized crime of fraud.

I want to specifically address this area of affiliate responsibility as from the dozens of forum posts I have read complaining about this trash software I read very few people who are taking aim at one of the principle culprits in this fraud, being the affiliates. Few have recognized their significance in perpetrating this fraud. First off the real creators of this trash (not likely Charlie the actor) do not have a list to send out invitations to since their whole business model is how to scam people hence they will never be at anything long enough to acquire a list in the fist place. Hence they MUST go out and find big affiliates who do have lists who will promote their trash product for them. Now clearly from Denzel's actions he feel no remorse or responsibility hence I submit the big problem here is affiliates do not see themselves as being legally liable for crap they send to their lists. Well I sure do not see it that way as we all have joined these various lists of this collective group of thieves in the belief that being a member of such a list means that we will be sent something of value. We have given these people our trust to provide us value we did not join a list to be a sucker!

I submit to all none of these con-artists have tested the products they are promoting as if they had then they would know dam well that the product does not work. Now I do not know if anyone has succeeded in getting Traffic Phoenix to work as no such person has put anything on any of the forms proving any kind of success. Anik Singal says he uses it but I already know he promotes any shit that comes down the pike. Back in April he and 14 others sent me one called Easy Click Commissions which you can search and find just as bad of reports on. In fact the Warrior reports that the creator of that trash is known in the business for creating products that are exactly that, TRASH! When I challenged him for promoting crap his response was in essence we all do it therefor it is okay. Hence he proves he is a scum bag so what he says about something working is of no credence what so ever especially when he could be sitting on $150,000 of commissions.

Now if we take Denzel as an example he sends out an e-mail to his list and does a two minute intro at the start of the webinar so for this 15 minutes as best of work he is going to make $100,000 to $150,000. Now we all know they said they were only selling 15 licenses on that webinar but we all know that is bullshit. Those that do such webinars claim to have up to 30% conversions from such hence Denzel could have sold (1,000* .30) or 300 * $500 = $150,000 on that one webinar. Yet he does not take the time to actually test out the product. Should we as members of such lists not expect that the promoter has some idea as to how the product performs? Are the owners of these lists not supposed to be the experts with much experience to guide the newcomers? This makes them worse that the thieves that created the software in the first place as they are peddling their influence and getting their list (marks) lulled into a comfort zone since we all think we are dealing with reputable people when obviously such is not even remotely close to being the case.

I say enough is enough this bullshit must end! Not only the creators of software but ALL affiliates must be made legally accountable for what they sell. Remember half of your money is in the pockets of the affiliates so when the FTC goes after this fraud should all parties to the fraud not be held financially and legally responsible. Just once the FTC has to go after the affiliates and then there will be one big mother of a clean up when the industry as a whole wakes up to the fact that if you promote a fraud you are of equal quilt and responsibility as the direct authors of such. Without the affiliates this scam would not be possible hence I make affiliates at least 60% guilty of the crime. In fact the penalty for all the pricks should be double the fee. They should be forced to return to all the victims the original fee plus 100% more as a fine. Also be aware that all of these cases involve using false and misleading advertising such as the false scarcity of 15 licenses. This is easily proven by the FTC as all the credit card transactions immediately after each webinar will clearly show way more than 15 licenses were sold hence each and every webinar is a fraud based on that alone regardless to the software working or not working. We were all duped plain and simple. All that have run such webinars for these con-artists need to be called in to account for their participation in the overall fraud: James Denzel, Paul Ponna, Anik Singal, Adeel Chaudry, etc etc. etc.

In no way shape or form is it relevant if you got a refund or if you were denied one due to any reason what so ever as all transactions were based on a fraud and false advertising hence we can all seek justice and restitution for these actions from all the parties that participated. We were all victims of this organized fraud once we became members of the lists that were so offended by such callous disregard for our rights as consumers to be treated fairly and honestly.

If you want to help send out this message and demand justice contact me at suenosdeamigos@racsa.co.cr.

I agree 100% with this post this is Linda the Admin here and for those of you who did not get a refund please read all my posts here on Traffic Phoenix and see how you can get a refund and in mean time support this program and join in to shut down not only the SCAM PROGRAM BUT ALSO STOP THESE AFFILIATES WHO DO NOT TEST THE PRODUCTS BEFORE PROMOTING THEM!

When I promote a product I test it first and that is how it should be for all! If that was done then I would not have to have a SCAM BUSTER WEBSITE LIKE THIS ONE! PLEASE JOIN IN TODAY AND HELP WITH THIS GREAT CAUSE.

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Sep 24, 2011
by: Montreal Canada

Hello Trevor
I agree on your entire email- go for it,,,, start a link with the FTC, like Linda did with the FBI the Aministrator of this wonderful site.

I also attended the webinar of June 9th hosted by James Damzel (no I did not mispell his name)To me, he is James DAMzel.Just to refresh your memory, June9th Webinar, only 15 candidates were to be selected, because of the demand of the attendees, Mr Charlie, decided out of the goodness of his heart... to allow 15 more. Two days later, the same webinar, Mr. DAMzel, was not present - claimed to much work for him, however Charlie hosted and granted 15 more people.

First webinar was one price $997. no discount - Second Webinar half of $997. and balance 30 days later, and so forth, to my knowledge there were 7 webinars of TP and the site never taken down as they said they would after the big 15 canidates.

Was I blind or just simply overwhelmed or stuipd......?
I'll answer that, when you have webinar,(whats a webinar??? I'll fill in my invitation and find out, remember I am new to the market - internet - computer - but I need to work....
Okay - now I get it...like a convention, meeting, forum, etc.
This is how I am familiar with conventions, meetings, etc. - You see people, the hosts introduce themselves without being afraid to show their faces or their collegues I must be behide times, out-dated ... I fell for it, I was a NEWBIE... nothing was posted on the internet about TP.
Newbies and not well informed on affiliate's its easy to fall for it, also this was so well presented - Well presented because James Damzel, is a con artist all his life, I dont think he even finished grade school, street savvy, jailbird, a mental disorder. Take a good look at his photo, its written all over his face.

His nibs, James Denzel - is just a promoter, I believe who is behind all this nonense are the Russians and British.
Good luck

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