In our information center you will find out all about wholesalers, drop shippers and where to find the real ones.

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In our Information Center

Attention Please Special Announcement

Soon we will be OPENING UP ANOTHER WEBSITE we are right now building a whole website devoted to Information for Internet Markeing and Affiliate Marketing and it will be jam packed with more Information than anyone could ever want.

The main focus is to give you FREE Information that others charge big bucks for. That is why we have decided to develope this website. We are building this website now it is not yet ready for our GRAND OPENING. But when it is we will tell you here.

What you will get during our Grand opening is a whole lot of Pases to paid membership sites all run and owned by Linda Cooper the admin here. There are 10 sites to be exact all covering different things every online Internet Marketer or Affiliate Marketer needs and wants in order to make money online. Such as Traffic how to get free and paid trafic Generation or Learning to make COPY the right way to Generate sales, how to have more Affiliate profits and more.

You will find in the Information Center free training on several subject some video some not.

You will also find free products some plr some not but all will help you in making money online.

Each Month I will introduce you to at least two products that my staff and or I have produced these products will be for sale but if you buy them off my website not from a WSO or any other offer you will get a big discount off the price. These products are all meant to help Internet Marketers and or Affiliate Marketers make money online.

Plus there will be alot more including when I have time to do it probably a store with prices on Internet Marketing products that you will not get anywhere else! I hope you come see us again we are not really open yet but you can preview it if you want then bookmark it and come by often as we are adding to it daily.

You can find us HERE

Now back to the Information Center thank you for letting me interupt this page for my announcement. Linda Cooper

You will find many topics covered all are chosen to help you save money on the Internet. We will for each topic explain exactly what that is and tell you where to find out more information on it and or our sources.

Many of our topics we have here we also will have listings in our directory

In many cases in our Information center you will find information you cannot find anywhere else. Our information on Wholesalers and Drop shippers and the reason for that is because that is our business of sorts. We are not drop shippers but we are retired manufacturers and wholesalers and had several retail stores before coming to the Internet. So being in the business we know what a real drop shipper is and how to find them we know many of them and of course we know most of the real wholesalers too. You must have an invitation to use them and we can help you get that here in our information center.

Let us show you how to know which drop shipper is real and how to find the real drop shippers out there. We have done a complete section on drop shippers and how to know and find the real ones. Do not let anyone tell you they are real drop shippers when they are nothing but a pass through middleman in most cases making more on your sale than you are. Some of the biggest and best l known sites that say they are drop shippers are nothing but middle men . We will expose the ones who are not real drop shippers!

Some topics we plan to cover are:

Wholesalers and where to find the real ones

Different types of wholesalers

What is a wholesaler?

Drop shippers and where to find the real ones

Different types of drop shippers

What is a drop shipper?

Affiliates and what is an Affiliate?

Affiliate programs and how to find them

Why would you want to be an affiliate?

How to be a profitable with affiliate marketing

Auction sites and what to expect there

Auction sites fees

Which ones are better than others and why

Where to find them

Scams on the Internet

How to recognize one

Places to find out more about them

And more

Some of the above information center pages are coming soon some maybe there now.

Please see our information pages on both drop shippers and wholesale section for more on them.

The ads on this web page and others on this site may contain ads for products or web sites we have done a review on or Not. We may have more information about them on one of our pages and a review which is possitive or negative toward them. We request that if you see a ad you want to go to please go and then you choose for yourself if you want to use them or not. You may also want to look for more information on them on our web site also here.

SCAMS on the net are rapid. There are hundreds of people on the internet just wanting to get into your bank roll do not let them check out our section on scams on the net and how to avoid them.

There are so many people out there selling eBooks or programs you simply do not need to do that let us show you how in our affiliate guidebook. Do not wake up one day broke trying to make money on the Internet while making others rich at your expense.

If you choose to follow our direction we will explain in detail full costs of everything and exactly what you get from them after seeing what we have to say you can decide for yourself if what we recommend is in fact the cheapest way to your goals, with maximum return! If you find better information please let us know.

We will advise you on some things you may need but will explain it clearly why what we suggest is the easiest way for you to be successful.

Our information center helps you find all the tools you need to be successful without costing you anything as all our information is free.

We are here simply to help you be successful.

Just give a look at one of our information center pages and make your experience of making money on the Internet a good one not one by being cheated in one way or another by so many on the Internet who just want your money not your well being.

We learned the hard way and that is why we have developed this site for you so that you do not make the same mistakes we did many years ago. I will admit if I had found a site like this with this kind of information on it I would be thousands of dollars richer today than I am. So take advantage of our free information center and enjoy our website.

We are hoping to ASAP have a store on this website where you can buy directly from us at wholesale prices too! So look for that coming soon too.

So In conclusion

Read our information first it is free!

Please also check out our about us page and contact us page. Soon we will be adding many more pages as this website is a site in progress and we started it in February 2011 so bookmark our site come back often as it will be growing as fast as we can do it.


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