Its 5 months now but haven't made a dime with traffic Phoenix.

by Mur


I also bought Traffic Phoenix through Nigel Richards who also claimed making over 3 million using the very system.

In fact he was promoting his CB product called Mass Profit Formula and he had to tie-up his launch with Traffic Phoenix.

I could'nt attend the 1st webinar because i overslept due to different time zone although i had planned to wake up to attend it.

After being sold out by the wild promises of making millions with Traffic Phoenix is purchased the software.

Unfortunately being a newbie and very enthusistic to make a killing on auto cash generation....i have learnt the hard way. I didn,t know that before you buy such hyped softwares you need to do a very big research of the authentisity of the claims being made by the marketers.

I didn't know about forums or reviews hence i fell in the trap. To cut the long story short all i can say is i am totally dissapointed and broke.

I can't get my money back and am stuck with thier crap. O ooo if only i knew i shouldn't have burnt my fingures.

This is reallly a scam. If you want to buy Traffic Phoenix, do it at your own risk. Up until now there are still 2 licences left since July 2011 even after holding more than 5 webinars promoting the same product.

I am pissed off...-:)

It never rains guys but it pours..

Thanks for this review site.

Hi this is Linda Mur if you contact Swreg if that is who you bought through and tell them you demand your refund and tell them to check this website and also contact your credit card number and or your bank you should be able to still get a refund as Swreg has finally agreed that this is nothing but a scam and because they are afraid of loosing their license to have their company if they do not refund to everyone who was scammed they are now doing refunds to all who contact them. But you must tell them you have contacted us also. What is happening is the credit cards are coming down hard on SWREG now about all of this and like I saie that company is in deep trouble with the FTC and FBI right along with the scammers on this one! Please get back here and let us all know what happens in your case

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