Just a person--no title.Retired. trying to find a way to make money.

by Sondra Fowler
(Pahrump, NV USA)

Got on the comp tonight, ran into REAL COMMISSIONS, which later turned into EASY COMISSIONS.Sounded really good so proceeded to sign up with the promise of not charging me for so many days. This was good for me, as do not get my check till the 3rd. I hit the wrong thing and it all disappeared. So, I spent a lot of time trying to find it again. But when I did, getting everything in--card number, etc., it was declined because sometimes a credit card will not go thru when the site is "international". So, I tried looking up "real Commissions" and found a site where I was warned against them, so am pleased I didn't get through. This one had a 60 day money back guarantee, 8 commissions campains, 5 full days before processing payment, only $46.00 with no other payments, etc.Did I get lucky, or what? Also bank with Bank of America, and I have to say they are careful with their customers.

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