Keep The Jobs For Those Who Know How To Do Them

by Wil
(New Mexico)

After hearing that Brian Frons, the so-called "Head" of ABC Daytime was planning to cancel two of the network's iconic staple shows, All My Children and One Life To Live, several emotions ran through my head. The first , like everyone else, was disbelief, along with the thought that maybe I hadn't read it correctly. But then, when I did some closer investigation, I found the rumors to no longer be rumors, but hard, cold reality. The next emotion I felt was one of anger. I didn't understand how this man, who is clearly out of touch with the viewers of his network (Many who had been watching these shows since their inceptions) could even pretend to speak for them. And yet he did! And as the backstage drama unfolded, I noticed at least one major inconsistency in his argument for dropping the axe on these two beloved shows. His rationale, as he stated it, said that the viewers no longer wanted to watch soaps, but were ready to embrace the new generation of "entertainment," the so- called "reality shows." This struck a sour chord with me for one particular reason -- which was that if, as he had stated, the era of the soap opera is "dead," then why was it's one last relic of the genre, General Hospital, spared from a similar fate? Clearly there was (and is) more to this story that meets the eye. He obviously has some bias, which he has yet to disclose, for this particular show. Then he went on to state that the reason for his decision involved "ratings," and that not enough people were watching the soaps to keep them afloat. So how then can he , even in his wildest imagination, truly believe that the people who were not at home during the day to watch the soaps will magically appear to watch their replacements? And what nauseating "replacements" they are! One is a cooking program called (of all things) "The Chew," while the other is some sort of a workout program. Seriously? I think, at the very least, the person who named "The Chew" should be forced to look up "chew" in the dictionary. Perhaps then, they would discover that "chew" is , in fact, a verb, and NOT a noun, as the title would suggest. However, something that Mr. Frons should chew on perhaps, is that he is keeping his job -- at the expense of all the loyal , dedicated, and hardworking people (both on camera and behind the scenes) who have made these shows the icons that they are today. In closing, I think that ABC should do right by the casts, crews, and fans of these iconic programs should fire Mr. Frons, and keep the jobs for those who know how to do them.

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