Once you learn affiliate marketing you have a pathway to an evergreen income this is lesson 2 in our series.

If you learn affiliate marketing the right way you can make yourself a evergreen income. You can make that evergreen income come to you from many different sources too. You never have to worry about buying a product at wholesale have a large work force and ship out any products. Your expenses are minimal if you learn affiliate marketing the right way.

If you are doing affiliate marketing as a part time job while still working for someone else one day you will find it can become your only job and with a much higher income as a bonus. Also there are ways of doing affiliate marketing that become evergreen or set them up and forget them or do little to them and the income comes in for many years to comes in forever! I will teach you how to do this later in this series of information articles. That is exactly how I have set mine up! Long ago I took the time to learn affiliate marketing the right way. I am so very glad I did too.

Because I was able to learn affiliate marketing the right way I have the time to do this site and now help others which is really my life time goal! You will find I will never charge for my knowledge like others do and because of that I feel that my income will come in to me ten fold for that. It also is a good feeling to help others. No thanks required just listen close to what I teach.

The first thing you must know in your goal to learn affiliate marketing the right way is forget everything you have learned in the past. Times have changed the Internet has changed and some of the still taught old ways just do not work today. In Internet marketing and especially affiliate marketing you must keep up with the times and simply forget get rich programs as most if not all are simply just scams. Just do what others have done before you today that work and that is what will be taught in this series of articles. If you follow our articles here you will learn affiliate marketing the right way in no time.

What has been taught in the past was to simply buy traffic or pay per click advertising and the main problem with that is if you have a product you are promoting that simply is not a winner you soon find out that you have thrown good money in the trash and find you are in the hole. Also why spend money to make money if you do not have to that just cuts into your profit and it will only last as long as you shell out the money. I do not spend money to make money with affiliate marketing and neither should you. I am not saying you may not have to have a small investment into affiliate marketing but very small and once you find the right tools to have and learn how to use them right and if they are not a large investment if any investment you are way ahead of those who still do affiliate marketing by buying traffic or by pay per click advertising. The reason they do that is they simply know no other way to do it. Those are the ones who need more than anyone else how to learn affiliate marketing the right way.

They never took the time or had the opportunity to learn affiliate marketing the right way. Today in order to make money with affiliate marketing you need to forget about buying traffic instead learn how to get free traffic. You do not need to advertise instead you be the one that others will buy advertising space from. You need to learn how to build a website and set it up and once it is set up right you can either continue to keep working on it or you can forget it and let it just keep making money for you. We will later teach you how to do this easy way to make money in one of our later articles in this series. We will teach you also how to get free web hosting, site builders, free tools and much more.

Another thing you need to do is build your army of buyers all feeling good about buying from you because you give them something in return that is of value and or they trust you to only promote great products. In other words build a email list and then send them for FREE a newsletter or a e-course or both but keep communicating with them and do not send out just offers to buy some kind of a product with the same old thing in every email like my friend just told me about this great new product and he made $50,000 in just two weeks can you believe that and now I bought this same product a week ago and yesterday I made an amazing $19,000 so I decided to sent this to you so you also can do what we did..... now does that sound like most of the affiliate emails you have in your email everyday. I know something similar to that is what I get.

Soon if all you send out to your list are just offers to buy this or that your emails will soon go straight to the trash most of them unread and no one will ever buy a thing from you and your email list will soon be worthless. Also if you receive emails you have no idea where they have come from with this type of advertising in them only you can bet you once bought a product from a scam vendor and that vendor has sold your email to many other scam vendors on the internet as they all run in packs. They all sale your email address to the others in their group of thieves.

So if you have a email list treat it like gold and do not abuse it and send quality information to it most of the time. Only once in awhile send a offer or promotion for something you are an affiliate for. Doing this you will build up rapport with your readers and you will stand out in a crowd.

Most affiliate marketer's think wow I have a email list and if I send them every new product that comes along even if I have no idea it that new product or software is good or bad heck I do not care throw enough out there I will get some sale. That maybe true but know what if you had another list you actually sent out good information maybe something you know they may really be interested in most of the time and then one day you finally do send a product out you feel they may like or need they will buy from you ten fold instead of tossing your email in the trash. I get many emails I never read daily because when you see one you see them all as all with their get rich claims with their products that will make me rich overnight and I simply know that is not true!

Now I am not saying all products or software are not good some are but if you send me just the same ole same ole I will feel like nothing you send me I can trust! I am not unusual in my thinking either. Remember people are getting real sick of being scamed and they are building up more and more the believe all affiliate marketers are just trying to scam them. So stand out in a crowd and by doing what I tell you here will make you do just that. Learn affilate markeing the right way and you will be so glad you did.

In your education of how to learn affiliate marketing the right way and how to build a list of great prospects here is what you do.

On your web page you need to have an opt-in to my newsletter page set up and how do you get people to opt-in... glad you asked let me tell you.

First you need to develop two products one is a simple e-course that you tell your visitors to your website they will get in your newsletter if they will sign up for it. This e-course needs to be anything from on the small side of 5 tips about something relating to your website or niche, to a full blown 30 day e-course where you send out a new page each day or every other day or even once a week.

You never want to send too much out too often if you do you will find more and more dropping off your list even if it is good. Most people just do not have the time to read too many emails a day. The better the offer they get for opting in the more they will take advantage of it.

The second product you need to develop is the product that will more than pay for the service you buy to set this all up or the auto responder. This you send out one day as a special offer you wanted them to see. But not too soon or they will not take advantage of it let your e-course do its job first and build trust! That is one of the learn affiliate marketing the right way greates things you can learn.

There are many auto responders available today but I like Aweber. One of the main reasons is they offer a trial period to test them out before you buy, so you got nothing to lose by trying them. They also give you every tool known to man to make sure your email campaigns are more than professional looking and if you want a form for your website they have all the templates you could ever want and are so good looking. More business and people use Aweber than any other auto responder available today. They help you with every thing you do in an email campaign and soon you will have it set up perfect for your needs and it will run for you on autopilot. They offer training too if you have never used a auto responder before. Myself I feel Aweber has no competition!

If you use a squeeze page you absolutely need a auto responder and a list building company like Aweber and by setting it up right with the two products as described above you will be able by doing that get all the this done by having this process more than pay for your traffic to the squeeze page as well. There are many reasons to build up a email list but remember respect your subscribers and do not spam them!

Most important never send them a offer to buy about a product you know nothing about and or if it maybe a scam! Know what you promote or simply do not promote it! Your reputation is your most valuable asset you have so do not destroy it simply for a sale! That is a golden rule you must abide by if you truly want to be successful.

You need traffic for a website and in order to get traffic you need to know how to get your website optimized with the search engines the right way. So to learn affiliate marketing the right way you need to learn how to set a website up with the right keywords so the search engines rank your site high in their pages that is a art in its self. You also need backlinks and lots of them as the search engines reward you for good quality backlinks. Both of these ways to do this will be covered later in this series so keep coming back for more lessons. I have never once paid for traffic to this website I also have never once paid for any backlinks and my traffic is very high and I will teach you to do the same thing. All but one of my backlinks came from other sites respecting my site and simply put links to my site on their own.

When you learn affiliate marketing the right way and get up in the search engines with your website and have lots of backlinks that are not really that hard to get when you do it right. Your traffic will always be free and lots of it and then if you also build a list too you have your dedicated audience that wants more and more from you and will reward you in return with sales. When this happens to you and you once and for all know the process to learn affiliate marketing the right way paid off ten fold.

Thank you for reading my learn affiliate marketing please return for more articles on this

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