Loyal Fan

by Ann

I have been watching all 3 soaps on ABC for over 35 hrs. My mother and I are loyal viewers. It came as a shock and then bitter disappointment to hear they were being canceled!! Every show genre has it's place on tv. We have talk shows, cooking channels, kids channels, sports channels, news programs, reality programs, anything you would want to watch! We have our choice but now that is being taken away with the cancelations of the soaps. I believe the soaps have a loyal following and a lot of disappointed viewers! How many talk shows, self help shows and reality shows can someone watch? Even though the soaps are based on fictional characters and places, they deal with everyday real life problems. They are an escape from our own everyday problems in reality. Watching them is like reading a good book that never ends! Or at least that's how it used to feel until now. I hope that the network execs will change their minds or another network will pick them up! I will follow them wherever they go! And I will not tune into another talk show or cooking show, we have enough of them already!!

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